By Ron Edwards

The election of Donald J. Trump has fully exposed the orchestrated effort to literally undermine and fundamentally transform our beloved republic into a spent globalist mobocracy.  Unfortunately, since the adventurous mission of the Founding Fathers to establish this more perfect union, there have been those among strategically positioned to sow the seeds of destruction.  One such Free Mason was Alexander Hamilton. He was a strategic masonic point man who planted the early seeds of central government financial control. Though our first president George Washington was a Free Mason, he never indulged in nor participated in satanic masonic practices.  In fact, during a period of spiritual growth during the war for Independence, Mr. Washington denounced masonry and its longtime negative impact upon mankind.  After the founders finally hammered out what form of government they would seek to establish in the new nation, Benjamin Franklin went for a stroll.

As Benjamin Franklin left the Constitutional Convention, he was reportedly asked what kind of government the founders would propose.  He replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”  The type of republic Franklin and his fellow visionaries came up with, believe it or not can be traced all the way back to the time of Moses.  After the three million Jewish people of God were led out of Egypt, there were the normal issues among ranging to various family troubles, crime, etc.  Moses tried and tried, until he almost tried out being counselor, crime solver, etc.  Thankfully, his father in law Jethro suggested to Moses than he not try to be a one size fits all central government figure for all the people, all of the time.  Jethro suggested that Moses seek men of good character to take on many of the duties in serving the people.  It was the first time in history that the government responsibility was placed in the hands of the people far beyond the already established leadership. The success of the Jewish people depended on both high personal moral character centered around self control, without need for dictatorial government control as well as maintaining strong faith in God.

The founders established this republic to be “of the people by the people and for the people.”  Benjamin Franklin telling that inquisitive woman “A republic if you an keep it” was based upon the concept of a moral people not relying on government to be the final say in their lives.  Both the children of Israel and the citizenry of the new United States of America were given a mandate to rely more upon God and their own wits than central government figures and planners.  Because United States was overall a moral nation, she was therefore more prone to make wise decisions, both among sovereign individuals and statesmen, elected by the moral people to represent and serve them in government. Not the other way around as is promoted in many ways by today’s statists politicians.

When I say that the United States was a morally good republic, please do not falsely accuse me of saying it was perfect and that sin did not occur.  People sin and no one is perfect, but when I speak of high moral character, I am referring to those seeking to live within the self restraining confines of good moral character.  Meaning you can be trusted to not rob your fellow man of his property, or of his rights if you assume elected government office or are appointed to the judiciary.

Great historical men of renown like Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Samuel Adams marveled most at the extremely high moral character of George Washington.  They were truly impressed with Washington’s penchant for good moral behavior.He impacted their lives by leading by example. Yes, America the beautiful was a moral nation. If it were not so, I can guarantee that God would not have shed His grace upon her and at best the United States would have remained an oppressed collection of colonies, owned lock stock and barrel by the British Empire. Dear reader, if the United States is to arise to her manifest destiny of greatness, “We the People” have no choice but to first be of a great or high moral character.  I was my dearly departed Dad who used to tell me that our republic is a reflection of its people.

The United States must again be populated by a people who work to get back to the basics of high moral character and seeking the infinite wisdom of God.  Through good moral character better choices will be made in all areas of our lives on both a personal and collective level.  For example, people will be more likely to vote for statesmen and stateswomen who are a reflection of their higher moral character.   The election of individuals like Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago or Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan are sad reminders of the current state of affairs morally of those who make such horrible choices.  My fellow Americans, despite all the madness, I encourage us all to do seek the higher moral ground and live in it.  Our republic literally depends upon it.  God bless you God Bless America and may America Bless God.

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