This has been a week of vicious attacks on Judge Roy Moore. The slander and lies that have been told about him are beyond the pale. Many elements of the tales that have been told have already fallen apart: The year book with a forged signature. The one who claimed she was called on the phone in her bedroom, when her own mother says her daughter never had a bedroom phone. The one who claimed that she couldn’t get out of the car because of child door locks, an invention that came seven years after the alleged incident took place. The non-existent parking lot behind a restaurant. The mall manager stated that the claim Roy Moore was banned from the Gadsen Mall is false, and we could go on with many other details that reveal that there are a whole lot of lies being told in these coordinated attacks.

Many people are asking questions about the timing of these attacks: just four weeks before the special election and the alleged incidents nearly 40 years ago. What is also suspicious is the immediate response of what appears to be the swamp creatures of Washington, D.C. They are calling for Roy Moore to immediately quit the campaign because of allegations for which there is no proof. There is no evidence that any of these things took place. There were no eyewitnesses, just the word of a woman who claims certain things took place 40 years ago.

Now if the Senate and House actually held their own members to this standard we would hear of the immediate expulsion of Senator Franken. Instead of immediate expulsion, the Senate leadership has decided to have the Senate Ethics Committee “investigate” the charge of sexual harassment against him. But what is there to investigate? The photo (taken by Al’s brother) proves beyond a shadow of a doubt he molested a sleeping woman.

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Or what about Robert Menendez? Why hasn’t there been a Senate Ethics Committee investigation of him, since the feds had enough evidence to indict him? Among the things the feds said Menendez did was attend sex parties with underage prostitutes. That’s actual evidence of sexual criminality — while that produced by Moore’s accusers is empty, unproven, and unprovable. The jury in the Menendez trial hung. But if, as McConnell et. al. claim, the Senate has a higher standard for its members, there’s more than enough evidence to kick Menendez out. And Congress should release the names of the 260 Senators, Representatives and staffers on whose behalf sexual harassment claims totaling $15 million have been paid out over the last 20 years. Why are McConnell and Ryan covering up for sexual predators?

It is clear this really isn’t about the allegations being made at all against Judge Roy Moore, they have no solid evidence. Outrageous allegations demand outstanding evidence and there is none of that here. What we see is a political assassination by means of the media. What is really taking place is a last-ditch attempt by the creatures in the swamp, establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans that want to prevent Roy Moore from taking a seat in the Senate. His adherence to the Bible and the Constitution is something the swamp creatures cannot stand.

They will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal. They object to the fact that Roy Moore believes that there is a Creator God, the God of the Bible, our rights come from Him and the sole purpose of civil government is to secure God-given rights. Juan, one of the talking heads on Fox expressed his dismay at the thought of Roy Moore in the Senate this way, “Why, he believes that God is above the Constitution!” Well, yes of course he believes that, because it is absolutely true. Not only is God above the Constitution, His Law, the Bible, is also above the Constitution. Our Founders recognized that and said so in the Declaration of Independence. When they spoke of “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” (the rational underlying everything in the Declaration and everything in the Constitution) they were referring to the Bible. “The Bible is the rock upon which this Constitutional Republic was founded.” Indeed, it is the Word of God which brings true Freedom to those who choose to obey its commandments, statutes and testimonies. Just as the train is free to fulfill its designer’s purpose when it stays on the tracks, so is mankind free when we obey God’s Holy Law in everything. It is a false claim that would tell us that freedom is disobeying God’s Law. Just as the train which derails destroys not only itself but everything around it and the people on board, so violating God’s Law brings disaster, death, and endless grief. I believe most of the swamp creatures have been elected and sent to Washington because so many American’s believe the lie that freedom comes from violating God’s Law. The truth is that it is not freedom but bondage, bondage to sin.  Rather true freedom comes from obeying God’s Law from the heart; joyfully, willingly, and filled with a love for our Savior who gave us the great gift of salvation.

Now the Founders of our country were not perfect men, for there are no perfect men this side of heaven. Many will criticize the decisions they made in Philadelphia, for example, the decision to let slavery expire over the course of twenty years which followed the Constitutional Convention. There were people in that day who justified slavery and claimed that the Bible supported it. In our series on Philemon we return to this morning, we see that the Bible clearly does not support slavery. In fact, the power of slavery (which is a human creation that spans the globe and has existed in nearly every culture on earth) was broken by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not instantaneously by a bloody revolution, war or uprising, but rather by the gentle grace filled means of conversion, repentance and sanctification of those who come to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The very heart of the Gospel message is freedom; freedom from enslavement to sin, freedom from the works of the devil, freedom to be all that our Creator God designed us to be from the very foundation of the world. The apostle Paul in Galatians 5:1exhorts us to, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.”

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