Heard from the neighbor’s TV set next door: the babble of a liberal pinhead cheerleading her audience to “call out the haters.” I think that term applies to you and me.

I am at a disadvantage here, because I can’t faithfully reproduce left-wing language and still have a column fit for decent folk to read. If you must sample the, er, flavor of the original, check out this video of some poor devil trying to interview a feminist. It would be more edifying to interview a heap of stones. Certainly more productive.

How come it’s never “hate” when leftids do it? How come everyone who isn’t them is a “fascist,” deserving only to be abused, silenced, terrorized, or beaten? How did we ever come by the triple or quadruple standard by which U.S. Senators and other high officials, as long as they happen to be Democrats, can call for “blood in the streets” without being charged with sedition?

Oh, it isn’t always outright violence that they call for. Last week the left-wing basket-case, the state of California, banned its state employees from traveling to certain other states to conduct business. In fact, they widened a ban that was in place already, adding for more states to the list.

And why are California’s state employees forbidden to do business in those states? Because California disapproves of those states’ failure to support transgender bathrooms! And in general those states lack enthusiasm for assorted wacko societal engineering programs.

Meanwhile, Disney Inc. is selling dildoes—yes, you read that right—to little children. They call this “toy” a “bubble want” or something, from the Disney movie, “Frozen.” But it takes a special kind of stupid, not to recognize this object for what it actually is.

Betcha California has no qualms about doing business with them.

Now, none of these shenanigans, from the Democrat, Social Justice Warrior, left-wing looney point of view, springs from any but the purest and noblest of motives. Nor does performing fantasies of murdering the president, nor boycotting Chick-fil-A, or even shooting Republican Congressmen: none of that is “hate.” It’s all just breaking a few bad eggs so you can make your utopian omelet.

No—it’s only “hate” if you oppose them, no matter how meekly, no matter on how small a scale, no matter how ineffectually. Because, you see, as U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has explained, “thousands of people will die!” if any opposition is allowed.

How dare anybody but a Democrat win election to the White House? This means war! War against those totally wrong, stupid, evil racists, transphobic “deplorables” who voted for the winner. War against anyone who stands in the way of the Perfect World Express. And their vast self-righteousness gives them license to say and do anything to anybody.

And none of it is “hate.” Only people who aren’t them can be “haters.”

They hate us with every fiber of their being. They have made that unmistakably clear.

But it’s not just us they hate. They’re just getting warmed up, hating us. They hate themselves, too. If it’s possible to be that angry, all the time, at so many people, without a generous dollop of self-hatred thrown into the mix, that would constitute a miracle.

And they hate God, too, most of all—for sitting where they think they should sit, and for possessing an authority so much greater than their own. God failed to consult them on Day One of the Creation, so they hate Him and all His people.

Just let them get in power once again, ever again, and you’ll see how much they hate us.

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