By Frosty Wooldridge

This week, quite a few responses arrived in my “inbox” concerning my column last week, “I cry for my country: A baby boomer’s Lament.”

One reader complained, “It’s all your generation’s fault for what’s happening to America today.”

He said, “I’m 38, so I’m either the oldest millennial or the youngest generation X’er. Who knows?  My point is most of us 30’s guys all believe the boomers are what happened to this country and why we are now going down like the Titanic.”

He complained that we created Earth Day in 1970, but with all our enthusiasm for stopping the Vietnam War and saving the planet, we returned to the “make money” path that led to the largest consumer- civilization in history, and we destroyed the environment of the planet in the process.

“I literally still make the same wages per hour did when I was eighteen,” he said. “I was the pastry chef at my state’s most awarded fine dining restaurant. But when you look at the fact they pay no overtime with salary and work us 65 hours a week, I’m still making the $13.00 per hour.  I did the same at UPS throwing boxes 20 years ago.”

No question, wages have been kept low because of endless and continuous infusion of foreign labor as to H1-B, H2-A, Diversity Visas, 1 million refugees annually, birthright babies, and chain-migration. Not to mention 500,000 illegal migrants annually, year after year, decade after decade.

“The boomers took all the money,” he said. “I once heard my police- chief brother-in-law ask a millionaire why he only pays his guys $12.50 per hour.  The boomer’s response? ‘I don’t want them to be able to leave. I pay them enough for rent, a truck and a Mountain Dew, and they’re happy enough.’”

Unbridled and unethical capitalism in the hands of America’s corporate elites definitely keeps the average American worker in the poor house.  Guess what?  The corporate elites, no different from the kings and queens of Old Europe, don’t give a twit. Money begets power and power creates the ruling class in every civilization since the dawn of humanity.

He complained, “That’s disgusting. People over 65 now control well over half the money in the USA. Gee, why are millennials so “lazy and malcontent”? Because we bust our butts, and no one will share or even pay us a living wage.

“Also, the boomer controlled government of our country allowed mass illegal immigration to keep wages down, allowed feminists to ruin our workplaces and families, allowed a certain desert tribe living in an ethno-state to take over our entire media (Islam), and watched as their sons were demonized so their potential wives run to foreign ethnic groups for breeding. The list can continue for miles….

“When this lockdown lets up and the zoomers realize what the boomers have done, it ain’t gonna be the millennials you have to worry about. And I will salute the young-ins as they express their emotions.”

That’s the voice of frustration, the loss of the American Dream, the complete disregard for American citizens first, and/yet putting foreigners to the head of the line, whether at Silicon Valley or affirmative action quotas.

When you look at the vacancies in their skulls-brains like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Charles Schumer, House member Maxine Waters, House members Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Cortez, Senator Feinstein and dozens of others—you see them refusing to secure America’s borders, but in fact, they do everything they can to encourage endless illegal immigration.  To heck with the American people and their jobs!  Do you think they will suddenly care about your wages, your jobs, or your citizenship rights?

As this man’s anger showed me, he’s feeling the same problems that I felt as a young baby boomer.  My worry back in 1968 at Fort Benning, Georgia, U.S. Army boot camp, was, “How am I going to live through that bogus war?  Will I come back without a leg or arm?”

As I said in my “lament as a baby boomer”, it’s been very distressing to watch America degrade and devolve at the hands of our elected representatives.

Am I confident that our representatives in Washington DC will take action to save our country from all the problems we face?  Can we expect rational solutions to the multitude of our problems?  Will we see solutions for the hundreds of thousands of Americans suffering from homelessness?  Will we solve our infrastructure degradation?  Will they help us solve our racial conflicts?

As Mark Twain said, “Suppose you are an idiot and suppose you are a member of Congress…ah, but I repeat myself?”

If this man who blames us baby boomers waits for baby boomers to solve his problems: good luck with that.  If any of us think our leaders will work on our behalf as American citizens, think again.  When I was a young man, it wasn’t the president or Congress who gave us “civil and voter rights” for Black Americans.  Dr. Martin Luther King marched.  The Congress and president didn’t give women the right to vote back in 1917.  Susan B. Anthony and the suffragettes marched.

What does that mean?  Doesn’t it mean YOU must change your situation in your community at the local level?  If you want change, doesn’t it mean that YOU must engage?

Do you want a better, fairer America?  Who do you think will make that happen?

To you, the readers of my columns, stay safe, keep your social distance, be smart with a face mask, keep your families sheltered and may God bless you and yours.  We’ll make it through this Covid 19 with our courage, determination, smarts and discipline.

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