“Those without a sin cast the first stone.” I couldn’t care less what Judge Roy Moore did forty years ago.

There.  I said it.

I’ve heard all of the cat-calls from the more-righteous-than-thou Christian Moore bashers.  It makes me want to stick my finger down my throat.  Their hypocrisy SCREAMS but they can’t see it because of the beam in their own eye.

Instead, they call me a hypocrite because I say I don’t care what he did when he was thirty.  Evidently, they have no past.  There is nothing in their own closet for which they would be ashamed.  I wish I could have led such a perfect life.  It must be nice to have no need for a savior.

But I sure needed one.  I jokingly refer to myself as an UNCONVICTED felon.  The only reason I am not in jail is because I got away with my crimes forty years ago.  At least I thought I had…until I realized that there was a day of reckoning coming between me and the Ultimate Judge.

Someone told me about the death of Jesus and the significance of His blood in my personal redemption.  I accepted HIS sacrifice as payment of my own personal sins and have walked the straight and narrow ever since that day in 1987.

As much as I want to I can’t undo the past.  I can’t go back and make right all I did that was wrong.  All I can do is seek forgiveness and begin again as a new creature in Christ.

Let me ask a question of all of the holier-than-thou-Christians that I come across on social media.  Are you forgiven of YOUR sins?  Are you disqualified from leadership because of things you did BC…before Christ?  Or would you like to be judged by things you have done SINCE you have been redeemed?

I tell people that if they hear stories about my wild nature before 1987 go ahead and believe it because it is probably true.  But that is a line of demarcation in my life.  They old me died at the cross and I walked away a new man.

Does that not apply to the life of Judge Moore?  That’s why I tell you, my pietistic fellow believer, I don’t care what he did forty years ago.  He is every bit as forgiven as you.

“But he committed a horrible act with a young girl.”

Yes, that is what is alleged.  But no one is presenting any credible evidence that he committed a crime…only accusations that he had a “creepy” predilection to teenage girls.

Are you disqualified because of your behavior done in secret?  Would you like your internet history over the past six months to be exposed to the whole world?

Judge Moore may have committed a sin but there is no evidence he ever committed a crime.

I remember what I was at age thirty.  I bear no resemblance to that punk today.  I hope you will judge my life from my New Birth.  I left that old man at the Cross.

I don’t expect the lost world to understand redemption but I have a bone to pick with Christians who act like they work for CNN.  It happened forty years ago.  Judge Moore at seventy is not the same man as Judge Moore at thirty.

In all of my years of following politics I don’t believe I have seen a bolder, more righteous politician than Judge Roy Moore.  He has sacrificed his job…TWICE…for his uncompromising stand.  He is everything Donald Trump wasn’t.

During Trump’s run for the White House the same folks now criticizing Judge Moore were criticizing The Donald for his recent “fake conversion” and phony Christianity.  Now they have their Bible pointed at Judge Moore and are refusing to offer him the same grace that they themselves have received.

I believe God has given us a Godly man in Judge Moore by which all politicians should be measured.  His life’s work has been one of honoring the Lord.   If he goes down it will be because of the knives in the back from Christians who do not “forgive others their trespasses” as they have been forgiven.

Freakin hypocrites.  America is hanging by a thread.  “Give us Barabbas.”

I know what I used to be.  I know what I could be today were it not for the grace of God.  This Godly, forgiven man needs the support of his brothers…NOW!  Don’t give the Devil another scalp.  Christians love martyrs more than they love winners.

Please watch and share this video with others.  I’m all in for Judge Roy Moore.

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