By Roger Anghis

For the last several months, three years to be exact, we have seen the Democrat Party attack president Trump in a wild attempt to impeach him. The plans to impeach began as early as the evening he was elected. Mad Maxine Waters began calling for impeachment the day after he was elected. That war cry has not stopped since. Her idiocy is only exceeded by her unfortunate looks.

We’ve all sat through the Mueller Report hearings.  The only thing that was proven to be collusion with the Russians was the Clinton and Democrat Party’s paying for the Steel dossier and Senator McCain’s traitorous involvement in getting it into the hands of as many of the leftwing members of the media as he could.

The insane charge of abuse of power reminds me of Joseph Goebbels’ statement: “Accuse your opposition of what you are doing.”  So far all of the things they have accused Trump of doing, they themselves are guilty of.  Heck, if he was guilty of all the things they have accused him of he could run as a Democrat.  I think I read that somewhere.  Watching these dimwits running around trying to find something to charge him with is like watching circus clowns crawling in and out of a clown’s car. They are well aware that most of their base don’t pay attention and believe anything that they are told about how bad Trump is.  I was watching Representative Dan Crenshaw on MSNBC talking about the impeachment and the host, I don’t know who she was as I don’t watch non-news, brought up the withholding of military aid and the infamous quid pro quo, and Representative Crenshaw stopped her and reminded her that there was no quid pro quo and she was a little dumbfounded and then stated: “So, you’re not convinced that President Trump did anything wrong.”  Crenshaw responded with: “How can I be convinced when I haven’t seen any evidence?”[1]

All one has to do is read the transcript and you’ll see that there was no threat to hold any funding, as it was never brought up, and there was no quid pro quo.  Period!  The Democrats simply can’t let go of the fact that there is absolutely zero evidence of a quid pro quo.  Now, if you look at the actions of Joe Biden, protecting his son’s position at Burisma, which was obviously a position Hunter held as a way to buy the influence of the then vice-President Joe Biden.  THAT was a quid pro quo.[2]  I find it puzzling how a person like Joe Biden or even Hillary Clinton can break the law and nothing happen but the person that investigates those discrepancies is the one the liberals want to impeach.  It’s obvious that they are terrified of their corruption being exposed and that is why they say he must be impeached.  Representative Al Green has forced three impeachment votes since Trump has been sworn in without delivering any substantial evidence, actually, no evidence at all, to prove the charge and even stated that if Trump isn’t impeached, he’ll win re-election.  That is their big scare.  Another four years will expose so much of their corruption that their party will be destroyed.

Even the border wall and Trump’s immigration policies have them in a panic.  Illegal immigration is down an amazing 78% and that really cuts into the number of new democrat ‘voters’.  There are a lot of statistics Mark A. Morgan, acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner, uses to show how Trump policies have helped to cut illegal immigration into the United States.

But there are two that he feels really make clear the victory his agency has had in the past year, and he highlighted them in a small meeting Tuesday.

First is daily apprehensions, a number that hit 4,600 at the height of the latest crisis in May. That has now dropped to 1,300.

What’s more, he said, the 21-daily average is below 1,000, a 78% cut. “That’s a dramatic reduction,” he said, in updating the numbers released last week.

Then there are the numbers of illegal immigrants “in custody.” That was a horrific 20,000 in May for an agency that has just 4,000 beds.

Now a quarter of those beds are unused.

“We were having those conversations back then about how the system was overwhelmed, there was overcrowding. We’re just not experiencing that now,” Morgan said.

“Currently, right now, what we’re seeing is our in-custody numbers right now are actually below 3,000, and it has been steady for the past few weeks,” he said.[3]

The Democrat’s corruption is being exposed, their ‘voters’ are being stopped from crossing the border and because of the 187 constitutional judges he’s been able to install our courts will hold strong to the Constitution and not the liberal ideology which was where the courts were headed.  These appointments will affect the next 25-30 years and that is seriously bad news for the left.  What’s even worse for the Democrats is Judicial Watch has begun lawsuits to force States to clean up their voter rolls.  California is the worst with five million inactive voters.  This is a ripe opportunity for voter fraud for the Democrats which they have taken full advantage of for the last 30 years.  Los Angeles County has started the process of removing from its registration rolls an estimated 1.5 million inactive voters who have moved, died or become ineligible to cast a ballot, an effort to comply with federal election law and a court settlement with Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog.

There were an estimated 5 million inactive registrations in the state as of November 2016, the latest figures available, according to a Judicial Watch analysis of data published by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called the state’s response to the January legal settlement a “victory for clean elections in California” that would “set another national precedent for other states to take reasonable steps to ensure that dead and other ineligible voters are removed from the rolls.” [4]

It’s not just California either.  I know that in the last three general elections Colorado has had about ten counties with more voters than eligible voters.  One county has had consistently 140% turn out but nothing has ever been done to straighten it out.  We are part of a five-state lawsuit by Judicial Watch because of these discrepancies. In 378 U.S. counties, voter registration rates exceed 100% of the adult population, meaning there are more voter registrations on file than the total voting-age population, according to a new analysis by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.  

Based on data the federal Electoral Assistance Commission released last year, the new analysis indicates that a minimum of 2.5 million voter registrations are wrongly listed as valid. It suggests widespread lack of compliance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which requires states to remove people who have died, moved, or are otherwise ineligible to vote from the rolls. While having excess registrations isn’t proof of voter fraud, voter integrity advocates note that it does create opportunities for deception, such as allowing people to vote twice in different precincts or submit invalid absentee ballots.[5]

None of these situations would have been addressed if Hillary would have won.  The borders would have been left open for all that wanted to come. The judges that she would have appointed would all have been left-leaning anti-constitutional, and the economy would be so far south that most people’s assets would be worthless.  We wouldn’t the number one oil producer in the world and the list goes on.

The Democrats lost power and demand it back and will do anything, legal or illegal, to get it back.  We have seen that.  Trump stood with the people of Venezuela; the Democrats stood with the dictator Maduro.  Trump stood with the people of Hong Kong; the Democrats stood with the communist regime of China.  Trump stands with the people of Iran; the Democrats stand with the radical imams.  Can you see the pattern?  Trump has stood for the American people, but the Democrats stand with the illegals.  The reason they want him out is simple.  He wants America first, the Democrats want power.

Let the circus begin.

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