by Lee Duigon

It’s my fervent hope that Far Left Crazy, aka the Democrat Party, goes down in flames defending “Critical Race Theory.”

This is the “theory” that all white people are racists, born bad, everything they will ever do will be racist, blah-blah-blah. It has been slipped into our public schools while no one was looking: teaching children to hate themselves, hate each other, hate their families, and hate their country. Our Marxist teachers’ unions are in love with it.

But now, to the dismay and shock of “educators,” noozies, and other species of leftids, parents all over the country are up in arms, descending in throngs on local school board meetings to demand an immediate end to CRT instruction. While they’re at it, they’re also somewhat displeased with their children being force-fed transgender indoctrination.

The great thing about CRT is that virtually everybody hates it. Black people, it turns out, don’t like being told they’re perpetual victims, oppressed, helpless to achieve anything by their own efforts; and white people don’t like being told they’re evil, no good, responsible for everything that ever goes wrong anywhere on earth. Even ultra-liberal Loudon County, Virginia, hates critical race theory. Loudon County parents have let their school board know they’re highly cheesed off about this.

So no one likes this except for dyed-in-the-wool brain-dead leftids. CNN noozie Jim Acosta was practically beside himself. When he finished hyperventilating, he called the Loudon County parents’ protest an “insurrection.”

Yeah—suddenly everything the libs don’t like is an insurrection. Would someone please buy them some dictionaries? Like “gravitas” in the G.W. Bush era, “insurrection” has become one of those buzzwords that the Left barks out a million times a day. So when parents demanded that their school board put a stop to CRT, Acosta called it an insurrection—characterized by “trans-bashing and an anti-CRT moral panic.” Are there any meds he could take for that?

How did this genie get out of the bottle? It just might be King COVID’s doing. With tens of thousands of kids kept home from school and getting “remote learning” via their computers, parents—for very likely the first time—got to see and hear what their kids were actually being “taught.”

Well, the “educators” knew that’d be trouble. They tried to cut it off at the pass by demanding that parents sign agreements not to watch or listen to what their kids were being fed remotely—I mean, they really thought parents would agree to butt out of their children’s education. To their astonishment, nobody agreed to that. Parents saw, parents heard, and now they want it out, out, out!

Too bad it took a pandemic to wake them up. It turns out you can’t trust “teachers” to teach your children anything but anti-American pap. But they are awake now, and they’re not going back to sleep. They’re going to their local school board meeting to read the riot act. And they think many of their board members need to be replaced, now that the public knows what they’ve been up to.

All Donald Trump’s fault, Acosta bleats. Trump put them up to this!

If he did, he deserves a medal for it. But what really happened was quite simple: the schools got found out. The evil, race-baiting, hate-mongering CRT spoke for itself.

And no, the parents are not too thrilled with all this transgender business, either.

Once upon a time the communities served by the public schools owned their public schools. They decided what was taught in there, and by whom. But little by little, starting in the late 1960s, state and federal governments, and teachers’ unions, stripped them of their ownership rights and totally took over. That’s how we wound up with a U.S. Dept. of Education and state departments of education, with Title This and Title That and the people can just shut up and pay. We still pay for all those schools, and that is all that we’re allowed to do: pay.

But the long-awaited pushback’s here in force—and we must work and pray for its success.

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