“True freedom requires the rule of law and justice, and a judicial system in which the rights of some are not secured by the denial of rights to others.”   —Jonathan Sacks, current member of British Parliament

“If there be no honor among men, there can be no justice ….. only growing tyranny.”  —Ron Ewart

Justice cannot exist when there is one kind of justice for the privileged and another kind for the commoner.  Recent events in America’s federal government have exposed racketeering, law breaking, political favoritism, cronyism, double-dealing and corruption at the highest levels of the previous administration officials (and maybe even the former President), the current Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Democratic Party.  High-level bureaucrats and executive department secretaries of one party have been covertly given a pass even after crimes have been revealed, while members of the opposite party are investigated for crimes that don’t exist.  So far, only one of these government officials has been referred for criminal prosecution.  Sadly, way too many of these political criminals are never indicted, prosecuted, or ever see a jail cell.  That’s not justice, that’s tyranny.

Sally Yates, assistant U. S. Attorney General under Obama and then Trump, was quoted as saying:  “It’s really important to me that the public has confidence in their criminal justice system.  We don’t operate very well if the public doesn’t trust us.”  Considering that AAG Sally Yates refused to obey a lawful order from the President of the United States and is complicit in the insider corruption between Rod Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr, Fusion GPS, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Christopher Steele, the DOJ and the FBI, her quote rings damningly hollow.

The American justice system has become so blind, arrogant, corrupt, excessively rigid and so expensive that only the very wealthy can afford all of the levels of the justice system.  If a civil case goes through the trial court and then the appeals court and then the U. S. Supreme Court, the price could easily be a high six figure, or a low seven figure price tag.  There are very few people in America who can fund a case that costs this much so that “justice” is served.  Most cases are settled at the trial court level, whether the trial court decision is just or not.

But justice is more than lawyers, court clerks, judges, dockets and courts.  Justice is also measured how a person is treated by government agents or law enforcement.  The IRS, the EPA and the BLM can be thought of as Gestapo like agencies that have the power to steal your property, fine you into oblivion, or throw your sorry caboose in jail.  The stories of private citizens being harassed and tormented by government agencies, is legendary.  What they do in the name of bureaucratic rules, or outright corruption, is anything but justice in an allegedly free country.  Here is an IRS story where justice was not only blind, but was arrogant, corrupt and deadly at the same time:

“In June, 1988 Kay Council of High Point, NC came home one night to find a note from her husband, Alex: ‘My dearest Kay – I have taken my life in order to provide capital for you. The IRS and its liens, which have been taken against our property illegally by a runaway agency of our government, have dried up all sources of credit for us. So I have made the only decision I can. It’s purely a business decision… You will find my body on the lot on the north side of the house.’ At the end of a nine-year battle over a disallowed tax shelter, the IRS claimed that the Councils owed $300,000 in taxes, interest, and penalties. When their financial resources were exhausted, Mr. Council committed suicide to provide Mrs. Council with $250,000 insurance money to continue the battle. Ironically, Mrs. Council eventually won a court ruling that she and her husband owed the IRS nothing – the IRS deficiency notice had been sent four months after the statute of limitations had expired. Mrs. Council, 48, said, ‘I was cheated of growing old with the man I love.'”  Excerpt from an article by Randy Fitzgerald, staff writer at Readers Digest, republished in the March 1991 Issue of Reason Magazine.  Full story was republished by Devvy Kidd in 2003 at this link: http://www.devvy.com/200311031846.html.

Is there justice when one party can exploit, for political purposes, (votes) an entire constituency group, (Blacks, Latinos, women, LGBT, etc). Or is it justice when this same party takes advantage of a lady (Dr. Christine Ford) claiming attempted rape 36 years ago with no evidence, to sully the reputation of an honorable man seeking a position on the highest court in the land?  Meanwhile this same party vilifies and demeans a credible woman (Karen Monahan) with solid evidence, who was harassed and abused by a “favorite” Democrat politician (Keith Ellison – a Muslim).  And we call that justice?

Is there justice when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can fine a landowner $16,500,000 for building stock and irrigation ponds on his property, even though he had all necessary state permits?  Did the EPA ever look at the 8th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution wherein it states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”  What part of “excessive fines” don’t they get?

Is there justice when the IRS can be weaponized by a Democrat Presidential Administration and is free to harass, intimidate, abuse and impede conservative organizations for just being conservative organizations?

Is there justice when the DOJ, FBI, CIA and NSA can, with the full investigative, law enforcement and prosecutorial power of the federal government, go after, investigate and spy on individuals in a political party because they are the “other” political party?

Is there justice when a property owner finds him or her self caught between local, state and federal courts where the courts bounce the property owner back and forth like a ping pong ball because each court says they don’t have jurisdiction until the other court acts, or that the case isn’t “ripe”, even though the case is an egregious violation of the owner’s property rights?  Yes, it happens all the time and it’s not justice, it’s systemic judicial corruption.

