Dr. Laurie Roth

This Holiday season, the very heart and soul of our country is being fought over again. We can’t help but see the criminal and planned attacks against America, our elections and our President. We also see the liberal Governors shutting down state after state, including my state Washington…again with the COVID Pandemic scare.  Thousands of businesses are going under and suffering due to these draconian ‘health’ controls by DEMOCRAT Governors, like control freak, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington.

I know, many have COVID19 and some get really sick and die, however, most survive. Our states and businesses will not survive if our Governors can control and destroy businesses in the name of ‘health.’  It is almost as if at least in California, New York and Washington, they are trying to destroy our entire economies to control us even further.

I am not minimizing this battle, I am fighting COVID 19 myself and have been sick for almost two weeks with it. Now, I do what I have always done, care for my family, write articles and pray for the best.  Most people are already wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.  Some people are just going to get it anyway.  It doesn’t help to lock everyone in a room, shut down all businesses and play DEMOCRAT pretend games.

Just as in Sept 1814, when it seemed we were outgunned, outmanned and bombed on every side by British forces we endured.  Our Flag miraculously, flew proudly as it soared with the victory message out to the shocked British forces waiting for our demise, in all their ships.  We will also survive this attack on our election and the COVID 19 over reach by DEM Governors.

Now, in November 2020, we are fighting a ‘big boy’ battle again surrounded by fraudulent enemies of America in their hostile media and DEMOCRAT ships.   Their guns are sold out technocrats and tyrants who want Capitalism, our Constitution, faith in God and our freedoms thrown out.  They want to be God and want only power.

We are surrounded by thousands of traitors who committed felonies, rewrote votes, destroyed others and forbid poll watchers in to do their duty.  Smart Matic and Dominion technology were part of the cannon fire they used to attempt the theft of Trumps huge election victory. The arrogance and sloppiness of the election stealing left is what has exposed them and will soon destroy them.

Now, we see the battles emerging in courts across the country and will no doubt end up in the Supreme Court where the final victory flag will be waved back to the enemies of America.

Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, are all far from over and election crimes are being exposed everywhere.  Trump’s landslide victory will be legally confirmed soon and the DEMOCRAT Anti American ships will sink deep into the Atlantic Ocean and become part of its sunken ship history.

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