Sidney Secular

February 22, 2022

In the end, separation – assuming it is even possible given the Great Reset and the installation of the New World Order! – will be our salvation. The dissensions and tensions between the daffy and deluded Demonrat “woke” and the intelligent and actually“awake” are insufferable – but that’s the way the Left wants it and when they get it, they immediately range ever more increasingly into their leftist “woke” world. There’s no way to level the playing field when they control all the available means of mass communication along with all the systems of government including the courts.

The March 2022 edition of The Freedom Times newspaper contains three articles that interpret the aforesaid theme in different ways – and further elucidating the matter is the simple fact that normal people and those on the left presently live in entirely different realities. The reality of those on the left is a simulation fostered by artifices both created and employed by mass media and the leaders of the technological revolution and exercised through their cancel culture in order to cancel our reality. True conservatives remain rooted in actual reality. On the other hand, completely deracinated lefties pursue whichever way their woke winds blow, that is, every which way but what is, in fact,the real world, or “reality!”

The first of the three pieces in the paper, “The Wizard of Oz and the ADA,” compares the “Covidiocy” we have been and continue experiencing with the illusions fostered by the Wizard in 1939 movie of that name. Author Ric Beckett compares most “sheeple” in the world with the Scarecrow character who didn’t have a brain and so went along with those in power and their commotion and hullabaloo to stop the claimed “deadly virus” by complying with obviously destructive mandates supposedly designed to “slow the spread” and “flatten the curve” of a plague that, it was claimed, was killing millions! Of course, the actual number dying directly from the “malignant” virus was a fraction of 1% of those claimed to have died and even then, many died because they were denied treatment that would have saved them had it been utilized! The sheeple complied because that’s what they were programmed (and accustomed) to do when an anointed “authority” was giving the orders, much as was “Wizard” in the movie.

Of course, in reality the manipulators behind today’s curtain are much like the Wizard; that is, they have an agenda and make use of compliant supplicants to obtain that agenda. In other words, in 2020,we had a bunch of rich and powerful psychopaths who get their jollies – power and great wealth! –  by yanking people around with deranged directives meant to control and, eventually,to destroy them.

Dorothy in the movie represents the public at large, that is, decent law-abiding folks who wished only to do what was best to stop what they were told was a great danger to humanity. And, as with Dorothy in the Wizard’s throne room, much of today’s public is finally awakening from its created stupor to see that the hype and hysteria werean illusion! Of course, that “awakening” would have been possiblemuch earlier in the course of events had it happened when the film was originally released in 1939, a time when average people were rooted in reality.But as generations passed, the utopian fantasies of the left have increasingly held sway, seducing those still capable of rational thought into the leftist orbit which seems to revolve around the mythical planetsof Ego and Now. Socialist utopian promises have been so promoted and promised by the New World Orderlies in the United Nations, the leftist foundations, the NGOs, the academics in their “looniversities” and the mainstream media for so long that the mental miasma istoo thick to seetrue reality anymore. As well, the “noose” media has cut off the oxygen of facts and truth and we are left choking on their false narratives with only a few sources of reality left to sustain us if we are even able to access them.

The second article, “Does America Have a Future?” is penned by the highly esteemed columnist and former editor of the Wall Street Journal, Paul Craig Roberts who unabashedly concludes that America does not have a future because the gulf between the artificial reality of the “woke” and the actual reality of the “awake” is too wide – and getting wider!As long as the Demonrats and the RINOs are in control, the “Hate America” and “Hate Whitey” mantras will be FedGov policy and that means that both the US and Western Civilization have no future.

The article uses the orgy of psychodrama surrounding the January 6th non-event labelled as “a Trump planned insurrection” to demonstrate that Demonrats and Never-Trumpers are so far into their delusions that they can never be snapped out of them. Of course, I must also make clear here that those “in charge” in the Deep State know perfectly well that the whole thing is just one more “false flag,” but far too many people who aren’t that much “in the know,” believe it. Claiming that the rally of January 6th by unarmed ordinary Americans – if one doesn’t count the government stooges and Antifa participants – was a riot, an insurrection and a coup unparalleled in American history – and then expecting the super-gullible masses to believe that claim – takes “chutzpah” to new heights! That the average American of either party would swallow this fraud hook, line, and sinker beggars all belief – but apparently, they have done so even to the point at which many media commentators insist that only the “courage of the DC police saved American democracy” from being overthrown by the shock troops of Donald Trump!!

