The worst error made by the leaders of the West between World War I and World War II was their failure to take Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” seriously. In that book, Hitler laid out everything he meant to do, and meant every word of it. The fact that most of what he wished to do was impossible was probably what prompted Western leaders to ignore it. But in trying to do those things, Hitler plunged the whole world into the worst disaster it had known since Noah’s Flood.

That was because he tried his level best to do all those things he dreamed of doing.

Leftids’ ideas, when they are candid enough to express them, seem equally impossible and profoundly asinine. That’s why we don’t take them seriously. But just because those things can’t be done doesn’t mean the Left won’t try to do them. We need to look past the craziness of their ideas and focus on the intent. These are the things that they intend to do, and it doesn’t matter whether they succeed or fail. Either way, it’ll be a costly mess with lots and lots of suffering involved—mostly by people who don’t deserve it.

Last week a law professor at William and Mary, James Dwyer, a man with long experience and still much influence in New York’s family court system, repeated his claim that parenthood is not a biological reality, not a fundamental part of being human, but only a creation of the state.

“The reason that parent-child relationship exists,” he babbled, “is because the state confers legal parenthood on people through its paternity and maternity laws.”

I didn’t know that! Did you? Here we were, thinking that being born to a mother and father was something that naturally happened without any help from bureaucrats, politicians, and lawyers. But then we’re not influential law professors, are we?

In 1994 Mr. Dwyer wrote a book, “Debunking the Doctrine of Parents’ Rights”—not self-published by some leftid loon, but by the California Law Review.

So we can be pretty sure we know where Mr. Dwyer’s coming from, and what kinds of things he’d like to do if he ever had the power.

Liberalism contains a heavy dose of pure loopiness, as Sally Quinn, widow of long-time Washington Post publisher Ben Bradlee, demonstrated in a recent interview.

Sally casts spells  When she puts the whammy on you, that’s it: you die. That’s what happened, she said, to three different people that she hexed. “I didn’t mean for them to die,” she says. Doesn’t know her own strength.

Sally says some of her friends and fellow noozies—did I mention she’s a “journalist”?—have asked her to put a hex on President Donald Trump and make him die. Such nice people, leftids. So far, she says, she has resisted the temptation—it’s sort of a bummer, to hex someone to death. But who knows how long she will resist it? The next time the president expresses some lingering doubt as to the reality of Man-Made Climate Change, he just might be letting himself in for a fatal hocus-pocus from Sally Quinn.

Sure, it’s ridiculous. But it does tell us what these nice people on the Left would like to do. Bear in mind that they are restrained by nothing recognizable as Christian morality or ethics, let alone the fear of God. And whether it’s superstitious poppycock like Sally Quinn’s, or hard-nosed worldly wickedness like Mr. Dwyer’s, it’s coming from the same source and seeks the same objective.

Would the German people, if they’d known what Adolf Hitler was going to let them in for, followed him right into catastrophe? Would the leaders of Britain and France, had they believed he would try to do the things he laid out in “Mein Kampf,” have let him come to power? We like to think the answer to both questions would be “No.”

In observing the actions and the words of leftids, never forget that just because it’s foolishness doesn’t mean it isn’t evil and can’t do us any harm. No matter how absurd it sounds to normal people, leftids believe in what they’re saying. And watch out, if they try to do it.

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