By Andrew C. Wallace

The Federal government was mostly a scam and unconstitutional even before Biden; now it has no Constitutional authority at all. Biden’s usurpation of Power by insurrection does not give him any Constitutional authority to govern.

Get this straight, a majority of federal laws are not laws and not constitutional because only the states have the powers to enact them.

Once and for all you must accept the fact that both political parties are mostly corrupt and have sold out to the super rich before you were born.

We have the greatest country and Constitution in history. But our Constitution only allows the federal government to mostly control national defense, foreign relations, the post office, and currency. All of the other faux laws designed to concentrate power in the federal government and further benefit the super rich are unconstitutional. The real Constitutional power remains with the states and the people. The federal government unconstitutionally usurped power of the states.

None of this is a secret to over half of our citizens; based on these facts many actions citizens may take to fight overthrow of government are legal and justified. Read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

At some point in time, it could be today, an arrogant corrupt and cowardly FBI agent will try to arrest a citizen. The agent could charge the citizen for violating one of the many unconstitutional laws using the agent’s nonexistent authority. If the citizen is not a pansy or incapacitated he may resist with deadly force which could cause a bloody chain reaction. Not all of our citizens are ignorant of reality like those who reside in the universities and inner city plantations. The feds demonstrated at Ruby Ridge and Waco that they will kill those who don’t bow down and obey. Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building was one payback. This was done by only 2 men. Making war on the American people which is the largest armed population in the world is stupid on its face and doomed to failure

If the Supreme Court does not throw Biden out of office in accordance with the Constitution and the evidence the only recourse is a protracted and bloody guerilla war. To my knowledge no determined guerilla force has ever been defeated in the field.

The faux administration and their super rich handlers are doing everything to start a guerilla war; they refuse to accept the reality that damn few of them would survive a communist defeat.

Guerrilla war is easy to start but almost impossible to stop. Any conflict would cause economic collapse, initiate terrible inflation, close banks, empty food stores, end government benefits, end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, et al.

Illegals are presumed to be associated with Biden and will therefore suffer wrath of the people. When Biden is deposed illegal invaders will be rounded up by the military and deported in mass. First person reports say that illegals are arrogant and demanding; many have diseases and are criminals; they don’t speak English and have no education or skills. It is much cheaper to deport illegals rather than to allow them to remain.

Americans have worked for decades to build the American Dream and Ilegal invaders have no right to steal it; they have nothing to contribute to our country except disease, crime, lower wages, lower employment of our poor and increased government expenses. Contacts with illegals are unpleasant and dangerous, they are just nasty people. Citizens are learning from personal experience to strongly resent illegals. Greedy employers who hire them should be prosecuted.

The super rich control government, corporations and everything else in our country. Both political parties take orders from the super rich. They own 85% of all assets including your mortgage. They are positioned to take most remaining assets from the people during a certain financial collapse. The Private Federal Bank (owned by private banks) admitted that they were responsible for the great depression, and they are doing it again.

Our present dictators, the super rich and their government minions are following in the footsteps of Hitler, Stalin and Mao; ruling by fear, lies, brutality and naked power. No descent can be allowed. It is accepted practice of dictators to stop political enemies by killing them. Dictators know it is impossible to change a person’s mind after a life time of propaganda or strong convictions. This is also why it is futile and impossible for me or any patriot to disseminate truth to useful idiot supporters of Communism. Lenin called them useful idiots for supporting their own destruction with Communism.

All indications are that there will be a brutal French style revolution, not at all like our more civilized American revolution or war between the states. The barbarism of the French revolution was of epic proportions. It was the people against the nobility and then against each other. The fear, killing and hatred had no limits. I see an even more intense rage building now for many of the same reasons.

The French were fighting for a freedom they never knew; Americans will be fighting for their known birthright of freedom earned by the ultimate sacrifice of millions of patriots; Americans know what they are losing because of the greedy power mad super rich and their minions in government and corporations.

Those with obscene wealth control the government and everything else; they are not subject to our laws. These wealthy traitors because of business genius, luck, inheritance or crime have contempt for average people and think they are superior. Either they give us back our country or the people will take it back in ruins. I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that we will get our country back without a protracted conflict.

We are now experiencing ‘Communism Lite’ in our retail stores with limited and declining inventory along with skyrocketing prices. This is due to government policy and people who refuse to work. The government is paying people not to work with unemployment compensation and a variety of benefits for those capable of working but choose not to do so. This has to stop.

The Chinese Communists and their American collaborators in our government, corporations and among the super rich have made deliberate war on the world causing millions of deaths and economic decline.. But that is what dictators do. It is now quite clear that the Wuhan Virus was developed as a Bio Terrorist Weapon by the Communists with financial support from American traitors in our government to gain power and money by destroying economic competition worldwide. The Chinese did not allow residents of Wuhan to go anywhere in China but allowed them to go anywhere else in the world to spread the pandemic. No decent rational thinking person should support China in any way, or anyone who does business with them.

Criminal handling of the China Virus has forever destroyed any trust in government officials and bureaucrats responsible for the health and well being of Americans.

Giving the non vaccine to the young is a crime against humanity. It has been said, but not verified: Give the shot to your children, if you don’t want grandchildren.

As an Economist, with a modicum of education and 87 years of experience I predict an economic collapse of historic proportions and a French type guerrilla war resulting in mass destruction and death. Based on current events this could happen tomorrow or within a year or so.

My objective is to point out the dangers that face us with the faint hope that this information may modify behavior. I have only exercised my right to freedom of speech by reporting the results of my study and observations . My best advice is to stock up on survival food, medical supplies, at least an AR15 and plenty of ammunition. Good luck and God bless America.

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