Is there justice when government, at all levels, passes so many laws (millions) that the average citizen becomes an animal in a cage and can’t move sideways without bumping into a “law bar” on the cage?

By just sheer numbers, the more laws that are written, the less likely the entire population will even know about the laws, or understand them, or know of their consequences or penalties for violation, much less be in compliance with them.  The consequence of too many laws is that huge segments of the public are totally unaware of their existence.  And yet, under the law, ignorance of the law is not a defense.

Many laws are written at the insistence of lobbying or special interest groups with very narrow and purposely hidden agendas.  The public never has an opportunity for real input and society as a whole is not benefited.  Partisan politics often compromises a new law into meaningless, often conflicting legislation, leaving loopholes over which private and government lawyers can argue over, for decades.   Which brings us to …..


Is there justice when your lawyer, that you pay to represent you in court, is in fact an officer of the court whose loyalty is to the court, not you?  Lawyers charge any where from $300 to $600 per hour.  The lawyer still gets paid, whether you win or lose and since he is paid by the hour he (or she) has no incentive to expedite your case.  The longer your case drags on, the more the lawyer gets paid.

If your fight is with government it’s hardly a fair fight.  Government has lots of high paid, skilled lawyers and taxpayer money to fight you, while you go broke trying to fight them.  You can exhaust your savings and your borrowing power in very short order and probably use.  It is a David vs. Goliath battle and David’s most always lose, in spite of the alleged biblical episode.

Judges come in all levels of experience, shapes, sizes, political stripes and personalities.  Because of this, a positive outcome of your case is much more of a crapshoot than your attorney will let on.  If you are a landowner and you request a jury trial, the jury pool is usually obtained from high-dense urban areas where they don’t own land larger than a city lot.  You, the rich landowner, deserve to be brought down a peg.  Further, urban jury pools are fully brainwashed in tight land use restrictions and environmental protection.  They don’t equate land use laws and environmental protection as a violation of your constitutional property rights.

Court costs are not insignificant either.  And let’s not forget the tens of thousands of court rules.  There are federal rules of civil procedure, general court rules that apply to all courts and local rules that apply only to the court you find yourself in.  The government’s attorney will do everything in his power to trip up your attorney over the rules.  Either you follow the rules to the letter, or risk having your case thrown out on procedural grounds.

Then there is the time factor.  A judge will establish a trial schedule that can last from 1 to 3 years, or more.  That is hardly “speedy” justice while you are sitting there losing money by the minute.

The fact is, courts are a stacked deck and a closed club where an elite group of men and women run the club (judges, lawyers and clerks).  Judges and lawyers are members of the state and national bar association, also a closed club.  Did you ever try to get a lawyer to sue another lawyer for unethical or illegal conduct?   Don’t count on it.  Lawyers protect each other with a vengeance.  You are an outsider to the “closed club” and you don’t know the rules, so you can’t play the game.  If you have the audacity to try, you are not welcome.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is not justice, that is slavery to an expensive, complicated, overly complex and essentially a corrupt justice system.  What is even more alarming is pundits keep saying that the American justice system is the best on the planet ….. best as compared to what?

Now we could go on and on about justice, injustice, racketeering, corruption, corporate cronyism, radical environmentalism, illegal immigration, expensive health care, along with waste, fraud and abuse, that is perpetrated on American citizens by government and even private entities, like Google, Facebook and Twitter.  But it won’t make any difference because no one is going to lift a finger, or get his or her hands dirty to right the situation.  Token efforts will be and are being made but they are too little, too late and horribly under-funded.

It would appear that we are stuck with political corruption and socialism.  Conservative Americans keep thinking that a savior like Donald Trump is going to come along and if by magic, make everything better.  That is a grand illusion.  Trump could be dumped tomorrow or lose re-election in 2020.  It will still be up to the people to make the difference.

So in effect ladies and gentlemen, all these words in this article about “justice” and the other 500 plus articles we have written, are a meaningless waste of time, along with all the other conservative authors that devote vast amounts of their time and energy (for free mind you) exposing problems that no one can fix because their “army” isn’t big enough or funded enough to do the job.  If there was a GRAND SOLUTION to fix all these problems, most people wouldn’t recognize it if it bit them on the behind.

The hard reality is, the socialist Democrats, globalists, central bankers and the deep state now own America because they control the political process and have the majority of votes.  Government, academia and the news media fully support them.  So it is obvious that voting is not the solution!  Americans have yet to come to the realization that only a GRAND SOLUTION has any peaceful chance of success against the socialist Democratic mindset that has invaded the body politic and every one of America’s institutions for the last 100 or more years.  We either change that mindset, or lose.

Must the final alternative for restoring freedom in America be civil war or revolution, the outcome of either being totally unpredictable?  We hear from many readers who think that war is the only solution, but it isn’t.  We can save America from committing suicide and render civil war or revolution unnecessary, but only if enough people will join with us on a grand scale.  We’re waiting …..

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