by Lee Duigon

All over the world, Far Left Crazy is feverishly working to destroy our culture. We could cite thousands of examples; but three will suffice.

First, you can hardly hope to wreck a civilization unless you can trash its arts and, at the same time, make it virtually impossible for people to communicate with one another. The nitwits in the Oxford University Music Dept. know that. So they’re thinking of getting rid of… musical notation. [Link]

Why get rid of sheet music? After all, without it, musical compositions can’t be preserved as is. But they don’t want it preserved: because, of course, musical notation is “too colonial” and also has a high degree of “complicity in white supremacy.” Is it really necessary to explain how asinine that is? No more Mozart, no more Beethoven! Everyone who ever wrote down his musical compositions was a racist! If a white person produced it, it must be bad. Nothing racist about that.

But let’s zoom around the world to California, where the state board of (LOL) “education” recently voted unanimously to adopt an “ethnic studies curriculum” for all the public schools, grades K-12.

The purpose of these alleged studies is to teach children that their country, America, is nothing but a hate machine. It will focus on all the evil bad things America has done to various minorities throughout her history (can I still say “her”?)—which of course does not explain why so many millions of people, from all over the world, will do just about anything to come here. Like, hey, they had no idea what they were letting themselves in for!

And guess who’s guilty of all that hate and racism. Oh, those white people! Worst people ever. Let’s spend 12 years “teaching” kids that they’re guilty, evil, worthless, and that their country is the worst and hatingest country ever, totally unworthy of their love and loyalty. And their families stink, too—and don’t even get started about their no-good religion.

Why in the world does anyone put up with this? Do you really want your children soaking up 12 years of this?

We don’t want to give the impression that all this culture-killing is done by our education industry, chief culprit though it is. Here’s a plum from what we like to call our entertainment industry.

A rapper calling himself “Lil Nas,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, and ballyhooed as “a young queer Black man” who breaks down “barriers,” is selling “Satan Shoes”—and being sued by Nike for doing so ( It kind of makes it look like Nike is endorsing Satanism—not a great selling point. The shoes are modified Nike sneakers with the Nike logo still on them (that’s not going to look good in court!), plus a little pentagram and—supposedly: they might be lying—“a drop of human blood” in the soles. Mr. Nas is only going to sell 666 pairs, so get ‘em while they’re hot. They’ll probably let you wear them in Hell.

It would diminish me if I tried to write any kind of description of Mr. Nas’ musical video endeavors. Suffice it to say they’re about what you’d expect from a self-proclaimed Satanist who sells Satan Shoes.

Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

Teach people to hate and fear each other—you don’t need masks and social distancing for that, although it helps—take away their ability to communicate anything of value to one another, and then marinate them in “entertainment” that embraces and celebrates whatever is foul, wicked, absurd, self-destructive, unholy, and stupid… and there you go, you’ve wrecked your civilization. That leaves leftists free to build something truly horrific on the ruins.

Pray the Lord will overthrow their enterprise.

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