When I was growing up in Cleveland, I used to watch reruns of an old Superman television series that was produced during the 1950s.  That old program exemplified a pro American attitude that was still prevalent among most Americans of every race.  Government schools had not yet poisoned the minds of the majority of Americans against our republic.  However, there were elites like the Clintons, Joe Biden and a growing clan of programed God and liberty haters who vowed to destroy the United States.  There are no mysteries about the numerous crimes and scandals percolating around Mrs. Clinton and a chorus of her fellow crooks that have been either under reported or simply ignored for decades.

The Founding Father’s beloved concept of government of by and for the people never set well with the globalist/masonic elites who believe in tyranny.  Also, just like in the Old Testament Biblical story where people tried to create a global government without God, that history is being repeated today.  The democrats and rino republicans in America have joined forces with globalists from around the world hoping to demolish America and usher in a brutal world dictatorship.  Under the Obama administration, they were fast on their way to ending the great American experiment as the land of the free and home of the brave.  The leftists had made so much progress indoctrinating Americans, regulatory controls, illegal border crossers and cheating via the election process that the election of Mrs. Clinton was guaranteed.  Or so they thought.

Now, the leftists continue their old divide and concur routine. They trot out the old reliable blacks are victims and women are behind bilge that is beginning to wax old with those awakening from the festering lies of the leftists.  Today, the only ones victimizing black Americans are literally the leftists.  It is the leftists who are foolishly allowed to control the government schools that no longer specialize in education.  The real goal of educators is to indoctrinate students against God, real learning, economic opportunities, thrift, hard work and America itself.  Thus, failure is baked into the thinking processes of students, particularly black ones. When it comes to women in America, they are literally the freest in the entire world.  Women own the majority of small businesses and receive more breaks than men to form those businesses.  Women posses more jobs than men do.  In America, women are allowed to freely express their issues with men, no matter how unfairly skewed against man they may be.  All of this is part of the divide and conquer efforts of the left.

I find it both ironic and retarded that many leftist oriented women belly ache against men and demand more rights than anyone, except unnatural sexual practitioners and Islamists whom the leftists women adore.  Both Islamists and unnatural sexual practitioners are groups who are hell bent on helping the globalist divide and conquer our republic.  When Obama flooded America with millions of American black, Jewish and Christian hating Muslims, it had nothing to do with seeking liberty for them.  But rather bringing in evil allies to help in the mad mission to literally wipe out our Constitutionally Limited form of government.  But I say time out for that madness.  I for one do not want to have to answer the question in the future from my grandchildren, what was it like to be free in America?  It was the great Ronald Reagan who said “we have a rendezvous with destiny.”

America’s destiny is to be one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.  Not an overrun divided has been mob rule democracy.   Dear reader, let us unite with like minded lovers of true liberty and with God’s grace, power and wisdom reverse the divisive mission of doom being perpetrated against the United States.  Then we can restore the rule of law along with truth justice and the American way, whether the leftists like it or not.

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