By Andrew C Wallace

September 3, 2022

The French Reign of Terror was only one example in history that was caused by circumstances very similar to ours, so should you not expect the same outcome now? Our Founding Documents demand involvement of the people to retain their Republic. The criminals who usurped our government for profit and power are traitors. Their other objectives for their Unconstitutional actions are the total destruction of the Republic, starvation, enslavement and impoverishment of our people. Is this not painfully obvious to all?

Politicians from both parties, judges, and government bureaucrats get their bribes and orders from the major corporations. Corporate Directors in turn take their orders from the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC, wealthy families you never see) whose stock holdings control the corporations and most everything else.

Under the “Enumerated Powers” of our federal Constitution (created by the several States), the federal establishment was granted only very limited powers, and certainly not the expansive powers of a legitimate organic national government. Those powers are reserved for the states, which are independent Republics. The federal establishment has unconstitutionally usurped most of its powers from the states, which is why a majority of its laws are unconstitutional. The FBI should take notice that the federal establishment has no police powers in the states, none. Its private rules and codes apply only to its corporate employees and its own property, which is very limited. The Private Federal Reserve Bank is unconstitutional (as is our money) because it is not gold and silver. Our founders learned from history that inflation was impossible with gold and silver money and made theft by government very difficult. This is but a taste of the corruption. Remember, the United States and its founding documents were created specifically to protect our Rights!

People who support the Constitution and fight the traitors are patriots, not terrorists. They are fighting the usurpers, not the legitimate government. The traitors who rule this country with the barrel of a gun should be on notice that our Founding Documents give legal standing to the patriots who oppose them. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution giving legal standing, rights, protection or support to usurping traitors ruling our country with the barrel of a gun. The traitors must suffer the wrath of the people alone, naked of any protected rights or legal support from our Constitution, which does not apply to them as usurpers.

Our Democrat (Communist) Cities and States are cultivating many lawless and useless people for crime and government dependence. This is facilitated by a lifetime of indoctrinating and brainwashing by faux schools and media. Most of these people are also victims who were never taught right from wrong, have no morals or ethics, no since of responsibility, no family, no church, no skills, no loyalty, no nothing. Government imports illegals to take the few jobs they are qualified to perform that could not be exported, to hell with Americans. Citizens see the brutality, burning, looting, and destruction by residents of inner-city plantations and identify them as the new criminal class. History teaches that these people will revolt when they don’t get what they want and the government will be forced to kill them. Anyone who believes faux government ever really supported Blacks and the poor is indoctrinated or brain dead.

Much of what is taught in our schools about the Civil War and Slavery is a Damn Lie. The war was not fought to free the slaves, it was fought to enrich the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) of that era in the North. Abraham Lincoln had no concern for slaves, he wanted to send them back to Africa. Lincoln’s ultimate objective was the concentration of power in the central government for benefit of the PSRRC of that era. Is this not still the objective today?

Based upon Economic reality it is impossible for America to escape a major depression much worse than the Great Depression of 1929. The Private Federal Reserve Bank admitted to causing the last one and they are doing it again, bankrupting the middle class to enrich the wealthy. It will soon be impossible to live on Social Security or any government handout. But even if you could, there would be no food to purchase. This could happen in the near future, maybe overnight. There is no solution short of a return to Constitutionally-mandated gold and silver money which would stop the inflation that is impoverishing the people as planned.

Europe is now the model for our future. It is rapidly collapsing Economically and in every possible way, people are going to freeze this winter and starve. This is our immediate future with the Usurping Traitors in charge. This was caused by the PSRRC to destroy Europe to make way for the Great Reset. This was brought about by conversion to Renewable Energy, practicing faux Climate Change and attempting to destroy Russia. Most media won’t tell you, but Russia is winning the war in Ukraine and prospering economically at our expense.

We have world-wide murder, depopulation and destruction on an unheard-of scale for the first time in history. All of this death, physical harm and destruction by the virus and faux vaccines was planned and implemented by the PSRRC and their “governments” on a massive scale. This violates the Nuremberg Codes and criminal laws and requires that the perpetrators be hung! We now know without doubt that the objective of the PSRRC is to depopulate the world, as demonstrated by the Covid fraud and fake dangerous vaccines. Covid was developed in a joint venture between the American and Chinese governments. The faux vaccines did not work and made people more susceptible to the virus while killing and damaging millions. By all accounts the faux vaccine is more lethal than the virus. Infected people were denied treatment even though proven drugs were available. As a result the medical profession has lost any creditable support by knowledgeable people.

Another Holocaust is possible based upon the negative information available everywhere concerning the conduct of some Jewish leaders in banking, finance and government for many years. It is true that Jews were also instrumental in founding and funding Communism and are very active in supporting it and the Great Reset in this country. However, most Jews may benefit our country more than any other group, many are beneficial professionals. It is my contention that Jews must also do their part in calling out the bad conduct of the few for the benefit of mankind and their own survival. It is wrong to condemn all Jews for the actions of a minority, which is now the reality. But the Jews will have a problem so long as many people think that Anti-Semitism means the same thing as Anti-Communism. Only the Jews have the resources to call out the miscreants among them.

The corrupt usurping traitors who control our federal establishment with the barrel of a gun will not appreciate what I said here. But I have only exercised my rights to freedom of speech, and I have not advocated violence or the overthrow of Constitutional government, nor have I committed federal crimes. If the FBI should come for me it would be based on trumped-up bogus charges as is Standard Operating Procedure with them. Any warrant would have to be signed by a crooked judge. Neither federal judges nor FBI have any Constitutional authority or jurisdiction over me because of my lack of interaction with the federal establishment. Whatever they try to do to me and other patriots under similar circumstances is “Acting Under The Color of Law” and would be just more unlawful actions. Again, a majority of federal laws are unconstitutional usurpation of state laws as specified by the Enumerated Powers in the Constitution and have no legal authority whatsoever in the states.

God Bless our Constitutional Republic

© 2022 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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