With more and more people going to more and more colleges than ever before, and more and more money being spent on “education,” scientists recently reported a discouraging statistic: since 1975, IQ levels have been falling consistently. The steady decline in math and science scores is especially troubling.

They don’t know why this is happening, but I think we do. Maybe they ought to take a look at what’s being “taught” in some of these colleges. And in the workplace, too.

Netflix employees last week got a new set of rules designed to do away with sexual harassment. It’s #MeToo with a vengeance. According to the new rules, no one on a Netflix film crew can look at anyone else for more than five seconds. “Lingering hugs” are forbidden, and no one is allowed to ask for a co-worker’s phone number. They have stopped short of putting everyone in burkas.

Think about it. On one hand, we have this brand-new hypermodern puritanism, and you’d better obey those new rules if you know what’s good for you. But on the other, we still have a sexual revolution going full speed ahead, and its rules state that all varieties of sexual behavior, especially ones long considered perverse and weird by most of the human race, is not only to be indulged, but also “celebrated” by everybody else—and if you don’t “celebrate” it, that makes you a Biggit and a Hater. You could go crazy, trying to obey both sets of rules at once.

What’s there to celebrate, if you’re not allowed to do it? Probably the solution to this dilemma will consist of blindfold hook-ups by parties who are not allowed to know each other’s names or phone numbers.

But for real loopiness, college is the place to be.

Writing for the Portland University Ungendering Research Initiative—that “thud” you just heard was IQ levels dropping another 15 points—a Ph. D. in Feminist Studies (“thud!”) denounces the city’s dog park as “a rape-condoning space” and breeding ground for “rape culture”. Her paper is difficult to translate into English, but she says dog parks “foster and perpetuate masculinist systems of communal oppression across species.”

If you understood that, there’s something wrong with you. But hey, this is “higher education!” You pay a fortune for it, the government doles out millions and millions of dollars’ worth of aiding and abetting, and it fills your mind with what can only be described as unadulterated blather. It doesn’t make you smarter. At best it wastes years of your life and makes you intellectually hollow. At worst it turns you into a fool. No wonder IQ levels are plummeting. If a foreign enemy ever did this to our country, we’d be mighty sore about it.

I mean, really, what’s “ungendering”? What are we supposed to get out of it? In what way does it benefit society?

But what’s to worry? Who cares if history’s most expensive education system does nothing but turn people into idiots? Artificial Intelligence will take up the slack, leaving the human race free to play video games, take selfies, and watch movies based on comic books. Our masters will even provide us with a guaranteed income, if only we give them vast new powers and think and do whatever they say. Robots will do all the hard stuff. Here comes Utopia.

Who does this appeal to?

We’re getting dumber and dumber because our schools and colleges, our entertainment industry, and our shattered morality have been debauched and degraded by highly-compensated people who are doing it on purpose.

If anyone comes out of college sane, and smarter than when he went in, it’s purely by accident.

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