While the nation continues to drown in the biggest political conspiracy ever to hit this country (making Watergate look like what it was – a bungled burglary) to remove a legitimately elected president, OUR country and people continue to suffer.

Some of the same critical problems continue to plague this country that have been around for decades and nothing gets done to fix them. Not for lack of trying but rather because there are not enough citizens willing to give up their time to get involvedwhat I wrote about last week.

And, because citizens of the states of the Union continue to reelect the same crooks and puppets of special interests back to the state capitols the same as they do for the U.S. Congress.

FOX and most big name ‘conservative’ radio talk show hosts do a very good job in some areas but ignore some of the most critical and deadly issues facing us – problems that affect the very same talk show hosts/anchors who act like they are immune.

In the case of the ‘Federal’ Reserve we’re talking about 105 years of stealing from We the People to enrich a banking cabal courtesy of the rotten, corrupt U.S. Congress – with a few exceptions over the past century and of course, former Congressman Ron Paul.

While most state legislatures are out of session right now that doesn’t mean they aren’t working. They are and I feel confident in saying that 90% of the people in each state of the Union have no clue what they’re doing.

My state legislature has been out of session since May 2017. We are one of four states whose legislatures are only in session every other odd year usually not to exceed 140 days. Some states who are in session each year have very short sessions and are gone by summer. Way back in 1913 some states were out for four years at a time.

Each session is business as usual. Committees receive spending bills for education, roads, their state justice systems and so on. If you don’t have a bill in the ‘hopper’ by Thanksgiving, it’s very difficult to get one introduced at a later date simply because of the time crunch.

Back in 2007 I began writing about the chemical spraying of our skies. Oh, how the email came in with the usual conspiracy label bandied about. Anyone who has followed my work for the past 29 years knows I have rejected many a conspiracy theory over time because I did the research and discovered the theory to be either an outright lie, distortion or completely made up.

Back in 2005 I met a woman named Rosalind Peterson, who had been doing the hard research on this issue. I only found out recently that dear Rosalind passed away earlier this year and I didn’t even know. I can’t even put into words how important her work was/is and how much she’s been missed. Rosalind Peterson was one of the special Americans most people will never hear of but she has left a legacy of truth that someday will slap the American people in the face.

Rosalind’s research went far and above what most people can imagine- she has posted thousands of documents on her web sites. One of the most important presentations she made for me was during our meeting at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California (details here) were the water tables showing the spikes in aluminum and barium, and the FAA fly over sheets for the Mendocino area.

Even the nit wit at Rep. Neillo’s office was surprised when Rosalind presented these documents which clearly showed military and civilian plane patterns; color ink is used to designate which is military and which are civilian planes, private or commercial. Neillo’s aide could clearly see was one set of fly overs were unidentified.

These fly over patterns are silly when you look at them. They go crisscross and in circles and then simply fly off. No one can tell you why this crazy fly over pattern happens on a specific day or who these planes belong to and unfortunately, Neillo’s aide simply refused to look into the matter. He arrogantly told me the contrails in Sacramento that I observed from my house only three miles from the Sacramento Airport were from commercial jets.

Of course, it makes perfect sense that 2-4 commercial jet liners like Delta or United, would take off from the Sacramento airport at the same time, fly north and south and then east and west for 3-4 hours leaving behind criss-cross patterns and then head for Philly or Boston. Now, why didn’t I think of that! [See the DVD “What In The World Are They Spraying?”]

The chemical spraying of our skies has become so pervasive and constant, large numbers of Americans are taking it seriously. The destruction to crops, plants, trees and the modification of our weather patterns can no longer be denied.

Shortly after I moved to W. Texas (Big Spring) I looked up one morning and there I saw what I saw from my former home in Sacramento: Our clear blue sky no longer a brilliant, clear blue, but a gray, drab color.  A beautiful blue sky replaced by what millions have been seeing for years across the country:

For decades hundreds of thousands of Americans – if not a million or more – have been demanding Congress and the state legislatures forbid the use of Monsanto’s Round Up. We have been laughed at, ridiculed and called the usual: conspiracy nuts.

In my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions, one whole chapter is dedicated to Monsanto and the destruction to human life over the decades because of Round Up. Last month a jury sided with a plaintiff who claimed Round Up caused his cancer. The jury, after looking at all the evidence found Monsanto liable:

“This is the first of thousands of cases like it against Monsanto. “I think it’s exactly like the tobacco trials. Monsanto, for 40 years, has been taking the playbook from the tobacco industry, ghostwriting science, buying science, using all the different PR strategies and the legal strategies to confuse the science to blur the science and I’m so glad that this jury held them accountable,” said Johnson’s attorney, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“Monsanto VP Scott Partridge said, “No, it’s not a fair analysis at all. We all know tobacco causes cancer, glyphosate does not cause cancer. It’s been perfectly safe and that’s been demonstrated for more than four decades. I don’t know how they got it wrong but they did, they got it wrong.”

