By Lex Greene

February 10, 2022

Over the past two years, we have learned that most Americans will do just about anything for money, even if it costs them everything. They’ll follow unlawful and unconstitutional orders that threaten their health and safety, lock themselves up, wear worthless masks, take injections without any knowledge of what’s in those injections. None of this has anything to do with “following the science.” The science is entirely on our side.

No one did these things for better health. They all did it in a failed effort to protect their financial well-being, under constant false propaganda, threats,bribery, and coercion from those who are actually in control of every person unwilling to control their own lives.

We shouldn’t be shocked to see members of Law Enforcement or the Military in the streets as they follow unlawful orders from a fraudulent administration in an overt threat of force against the people that they all took an oath to protect and defend. After all, they just want to keep their paychecks, just like most Americans who have also done shameful things over the past two years, for the same reason.

In fact, every doctor, nurse, and pharmacist that has administered one of the so-called “COVID vaccines” has done so for the same reason, to protect their jobs, their incomes and country club lifestyles. They don’t know what’s in those injections anymore than you or I do. To this day, the vaccine inserts remain BLANK. Just ask to see one!

The news media doesn’t know anything about the content of the injections either because the pharmaceutical companies making billions of dollars marketing these injections won’t tell anyone what’s in them. They actually asked a court to conceal all related information and adverse event data for more than fifty-years. By the time they release all of the proper drug information on these injections, none of us will be alive anymore.

Yet here we are…watching Law Enforcement and Military deployments to enforce unlawful and unconstitutional mandates issued by public servants with no such authority, no different than the Gestapo blindly carrying out the unlawful enforcement of orders issued by Adolf Hitler, or other tyrants Mao and Mussolini.

Every one of these officers and soldiers is following illegal orders and they are all doing it for the same reason, to protect their paycheck.

Don’t be mad at them for doing it though…many of you have done the same thing for exactly the same reason. At least half of Americans have gone-along to get-along and none of them “followed the science.” They all followed the herd that was following the false propaganda. They all did it to protect their own lifestyles, or so they thought at the time.

After watching half of the country choose a paycheck over freedom, liberty, or even their own health and that of their children, it shouldn’t surprise us to watch members of Law Enforcement and the Military doing the same thing for the exact same reason.

It turns out that most modern Americans are for sale, and cheap!

More than two-years into a global scamdemic supported by no real science whatsoever, most Americans live in fear of the next alleged “variant,” or what their public servants may do to them, if they don’t comply with whatever unlawful orders fall from the Ivory Tower in Washington DC, as if our Constitution created a monarchy, dictatorship, or oligarchy of unelected and unaccountable judges.

The same thing happened in pre-World War Germany, and it resulted in the Nuremberg Trials which prosecuted players who simply “followed orders” despite knowing they were doing massive harm to innocent people. After convicting lawyers, judges, doctors, and enforcers for their role in the event, the Nuremberg Code emerged as an international Law, making it illegal to force or coerce any experimental (emergency use only authorization) medical procedure on anyone for any reason, without the complete “informed consent” of the patient.

No one is “informed” because the “vaccine” inserts remain BLANK, and the “vaccine” manufacturers have concealed the contents and adverse reactions to their products.

As a result, no one is immune from suit or prosecution. Immunities exist only so long as the people involved have no reason to believe they are doing any harm to anyone with their protocol. But more than a million VAERS Reports related to these injections eliminates any thought of immunity for anyone involved in forcing or coercing citizens into these injections. They only need to read more than a million VAERS Reports to know they are causing harm and death to thousands of patients, and maybe millions more in the end.

Why are Law Enforcement officers, Military personnel, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, media personalities, politicians, judges, company boards and many others still forcing these lethal injections on uninformed patients against their will?

The answer is…they are all doing it for money, to protect a paycheck. They all see what happens to people of conscience who refuse to participate in this madness…they are targeted for total destruction!

So, they decided to choose their own personal well-being, no matter what that costs you! They have chosen a paycheck over their oaths to protect and defend. They think they work for their superiors, but in every case, that paycheck is funded by you, the American taxpayer. In the end, they all work for us, not their maniacal superiors on the job, though you can’t tell it right now.

Meanwhile, in every case, their ranks are being purged of those with a conscience, those unwilling to go-long in some futile effort to get-along. There is no getting along with communists or socialists. In the end, they will cancel their own useful idiots, for the greater good of the maniacal Global Reset leaders.

When confronted with evil, we each have only two choices… fight it and defeat it (or) surrender to it.

It’s not hard to see which choice most Americans have made so far. Will that change? Or will all of these players face their own Nuremberg Trial one day?

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