By Lex Greene

According to CNN, the election of Joe Biden has set off a world record of mass shooting events in the USA that the world has never seen before, with “at least 147 mass shootings across the country since Joe took office – at least 45 such events in just the past 30-days.”

By contrast, the USA recorded just 35 mass shooting events during the four years that Donald J. Trump was President, an annual average of just 8.75 mass shooting events per year during the Trump administration. At the current rate of events since Joe Biden took office, the USA could see as many as 540 mass shooting events in 2021 alone. That’s a 6100% increase in mass shootings under Joe Biden, so far.

Already, Joe Biden had won the distinguished title of THE MASS SHOOTING PRESIDENT, with the most mass shootings in just a three month period, the highest anywhere in the world and throughout world history.

What is it about the Biden pseudo-administration that has touched off this mass shooting phenomenon across America, besides the fact that all democrats have made every Americans feel angry and totally demoralized for years?

Problem #1Democrat Criminal Justice Reform

In order to buy more votes from some of the worst people America has to offer, democrats have been focused on what they call “criminal justice reform,” which is essentially a movement to reduce the number of people incarcerated for their crimes, many of them violent crimes, and reinstate their voting rights for upcoming elections. Governance by felons… what a grand idea!

This movement has released thousands of often violent criminals into the population, resulting in rising crime rates all across the country from a growing number of repeat offenders on the streets. When you need more voters, any voter will do, if you’re a member of the socialist Democrat Party.

Problem #2Targeting and Eliminating Law Enforcement

As the Democrat Party (DNC) has become the Democratic Socialist Party of the USA, the DNC has adopted its entire political platform from the Democratic Socialists of America, which includes both the release of violent felons from prison and the current all-out attack on Law Enforcement we see today.

Once again, under the guise of “law enforcement reform,” democratic socialists (DNC) have painted a hard target on the back of every law enforcement officer and agency in the USA, causing a mass exodus of good law enforcement personnel across the country, especially in the most dangerous cities in the USA, all of them, run by democrat Governors and Mayors.

The focus of democratic socialists isn’t on stopping crime, it’s on stopping any form of viable law enforcement, as they also work to release more and more dangerous felons from prison. And let’s not overlook the mass invasion of illegal aliens on our southern border.

Problem # 3The Most Fraudulent Election cycle in U.S. History (2020)

The entire world watched the massive fraud in the 2020 election cycle, and they also watched courts in the USA, including the US Supreme Court, refuse to allow any evidence of that massive fraud to be presented in any court in the USA.

Every election has some fraud in it, at the local, state, and federal level. Politics is a dirty business…it always has been, and it always will be. But the 2020 election cycle marks the most massive blatant election fraud by numerous means and methods, in the history of “free democratic elections.”

After a year of fraudulent COVID19 lockdowns created and governed by democrat politician’s intent upon stealing the 2020 elections via COVID forced unregulated mail-in balloting…the nation was already on edge. As the nation and world watched the unprecedented level of election fraud in 2020, the people became ever more galvanized in their distrust and disdain for all things political, including a CIA controlled news media, which lies to the public all day every day, about everything.

Faith in freedom, liberty, fairness, ethics, morality, and their political systems, fell to rock bottom as the nation watched their country stolen right under their noses. Politicians knew they were pushing Americans to the brink of all-out war, and that’s why they hide behind troops, fencing and razor wire still today, and for the foreseeable future, as they continue to control the population.

Problem #4Socialist Policies, Tyrannical Tactics, and the Gun Grab

Next, once you release felons back into population, eliminate or hamstring law enforcement and secure yourself behind troops and razor wire, control the entire citizenry for over a year… now it’s time to strip the American people of their inalienable Constitutionally protected Right to keep and bear arms.

Maybe 30% of the country now thinks socialism is a new progressive idea worth trying, thanks to the dumbing down in public education and Marxist college campuses. The rest of us all know better from either living under or studying the history of Socialism, Marxism and Communism around the globe, all of which ends in brutal tyranny and a total loss of freedom, liberty, and prosperity for all.

But the DSAUSA is now in total control of the DNC, which is now in total control of our Federal Government, at least temporarily.

Problem #5No Legitimate Elections Ever Again

So long as the fraudulent elections in 2020 are allowed to stand, that’s the end of legitimate elections in the USA. The fruit from a poisonous tree, is also poisonous. It’s impossible for an election full of fraud to result in anything but a fraudulent outcome.

It’s been proven beyond any doubt that numerous Democrat controlled states intentionally and systematically ran “unlawful and unconstitutional” elections in 2020. The only possible result of any “unlawful and unconstitutional” election, is an “unlawful and unconstitutional” outcome.

This means that as the DSAUSA-DNC rushes to destroy all freedom, liberty and prosperity in America from DC and all democrat controlled cities, elections are no longer a means of solving the problem.

Last… as the nation rockets toward totally unsustainable debt, more lockdowns, more masking, vaccinations, and social distancing dictates from above, mass shootings, suicides, civil unrest and eventually, all-out street war is almost certain… this is Biden’s “new norm” following the 2020 elections.

With over 147 mass shootings already in the record books only a few weeks after the Biden regime seized power, the future looks very dim for America and in fact, the world

The Mass Shooting President (and Vice President) must go! They have no constitutional right to sit in office and every minute they do, the nation dives deeper and deeper into the abyss, as Americans take aim at each other over what the socialist left is doing to ALL OF US!

May God help us all!

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