by Lee Duigon

I used to think Alex Jones’ “Prison Planet” was a silly name for a website. Now I’m not so sure.

Our global ruling class has insatiable desires for power and wealth. They never have enough, they’re always grabbing for more. They have used the COVID crisis, to increase their power over us, like Rembrandt used oils.

But it’s not just COVID that they’re using. Big Tech and the social media have morphed into even more serious threats against our liberty.

Let me share with you a quote cited by Allum Bokhari, senior technology correspondent for Breitbart News, in an interview with a “source” at Facebook. Here is what the source said.

“We have thousands of people on the platform who have gone from far right—“ whatever he means by that—“to center in the past year, so we can build a model from those people and try to make everyone else on the right follow the same path” (Imprimis, Vol. 50, No. 1, January 2021).

Yes, he said “make everyone else on the right follow the same path.” Make them. Think about that, and be afraid.

Big Tech has all sorts of subtle little tricks to influence public opinion—to help manufacture a kind of consent of the governed. Not a real consent: no. He’s talking about *making* us consent. Making us think, believe, say, and do things not according to our own will, but to theirs. They’ll “make” us behave as they think we should behave. Heck, they stole our election. What can’t they do to us? Puppet-masters pulling our strings.

Meanwhile they’re using COVID to scare the pants off us, with fear porn spewing out of our Free & Independent Nooze Media 24/7.

In Canada the Peel Regional schools, covering three suburbs of Toronto, have hatched a scheme that has even a lot of the “experts” on the warpath. Here’s what they want to do.

If one child in your child’s class tests positive for COVID, school officials want you to take your child home and “self-isolate” him in one room for 14 days. During that time, he must stay in the room and not come out, use a separate bathroom if possible, and have no contact with his parents or his siblings: brothers and sisters have to stay home for 14 days. They didn’t say anything about sliding the isolated child’s food through a slat at the bottom of the door. And parents will be fined $5,000 for “non-compliance.”

To more than a few experts this sounds a lot like heavy-handed child abuse. It sounds like solitary confinement in a prison. Here in America, incarcerated felons get a better break than this. But the Peel Schools have shown no sign of buckling: “They’re our peasants and we’ll crush them all we like!”

Obey. We are expected to obey. And Big Tech will see to it that we *want* to obey.

Can you imagine being six years old and being treated like this? You probably aren’t even sick. What would they do to us if an even more dangerous germ popped up in the environment? Have us put our children down? Put ourselves down? There are many diseases deadlier than COVID-19, but this one is being ballyhooed as the deadliest ever. And we have never been told why it’s being sold to us as that. As Dr. Fauci the sage said, “Now is the time for everyone to do as they are told.”

When do we get to stop obeying? When does normal human life start up again? How scared are we supposed to be—and for how long? Are we trying to create whole nations full of hypochondriacs?

We have nothing left but our prayers, and we’d better pray hard.

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