The claim that the “rioters” attempted to overcome the world’s most militarized regime in history without weapons seems to be something only the mindless could conceive much less believe. Many claimed that these “insurrectionists” forced their way into the Capitol through its doors, but this requires far more than a mere suspension of reality! Remember, the two bronze doors that guard the Constitution Avenue entrance each weigh 6½ tons and measure 38 feet 7 inches high by nearly 10 feet wide and 11 inches thick! Furthermore, these massive doors can only be opened from the inside! Consider! Many who attended the rally to protest a stolen election were elderly. One older woman sat on the Capitol steps because she was tired and soon found herself ordered by one of those same brave Capitol cops to get up and move because she wasn’t permitted to sit there! Such are the claimed insurrectionists!

Then there is the fact that no law enforcement officers or Capitol guards were harmed or even threatened with harm! However, this entirely relevant fact seems to be of no interest to those making these considered judgments. Rather, they are living in a matrix of reality all their own in which a young woman demonstrator (white) was murdered by a cop (black) but is considered – and presented – as the offender.  The “reality” of this “matrix” was clearly defined in a statement made by Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D-FL) that exhibited an astonishing level of ignorance and fraud in which she called former President Trump a conspirator against American democracy who brought “dark days to our country’s history.” Yet, she provided no believable explanation for the massive vote changes in swing states in the middle of the night after Republican poll watchers had been removed. As well, how was the alleged insurrection going to succeed? Apparently, according to those recounting the matter, Trump and his minions would take over the military and the TV stations. Really? Apparently sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair constituted a coup although we later learn that those involved in such actions were among the “false flag” operatives and were friends of the owner of the chair, not Donald Trump.

Debbie, along with her deranged fellow Demonrats and their media whores created false narratives (a/k/a lies) and then foisted these on a generally clueless public without shame or fear of exposure. Branding ordinary Americans as “terrorists” when they don’t “get with the program” continues to fly without being shot down by the media and as a result innocent Americans are held as political prisoners without any of the Constitutional guarantees that would prevent this tyranny. What is terrifying is that most Americans are deaf and dumb when outrages are pushed down their throats, or they fall for utterances that are obviously false either because they don’t care or they don’t want to “rock the boat.”

By constant repetition, the January 6th “deadly insurrection” has been made into reality. When you have a propaganda ministry instead of a free press, the sheeple are molded by the constant repetition of lies and propaganda. As we have been told by those who know about such things, people more willingly believe a big lie than a small one and any lie told often enough will be believed. Our “history books” are proof of that!

Far too many Americans voted for the traitorous, ineligible, and completely unqualified Obama – twice! Those who did not make that mistake a third time (when faced will Hillary!) voted for Trump, but alas, far too many even of the “awakened” have allowed the Demonrats to steal the 2020 election with nary a squeal while the rest voted for a party whose program was the installation of a communist one world government and the enslavement of America! Either way, with very few exceptions,Americans appear – at this time at least – beyond redemption. All the present hoopla about Biden and Covid is far too little far too late to make much, if any, difference at all.

The third article demonstrates that a good part of the population is living in a simulated reality and bears the title, “The Covid Matrix” by “Z-Man”. All who have seen the Matrix films understand the concept of an alternate reality used by the author in his title. This concept has been popular as a theme in science fiction since the earliest days of the genre. Indeed, it even predates what we understand as “science fiction” for we see it in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels published in 1726 long before the likes of Clarke and Asimov. These alternate realities are reached when the protagonist falls through some sort of portal into that reality as in Alice Through the Looking Glass published in 1865 or he discovers he is already living in a simulated reality created and controlled by others as in the Matrix films. The goal in either case is to discover actual reality, who is behind the deception and how to get out of and back to said “actual reality.”

In these situations, people are so deceived – usually! –  that they do not notice anything that is important to the deceivers as possibly leading to enlightenment. However, occasionally, as a sort of “example,” one person knows that what all see as “reality” isn’t “real,” but chooses to return and live within it requesting that his memory be erased so that he can function there. And it is the “why” of this act that is all important! He does it because he prefers the simulation to reality itself!  The enduring popularity of the movie “The Matrix” and the mixed reviews of its follow-up films is due in great part to the fact that many people believe that there is something “off ” in this world and they want it “fixed” but are seldom able to describe not only how to fix it, but what they really want to be “reality” when it is “fixed.”

People have been drawn to or sucked into this hyper-(un)reality through today’s ubiquitous “technology.” They are wedded to their phones and tethered to their computers. They spend hours of their days dallying through a “reality” known only to their eyes, ears and brains and because this has become true reality for them, they are “online” at every opportunity! Remember, one can obtain all that one may desire in this way without leaving home. It is akin to Ali Baba’s cave where a simple “password” opens to the speaker a world of endless riches and eternal entertainment.

