By Frosty Wooldridge

June 16, 2022

Part 1: What the heck is happening to the USA?

No question that I write some pretty “pointed and stark” commentaries. I am forever thankful to the publisher at NewsWithViews.  I am also thankful to you, all the millions of readers worldwide.  For certain, we are all in this thing together.

For this three part series, I’m sharing your responses so that you all know that you’re in the vanguard of the very best people.  People with morals, scruples, principles and courage.

This letter arrived from a reader in New Zealand: (all responses with permission to publish)

Hello Frosty,

I purposely read your contributions every time I see you in the NewsWithViews HIGHLIGHTS email. I am so in tune with your sentiments – TOTALLY !!

I have been meaning to reply to your email of 3rd May and I was especially moved to read in NewsWithViews about your wife and her Alzheimer’s Diagnosis. Since that time, I pray to GOD every night to give her a healing that she may be WHOLE again.

I just wanted to tell you that I share your sense of confusion – How can we be surrounded by so many STUPID people, be they American Presidents, New Zealand Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Senators, Parliamentarians or work colleagues and neighbors that just DON’T see what is REALLY going on ?? It would appear those in power just want to purposely crash the System and the rest don’t want to rock the boat !! The rest that is EXCEPT people like us that are not scared to call out the STUPIDITY that we CONSTANTLY witness. I cannot understand what would make people so compliant – Is it they are so stupid or just deliberately evil?

Whilst you are shocked at what is happening in your country (America) we also are equally shocked and dumbfounded at what is happening in ours (New Zealand).

I feel the only solution is to gather like-minded people and go live in a Siberian Community somewhere remote where we can watch the implosion at a safe distance with popcorn !!

I just needed to reach out and let you know that you are not alone – Take Care and May God Bless You, Your Family and Friends

Thanks, and Kind Regards,

This letter addressed the “Flavors of Stupidity”:

Hello Frosty.

This was a great article and I have passed it along to everyone on my list. It’s your article in full with your email at the end just as it is written. No changes at all.  Thank You so very much. However, the trouble is that everyone I send it to will be in total agreeance with it because the Stupid ones are not on my list. Granted, your article is out there such as it needs to be, but I fear that there are just too many stupid ones out there with their heads in their TV sets and for that they may as well have their heads up their ass. Nothing but lies coming from the so-called news they will get there. Where would we be without people like you and the News With Views.   I love it.   Thanks again for a GREAT article.  Sincerely,  DGW

Hello Frosty,

I read your articles on a regular basis and I agree with you about 98 percent of the time. However, your description of the AR15 as an automatic weapon is wrong. AR15’s are a semi-automatic weapon. You have to pull the trigger for each shot. An automatic weapon is a machine gun, pull the trigger and it continues to fire rounds until you let up on the trigger. (My bad! Thank you for keeping me on my toes as to my research for each column.)

We don’t have a gun problem. What we have is a people problem. These mass shootings occur in Democrat-run cities and they don’t want them to stop. It’s all a push to disarm America and it’s Law-abiding citizens. An unarmed society is a controlled society. This kid in Uvalde was a walking time bomb and those who knew him, knew it and did nothing about it. He was arrested 4 years earlier having said, “In 4 years I’ll be a senior and I’m shooting this school up!” In every single mass shooting the red flags were there yet nothing was done. Criminals couldn’t care less about the Laws, that’s why they are criminals. Outlaw weapons and only outlaws will have them, and that includes our Criminal Government. The only way to stop bad guys with guns, is good guys with guns. Do away with gun free zones.

Unfortunately, you and I will never stop the crap coming out of Hollywood or the video games. We the people can, but where has that gotten us. I am stunned at the number of people who pay to see actors beat each other up on BS programs like WWE. Has the American mentality sunk that low? These young kids have no respect for life or much of anything else.  Thanks for your work, RM

A response from one of my “Inspirational commentaries”:

Hi Frosty,

Just want to tell you that you are a wonderful inspiration to me, I see the amazing things that you do and think to myself if Frosty can do all that he has done then I can do just a little….it means a lot because a “little” is a world more than the nothing that most people do. When you tell us about your workout routine it’s amazing that anyone can do that, let alone someone your age. most of us find exercise very painful and difficult, I maybe only do a couple hours a week among the 50-60 hours I work (truck driver as well). My philosophy is too just do enough  to keep myself from totally falling apart. but I tell myself “ if Frosty can do that many hours a day then I can do 30 minutes a few times a week.”

I wish Sandy the best of luck, the way you are helping her is once again an inspiration for many people.  God bless you Frosty! Kevin

To each of you who write me responses. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Sandi and I are doing the best we can as to Alzheimer’s. We’re also doing the best we can to bring America back to its foundation, morality and ethics.  It’s going to be a hard slog, yet we’re going to be here for at least another 10 to 15 years…so you will be hearing from us.  God bless you and yours, Frosty

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