By JB Williams

Just as both good and evil are quite real in this world, and they are always at war with each other, so is it true that Right and Left represent those two warring factions.

I never cease to be amazed at how true and relevant scripture proves to be, no matter how many times I see it. Of course, we must take great care to follow original text and not fall prey to the many edited, updated, and re-interpreted agenda driven versions of scripture today. Like every other means of mass education (indoctrination) today, the Bible too has been rewritten to advance an agenda that itself is at odds with original text. It’s a key part of the mass deception we were all born into.

I have studied scripture and history for many years. But like most people, much of it had no special meaning to me, until it was time. I had read this little pearl numerous times over the years, but it wasn’t until today that it connected and took on a special meaning to me.

Ecclesiastes 10:2 “A wise man’s heart inclines him to the right, but a fool’s heart to the left. 3 Even when the fool walks on the road, he lacks sense, and he says to everyone that he is a fool.” (ESV)

Even as a staunch conservative Christian, I had grown sick of hearing the old “left-right” paradigm in politics and started referencing political subjects in terms of simple right and wrong. But when I saw this Bible verse this morning, I realized that once again, God was teaching in his word. These words were written thousands of years ago. But here it is today, more relevant than ever.

Politically speaking, LEFT is represented by today’s Marxist Democrats and their Marxist supporters seeking man’s dominion over all mankind, allegedly for “the greater common good.” Funny how evil is always sold to fools under the guise of some greater common good.

Proving Ecclesiastes 10:2 100% accurate even today, fools on the LEFT support tyrannical communist ideas that are regressive, not progressive…ideas that have failed the world over every single time they have been tried. U.S. taxpayers have been feeding most foreign countries for many years now because the Marxist and Maoist policies in their countries are unable to feed their own. Still, fools believe it can work, like the fool who walks the road, lacking any sense. (Think ANTIFA and BLM rioting in the middle of busy roadways)

The U.S. political RIGHT is represented by conservatives, usually Republican voters. Again, just as I found in scripture this morning, a wise man’s heart inclines him to the right. While the LEFT believes in things proven to be false over and over again, the RIGHT tends to learn from both successes and failures. That’s what wisdom is, learning life lessons and applying what we learn in our lives.

The RIGHT knows that collectivism is the enemy of freedom and that it has failed everywhere on earth it has been tried. They learned from those experiences in history and attempt not to repeat those same mistakes.
But the LEFT believes almost exclusively in things proven false a long time ago, repeatedly. These days they say, “follow the science” and then they reject all true science.

And when the truth would force them to change what they choose to believe, they then discard that truth if for no other reason than a mythical “separation of church and state” that is also a known falsehood. No such thing appears in any of our Founding documents, nor can it ever. Authority not granted to government in our written and ratified Founding documents, is an authority that doesn’t exist.

Very few Americans know what “natural law” is today, yet it is the source of all of the inalienable rights they claim, as endowed by our Creator. As a result, they are locked in a losing game trying to defeat the enemies of freedom on their field, playing by their rules, all of which is designed to make us lose.

William Blackstone, one of the most influential figures in the history of law, describes natural law this way: “Man, considered as a creature, must necessarily be subject to the laws of his creator, for he is an entirely dependent being…And consequently as man depends absolutely upon his maker for everything, it is necessary that he should in all points conform to his maker’s will. This will of his maker is called the law of nature.”

Modern Americans adhere to “man’s laws” designed to keep them under boot. That’s because our society either refuses to know and adhere to The Laws of Nature, or, because they openly seek dominion over all men, via man-made communist laws and edicts.

In the end, every Citizen will either live under the Laws of Nature, or under the tyrannical laws of man. It’s just that simple…

The LEFT believes in the laws of man over all men. The RIGHT believes in freedom, liberty, and justice under the Laws of Nature, as endowed by our Creator. This is the true battle line, LEFT (tyranny under men) verses the RIGHT (inalienable Rights endowed by our Creator).

No man will be able to serve both. Every Citizen must choose who they serve, what laws they will live under.
The fools will choose LEFT, just as it says in Ecclesiastes 10:2. They always have, and they always will. But the RIGHT must relearn, connect with, and adhere to the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, as founded in our Declaration of independence 245-years ago. If they don’t, then they too will serve men and live under the boot of their human rulers.

When we find ourselves in a no win battle on the enemy’s field, playing by their rules, we have to simply change the game, change the rules, in order to win.

In this case, the minute we choose to serve the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, man’s laws no longer hold any power. We have authorized governmental bodies limited authority over certain enumerated matters… but we have never authorized any governmental body to make or enforce laws that are at odds with and infringe upon the Laws of Nature and our Natural Rights, nor will we ever.

So, man-made laws must be consistent with the Laws of Nature, or they are without any authority at all.
As soon as Americans reclaim the authority of our Creator over all men, then those seeking human dominion over mankind are without any authority or power. This is the game changer that millions of Americans are searching for today. This is the only way America will ever be free or decent again.

We are one decision away from reclaiming authority over our freedom and liberty. Just one…

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