Of course, this ability to alter reality when started early enough in one’s life leads to an inability to distinguish reality from the simulation presented online. Immersion in the world of mass culture utilizing the internet as its primary portal crowds out time spent in “the here and now” for many people. This is evidenced by folks walking around staring or talking into their “smartphones” and mobile devices that have become more important to them than experiencing the real world around them. These are the people who walk into fountains in malls or into busy streets without notice until reality makes itself known to them unpleasantly! These “almost trans-humans” are merged to their technology and as a result, interrupt life itself. We see this in movies or concerts when “yakkers” talk to “yentas” on their phones, interrupting or disrupting the enjoyment of the people around them trying to partake of “real” life. Indeed, recently a man murdered someone in a movie over the use of a cell phone! You can’t get more real than that!

This is what happens when reality meets unreality and people no longer have the ability to make judgments based upon what is truly real. People sitting at a dinner table will text rather than talk to each other. These are the people who will be helpless if a cyber-attack shuts down communications networks for any amount of time. Online rabid leftists are the worst of this looney lot. They are completely caught up in their closed, make-believe world and tweet out itty-bitty tweets via Twitter to their fellow leftist twits. Their sources of “information” (that is, reality they are willing to accept!) are blogs and news sites that cater exclusively to their closed subculture. For these people, their enemies are all incarnations or variations of Hitler and their fragile psyches would suffer a major blow if for some reason Hitler was historically revised into a hero! It would leave their “reality” a shambles.

The “false realities” phenomenon has balkanized the populace into alternative worlds that are mutually exclusive and eternally hostile. They provide a sort of spiritual nourishment that consumerism and materialism cannot provide for those adrift without a religious anchor in a world gone insane. People group easily into artificial constructs and this fact is used by our rulers to create ever more conflict within the populace. We must always remember that old adage, “divide and conquer!” One example of this is the famous “race card” that separates us by race. But there are always new opportunities for such conflicts. The present most useful social conflict for the Deep State is the “vaxxers vs. the anti-vaxxers,” a construct in which people who are no danger to anyone are presented as a danger to people who, having taken these murderous potions, are now a danger to those who have not! This is a very real example of a “non-reality construct.”

People riding around in their cars with windows closed and wearing three masks exist in an artificial reality that is as real to them as race, ethnicity or religion to those who are still rooted in actual reality. People are not working as much from different knowledge bases or even different honestly obtained opinions, but from differing understandings of reality itself. The author provides a vivid example of these different realities and the inability of a person caught up in one such situation to understand what is going on in a reality he refuses to accept. The story involves a man from Quebec, Canada who cannot separate himself from his particular “Covid reality” that is both nonsensical and artificial. This mangoes to Florida and is nearly driven insane by the conflicts between what is “real” to him coming from Canada, and what is real to the people in Florida. As noted, he is a “Covidian,” something to be expected living in a place that has embraced the Covid scenario as the preferred reality. In Canadian Covid reality, people are expected to drop dead in the streets if they dare remove their masks. As a result, because of fear everyone has become a zombie dutifully following the instructions of their leaders to fight a terrible – if nonexistent – plague.

So, naturally, when the man finds himself in a place where no one cares about Covid, he becomes a victim of “reality fatigue.” Rather than wear masks and use up all the available supply of hand sanitizer, those around him are partying and rubbing elbows at busy bars and clubs. Unable to adjust, he continues to wear three masks in public making him look ridiculous and bringing him to the attention of those who are existing in another reality; this is both a blow to his self-image and a threat (as he sees it) to his very life. As a result, he struggles to square the artificiality of his life in Canada with the physical reality of “normal life” in Florida. Unfortunately, this man’s experiences did not lead him to question the reality of his life in Quebec but rather he somehow found a way to square his Florida experiences and prove – at least to himself – that his reality was indeed, reality!

In the end, he was overjoyed to return home to receive constant reinforcement that his was the legitimate reality. This man trusted the prescribed scientific “facts” of his unreality more than the “evidence” he observed with his own eyes! The inability to perceive what is real vs. what one believes or, more to the point, what one wishes to believe is real meant that there was no way for him to find middle ground with the Floridians. Either they were right, or he was right – and for the Canadian, it could only be his reality.

Play this scenario out over every aspect of the mass culture and it is no wonder that people cannot get along and are howling for each other’s blood or at least, the repression of the other guy’s reality. What is at stake is not the petty prizes of politics, but defining the nature of reality, that is, nature itself. Thus, it is readily apparent that the “reds” and the “blues” will tear each other asunder to prevent the country from tearing itself asunder because different components of the population see reality itself differently. It cannot be otherwise!

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