Ever since the forlorn days of John Dewey, leftists have been feverishly working to politically destroy the United States of America. Mr. Dewey and his like minded followers understood, in order to change the United States into a lesser nation under international dominance, Americans would have to be weened off of the principles that made her great. So, the gradual turning away from solid school education toward globalist-oriented indoctrination began. The evil father of the indoctrination system of government schools producing misguided fools began in earnest in the later half of the nineteenth century.

One has to ask, did Dewey and his fellow haters of God and liberty have the right to engage in their dastardly mission to destroy our exceptional nation way of life.  Personally, I don’t think so, but they were most certainly allowed to have their merry way to seriously infect American education with a litany of practices to harm our republic. Think about it. Today almost half of American students hate God. They are also are willing to take on the mantle of socialism, despite the horrors of it displayed in our hemisphere via Venezuela.

Dewey and his friends wanted to rid America of the God inspired concept of rugged individualism. It emphasized you and I being free to reach our greatest potential through personal achievement. Because of the original underpinnings of such Godly principles as charity, thrift, diligence and faith America became the number one place on earth, where anyone no matter their station in life had a good shot at securing success and leaving a great legacy and an inheritance for their children and grandchildren. It is pointed out in Crimes of the Educators written by Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman, that what was needed was a new curriculum that emphasized socialization and taught children by a whole-word method that would decrease America’s literacy level.  As a result, students would become more amenable to collectivist values.

A very important question we should ask ourselves as sovereign Americans is, did John Dewey and his cohorts have a right to implement an evil plot to destroy our unique form of government?  After all, it was to be a government of by and for the people, that protects our rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   I want to know who or what convinced Dewey and company, believe they should replace God and the unalienable rights he inspired the Founding Fathers to recognize and include in the basic fabric of what helped make the United States the envy of the world?

Today, the utopian fantasy is more worthy to educators than and a free prosperous society that makes it easier for them to be paid decent salaries.  The demonic Dewey preceded tyrants like Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and other communist so-called leaders who used brutal force to impose their utopian nightmares on their entire countries killing hundreds of millions in their effort to gain total control.  Let us not forget, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro who picked up where his predecessor left off in destroying what was one of the largest economies in the world.  The primary reason dictatorships around the world used brutal force to subdue their citizens is because they could.  Those populations ether had given up their right to bare arms, or their governments never allowed the people to own firearms for their personal and property protection.

The leftists here in America during the 19th and early 20th centuries understood they could not take over our republic and turn it into a socialist hell hole.  They were rightly convinced that most Americans would reject them and their communist utopianism out of hand immediately.  That is why the leftists then set out to become political parasites and gradually invade every political, educational, and mainline Christian and media institution in the country.   The biggest culprit in this grand scheme to destroy America from within is without a doubt, the government education/indoctrination system.  It is the systematic dummying down and indoctrination efforts that have placed America at the brink of possible collapse.

I must admit, the government school educators have done a masterful job of convincing almost 50% percent of American students to desire and promote a communist way of life that would demolish the comfortable lifestyle they take for granted. The communists including the educators and professors are in league with those in government who seek to wipe out the knowledge of the God of Abraham, Isaac  and Jacob.  Both the Biblical Old and New Testaments were studied by the founding Fathers who gave credit to God for our liberties and the structure leading to unprecedented opportunities for everyone. Thus, eliminating the need for any cradle to grave nanny goat government.  With comparatively less government intrusion into our lives, Americans created the largest middle class in history with many opportunities to climb even higher up the ladder of success.

The time is here and now for a concerted effort to beat back the leftist anti God, anti-Liberty, anti Second Amendment, anti-Constitution and anti-true education movement.  If any company or individual caused irreparable harm, they would be sued and or sent to jail to think about their deeds. I think the time is now for the educational/indoctrination system to pay for the crime of actively trying to destroy the United Stated from within via indoctrination. Don’t miss The Ron Edwards Experience Fridays at 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PT on americamatters.us, SHRmedia and emanating from flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 KCKQ Reno, Nv.  Also Sundays at 12:00 AM EST, you can enjoy The Ron Edwards Experience on the TalkAmericaRadio Network.  The Edwards Notebook blows away the myths and reveals the truth during the Captain’s America Third Watch overnight talk show on nearly 200 radio affiliates nationwide and worldwide via www.am860theanswer.com

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