No, Partridge, YOU have it wrong about glyphosate. And we the people who have done the extensive research also are not wrong about the destruction being caused by weather modification or geoengineering of our skies.

Monsanto will appeal the decision. The plaintiff, Dewayne Lee Johnson, who was exposed to a massive amount of Round Up over the years as a groundskeeper will likely never see a penny as he is dying from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Now, these issues are not something one can read about in a two- page summary and get a full understanding. Research does take time. But, let me tell you what I know to be factual because it’s where I live.

West Texas is known to be dry. When I moved into my home in June 2006 there was no spraying of the skies. For the first three years weather patterns were normal for this area. We actually used to have a bit of snow each winter; one November we had 9” within 24 hrs. We had rain. Then the spraying started. No more little snow falls each winter although five years ago we did have an ice blanket cover the entire Permian Basin for nearly a week. It was awful and dangerous.

I have spoken with individuals who’ve lived here 35 years or longer. What’s been going on in the Permian Basin and all around this part of W. Texas has not been normal. For nearly a decade after I moved here (12 years ago) every April the barn swallows would come into our area. They always did it’s just that I didn’t know about all this.

As they do, a set of mom and dad built a nest under the eaves above my front porch. I can watch from my desk through the big front windows. Each year during the summer I would have at least three sets of babies. So cute with their little furry heads bobbing up and down waiting to be fed. In the meantime, the spraying of our skies got worse and so has our drought conditions.

Last year I had a couple of female barn swallows ‘sit’ for a week or two and then left. No babies. NOT usual. This year they were so late getting here I wondered if they would come back. NOT usual. Finally, a female ‘sat’ for close to three weeks. I was excited and thought, finally, gonna have some babies. In the meantime, just like last year, we’re dying for a drop of rain.

For barn swallows rain means insects. That’s what they eat and they eat as they fly through the sky. All around my neighborhood and house and back to the nest. My potential mother bird left for three days; I feared she was gone, but returned July 23rd. On July 24th the nest was empty when I looked. The barn swallows left Big Spring. With no water there’s no food, no babies. They were gone.

Since last October 2017, our area has had exactly 4” of rain. We need two feet right now. I walk and drive around praying to God for rain for our farmers, ranchers and all of us. What we don’t want is that water poisoned by chemicals dropping from the sky.

My dear friend across the street is an expert on birds. As a matter of fact, she’s also the published author of a most beautiful book, Scoop from Bird Poop: 35 Years of Wild Bird Rescues; would make a lovely birthday or Christmas gift. (How many books get only a 100% rating and nothing less!) I love BeBe and all she and her husband have been doing for many, many decades:

Anyway, I was heart-broken that for the second year there would be no babies in the nest. There are so few things that bring me joy in life since I began my journey to find truth 29 years ago. Watching the little babies in the nest grow up and take their first flight is one of them. BeBe informed me they left because there’s no water. They fly through Mexico all the way down to South America. Will they come back next year?

A gentleman who lives in So. Oregon sent email a few months ago also discussing the missing barn swallows in his area. They finally showed up. I have a pest control company (pet safe products) that comes quarterly; you have to in this part of Texas. Bugs are Texas size. While my house is well sealed all around, this year, the bugs are getting into my house. They end up dead but they’re looking for water.

No water no crops. No water no livestock, including chickens and turkeys. Anyone who doesn’t think all this matters to their survival and their own family is STUPID. Okay? This IS deadly serious and that’s why it’s Part 1 of this new series I’m running on top priorities for our state legislatures.

Do you like eating food that isn’t bombarded with dangerous chemicals for human consumption like aluminum and barium? What’s being sprayed into our skies is full of it. It drops down onto our reservoirs, lakes, farms, crops. Livestock eat the hay and grass.

It’s not bad enough states of the Union have allowed dangerous products like Round Up to be used to in fields where our food is grown and in parks and around YOUR house (State legislators bought and paid for by special interest BIG money like Monsanto), but what’s being done to our weather through geoengineering is killing not just healthy crops but trees, plants and wild life. And us.

Don’t doubt my word on this because I’ve spent many hundreds of hours on this one issue. Like Fukushima, the ‘Fed’, the federal ‘income’ tax and the massive hoax called global warming later changed to climate change for better marketing purposes.

