What Hath #MeToo Wrought?

How far is “#MeToo” going to go? Well, once you start trashing and redefining basic human institutions, like marriage, you really don’t know where you’re going to end up. But the latest lunacy from Sweden gives us a hint.

Under a new Swedish law that will go into effect in July, “prior verbal or written consent from both partners” must be obtained before anyone, including married couples, can have sex. The law doesn’t actually require written consent, but “in a potential rape allegation, it would be wiser to have the permission written down on paper.” Maybe the government could provide printed forms, to help with the paperwork.

Can you say “in the mood—not”?

This craziness, admit its sponsors, was “inspired by the #MeToo compaign.” So every man will be regarded as a potential racist. The one newspaper columnist who criticized the measure was promptly fired: no room for dissent in Diversity Land.

Sweden has had a lot of rapes committed recently, and the government refuses to release any information on the “ethnic background” of the rapists. They would rather turn what’s left of marriage upside-down than admit that their policy of massively importing angry young Muslim men, who say it’s a righteous act to rape an infidel woman, might not be working out all that well. Their intention seems to be “We’ll give you a multicultural society if it kills you.”

Meanwhile, to make our civilization still more vulnerable to disintegration from within, public and private efforts to de-sanctify Christmas shifted into high gear last week.

The Canadian government got into the act. An official government web site warned children “Santa is moving to the South Pole,” because, you see, Climate Change/Global Warming is going to melt the ice at the North Pole. So Santa had to sign “an agreement with the international community,” whoever that is, that “relocates individuals and corporations facing the impacts of Climate Change.” And he’d better hurry, or it’ll be into the drink with Mrs. Claus, elves, reindeer, workshop and all. They’ll have to rewrite a lot of the songs.

“You might as well shout, you might as well cry,/ You might as well weep, I’m tellin’ you why:/ Santa Claus is goin’ to drown!/ He’s goin’ down once, he’s goin’ down twice,/ along with his elves he’s goin’ down thrice:/ Santa Claus is goin’ to drown!”

Not a nice thing to tell the kiddies, is it? And never mind the fact that the North Polar ice cap is not actually melting. “Climate Change” has never been about truth.

These people want a world government so bad, they can taste it; and if they can seal the deal on Climate Change, they’ll scoop up all the marbles. Once you establish that everything you do is to Save The Planet, you can do just about anything. Just like when your government is fighting for survival in a world war: anything goes, no one can afford to worry about the niceties of law or liberty.

One of the things they’re willing to do, to make their point, is to mangle and erase whatever’s left of Christmas as a Christian holiday—which they want to do anyway, because no humanist world state can tolerate a religion that recognizes and serves as higher power than the state’s.

And private efforts to batter Christmas are in the news, too.

A few days ago a topless feminist loon belonging to a Ukrainian nut squad called “Femen” tried to steal the figure of the Baby Jesus out of a Nativity scene in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square. She jumped the barrier, shouting her slogan, “God is woman!” (which she had also scrawled across her back), and vowing “complete victory over patriarchy,” ho-hum, before the guards grabbed her. Well, she tried.

It’s more than bad enough that we have governments and individual wackos trying  so hard to overturn what’s left of Christian civilization.

It’s what they intend to replace it with that scares me.

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