President Trump recently announced that illegal border crossers are going to be rounded up and deported out of America and back to whence they came from.   From my point of view, it is about darned time.  America the beautiful has for too long been brutally soiled by the stains of disrespect, misuse and abuse by illegal border crossers. They come to America for handouts and help the leftist democrats carry out their dastardly deed of fundamentally transforming the United States of America into a hellish socialist dump.

According to the information Reform Law institute (IRLI), FAIR’s law and litigation affiliate, uncovered new evidence of how broken our immigration enforcement system is.  According to government documents obtained by IRLI, 1.74 million people from Mexico and central America have been boldly defying deportation orders and remain in our republic.  As of January 2019, there were 829,806 backlogged deportation cases clogging up our federal judiciary system – a figure that is certain to grow significantly, as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) anticipates an influx of at least a million new illegal border crossers this year.  But according to the Federation For American Immigration Reform, as the data uncovered by IRLI reveal, even after the system processes that enormous caseload and orders people who have no legal claim to remain in the country to leave, they stick around anyway.

More than twice as many illegals awaiting their day in court have already had their day (often days) in court, and like party crashers who were not invited, they refuse to leave.  As far as I am concerned, they need to be invited out of our nation, forcibly if necessary.  Of the 1.74 million illegals refusing to voluntarily get out, including 645,000 who have run out of appeals, are 574,170 from Mexico, 446,551 from El Salvador, 380,912 from Guatemala and 339,443 from Honduras.  The number of defiant illegals refusing deportation orders from Mexico and central America alone, is larger than the population of our nation’s fifth largest city, Philadelphia.  Thus, while congressional Democrats continue to deny that the numerous surges of deviant illegal border crossers constitutes a border crisis, the overwhelming evidence confirms we are witnessing a huge crisis reflected throughout our crippled immigration system.

To purposefully make things agonizingly worse, House Democrats are conducting a never ending politically motivated war against the enforcement of our immigration laws.  In addition, they are dead set against closing any loopholes that allow illegals to tap their dirty toes on the border and use the asylum claim to obtain taxpayer funded goodies.  Republicans share equal blame in the border fiasco that is so acute, it could permanently ruin our exceptional nation.  For decades Republicans have either allowed leftist democrats to dictate the overall direction of border policies who want open borders. Rino Republicans also favor policies that placate the establishment Chamber of Commerce types, who stupidly think that open borders help employers.  But actually, in the long run they do not.  Those short sighted political buzzards should be able or willing to figure that out.

I for one am thankful that we now have a president who honestly cares about our national sovereignty.  He like every elected official is paid to serve “We the People”, but unlike the majority of those in both the House and Senate, the president is actually working on our nation’s behalf.  That is the real reason he is so hated in the dragon media, academia, and even many so-called Christian churches who condemn him, rather than pray for him.   I do not believe the Dream and Promise Act should ever by enacted.  I loathe the fact that illegal border crossers are allowed to pass through unchecked at airports by TSA agents.  But us Americans must go through hoops and in some cases are groped, in order to fly the not so friendly skies.

As much as I admire the president’s overall zeal to protect out borders and stop illegal border crossings, I am concerned about his wrongheaded desire to increase legal immigration.  Currently 1.5 million people legally immigrate to our shimmering shores annually.  In my opinion, that number is too high.  Such great masses pouring in year after year do not have the chance to get used to our republic and assimilate into our way of life and truly become Americans.  I think we need a moratorium on legal immigration to facilitate assimilation.  Decades ago, when common sense was more common America would temporarily halt immigration to allow for assimilation.  For those of you who might whine sniffle and hurt for illegal border crossers who may soon get deported, before you condemn Trump, check out a bit of history.  Both presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman conducted massive deportations.  For the good of our republic, may Congress finally earn their pay and join the president in shoring up our borders and stop placing the interests of illegal border crossers above the interests of “We the People”.  God Bless America and may America bless God.

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