I know many believe geoengineering has started many of the horrific fires out in California but that’s not true in every case. Each year arsonists are arrested for starting some of the fires. The big CARR fire I wrote about more than a month ago was started by accident not man-made; there were witnesses:

‘It’s not your fault:’ Victims of the Carr Fire send incredible messages of SUPPORT to the 81-year-old owner of a trailer whose busted tire accidentally sparked the massive blaze: “A man whose trailer accidentally sparked a deadly wildfire in Northern California received incredible messages of support from victims.

“On July 23, the Carr Fire ignited near Redding after the 81-year-old man’s trailer got a flat. The trailer’s rim scraped the asphalt, causing sparks to shoot out and land on the dry brush in the area. The wildfire has since claimed the lives of eight people.”

In California particularly, it’s the lunatics owned by equally deranged ‘greenies’ in the state capitol who have allowed dangerous policies that make these fires even more deadly. The same applies to U.S Reps and Senators.

It’s those very same policies regarding cleaning out all the dry undergrowth, dead wood and trees that’s allowed some of these fires to become indescribable nightmares like the CARR fire. The CARR fire started July 23rd; as of August 30th, it is now contained after 38 days. 229,651 acres in a 360-mile circle around Redding California; 1,079 homes destroyed and eight people dead. Dead pets, horses and wildlife, who can count it all?

The spraying must stop. Geoengineering and manipulation of our weather must stop. Congress refuses to do anything about it. In fact, they ARE complicit in what’s going on. It has to be state legislatures and that will NOT happen unless and until citizens in every state mount a war against their legislatures (metaphorically speaking).

Now, when I lived in Lakewood, CO, I was about 20 minutes from the state capitol in Denver. When I lived in Sacramento I lived about 10 minutes from the state capitol. However, now I live 6 HOURS from Austin, our state capitol. I simply don’t have the financial resources to do what I used to do living so close to a state capitol – like heading up massive protests.

I do not have the financial resources to get to Austin, stay a week and do what needs to be done: hit every office in the capitol including Gov. Gregg Abbott’s office with a package that’s not too over whelming but will get their attention. Printing up a couple hundred packages with a DVD costs bux.

NewsWithViews gets few donations and like so many other truth-telling web sites, advertising revenues are disappearing thanks to Google. I know for a fact they are blocking out my columns as well as some other writers I know. I can use startpage.com or yahoo.com with key words from columns I’ve written and they don’t show up. I’ll use the same key words using Google and maybe one column (not the one I’m looking for) will pop up and within a half hour my email box is flooded with emails for a limp Johnson in the sack, messages from stripper Stormy Daniels and every kind of crap sold on the Internet.

NewsWithViews doesn’t have the money to send a journalist like me to the capitol. So, at least on my part and this is what YOU MUST do is hit at the local level. You and a group hound your state rep and senator (they all have local district offices) for an appointment. You want to talk about geoengineering of our weather patterns.

I intend to bring this up to the Republican leadership in my county. To do what I pushed for back in January 2011: Watch the full length documentary: What in the World Are They Spraying?

That documentary is the beginning but not the end. You can watch it free on YouTube. BUT, unless you’re good friends with a state legislator, don’t send an email to his/her office at the capitol with the link and expect anything back other than a boiler plate response. I sent a hard copy to my state rep’s capitol office back then and when I called two weeks later no one seemed to know what I was talking about. I should have done the local district office.

You have to do it at the local level. Order the hard copy here. If money is tight, split the cost with a friend or two. Have a showing with your local leadership whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, Independent or no party. Try to set up a showing at your local library and get your local newspaper to give it some publicity.

Most important: Hound the district office of your state rep and senator for a short meeting with as many of your friends as possible even if you have to burn a sick or holiday paid leave. Lay out your argument and give he/she a copy of the DVD and tell rep so and so you will get back to them in a couple of weeks to discuss the matter further.

We DEMAND our state legislatures tell the U.S. government to stop spraying our skies. State legislators and governors have easy access to members of Congress. They damn well need to get off their backsides and exert the needed pressure along with we the people voting out members of Congress who refuse to cancel these geoengineering projects killing us and our environment.

Because this is a huge operation, I’ve once again included an Addendum with this column. The links have been carefully screened by me and what I consider to be the most credible information on this deadly issue. Print out a half dozen and include them with the DVD to your state rep and senator.

ONLY YOU AND I ARE GOING TO STOP THIS DESTRUCTION AND MANIPULATION OF OUR WEATHER.  It takes giving up any leisure or fun time. How well I damn know over 29 years. But, we either get serious about this or pay the deadly consequences.

It will only take one or two state reps and senators to ‘get it’ and get scared enough to act.

If we do nothing, NOTHING will change.

© 2018 Devvy Kidd – All Rights Reserved

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