By Servando Gonzalez

August 10, 2022

[Warning: Political satire with a grain of salt. Not for the faint of heart!]

Evidently, conservative Republicans are losing the gender battle. Proof of it is that even conservative sites, radio commentators and media are calling this guy in a Russian jail a woman. Now, why are conservative Republicans losing this key battle? Well, I have a theory. Conservatives are losing this battle because they have no sense of humor. Proof of it is that I have to explicitly tell that this article is a satire for them to understand it.

Traditionally, humor have been the weapon of the underdog to fight tyranny. Why? Because tyrants hate humor, particularly when they are the but o f the jokes. Satire is the second best tool for fighting tyranny. Tyrants and heir sycophants lack a sense of humor.

This explains why tyrants, would-be tyrants and their followers hate and fear satire so much. It seems that the present crisis has awakened the dormant tyrant most of them carry in some hidden corner of their brains, so I hope this article will help you put them where they belong: in the dumpster of society.

One who recently acknowledged the power of humor is Monty Python veteran and award-winning film director Terry Gilliam. In a recent interview, he made fun of the gender-crazy activists and declared he could refer to himself as a “black lesbian.’[1]

So, I am proposing a similar way by which we can give the gender extremists in the U.S. government a taste of their medicine.

A few months ago I had to fill an application for the renewal of my U.S. passport. In accordance with the new norms set by the totalitarian-minded globalists at the U.N. and at home, it included even more personal information than previous applications in accordance to the coming global citizenship required for citizens of the New World Order.

To my utter surprise, however, there was an item of information that has not changed: sex. For the new real-id (whatever that means!) U.S. passport and driver’s license you still are either M (male) or F (female).

This obvious lack of consistency is totally out of sync with the new norms pushed down the throats of the American people by lefties and “progressives.” This lack of consistency must not be tolerated. We either have sex or gender, but not both. This dual standard is alien to the American spirit. One of the things guaranteed by the Constitution is equality for all —even (or particularly) for potential Democratic-voting illegal aliens.

The present state of things shows a total lack of respect for the prevalent mores and norms in today’s America. So, in order to be in tune with the current advances in equality, social justice and inclusiveness in this country, we the people must demand that, as soon as possible, we change the current retrograde, sexist system, an obvious remain of the times of slavery and white supremacism, and instead of sex, all official documents, birth and marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, social security IDs, and all other forms of identification must show the person’s gender.[2]

So, instead of the pernicious, non-inclusive, M (male) or F (female), I propose using the more inclusive system I am detailing below:

HM (heterosexual male) / HF (heterosexual female)
MH (male homosexual) / MG (male gay)[3] / BG (butch gay) / FG (femme gay)
ML (male lesbian) / BL (butch lesbian) / FM (femme lesbian)
TM (transgender male) / TF (transgender female)
MB (male bisexual) / HB (homosexual bisexual) GB (gay bisexual)
FB (female bisexual) / BB (butch bisexual) /
MP (male pansexual) / FP (female pansexual)
MA (male asexual) / FA (female asexual)

I know that the system I am proposing may initially create some problems, but we need to advance with our new times. That is what progressivism is all about. Even more, there is an enormous practical advantage we will gain by switching to gender instead of the old-fashioned, reactionary sex classifications.

Currently, with our imperfect, out of date sexist system we are missing important statistical information that should be faithfully recorded. So, instead of the police reporting that the serial killer was a man, after the change to genders we will know that he was actually a BG. Or that the young woman who shot in cold blood her own parents because they didn’t approve her lifestyle was actually a ML. Or that some notorious serial killers were MG. Or that the woman who still is thinking about running again for the presidency of the United States is actually a BL. Or that two previous U.S. presidents were actually MH[4] and the wife of the second one is actually a TM.

The new innovative system of identification based on gender, not old-fashioned sex, will render many other advantages, Among them, we may know that most of the women marching on the streets in support of abortion rights are actually BL. We may discover also that, despite the fact that BL constitute less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, they represent close to 30 percent of the teachers in our public schools and close to 20 percent of the TSA screeners in U.S. airports.

If one is to believe the Me Too movement, all sexual harassers are HM. But, how if after applying the more inclusive classification I am proposing we discover that most sexual harassers are actually MG and BL?

We will finally know how large is the percent of MG, BG, and BL in our police force, our military, the U.S. Congress and the Courts, including the Supreme Court. We will finally know how large is the percent of MG, BG, and BL in the U.S. mainstream media, in Hollywood and the music industry. We will finally know how large is the percent of MG, BG, and BL in organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the fascist Antifa. We will finally know how large is the percent of MG, BG, and BL among members of the Council on Foreign Relatons.

In order to get the necessary information to support or deny the previous assumptions, the U.S. Census Bureau must change its current standards. The forthcoming U.S. Census must be changed to stop classifying individuals according to their sex and retrieve information according the new gender classifications.

In Orwell’s Animal Farm, all animals were equal, but some animals were more equal than others. We must not allow this to happen in today’s equalitarian, democratic, socialist America. We must demand equal treatment for all.

We must put the gendericists feet to the fire they themselves have created to drive us mad. Well, let’s see how they love it when we turn the fire against them. He who laughs later laughs the better.

Tell your Democratic friends to send letters or call their Democratic senators and representatives in Congress demanding this necessary change in America. The current system of dividing people into categories of sex, which is nothing but a social construct to favor the rich, the powerful and the reactionary conservatives, must be changed.

The sooner the better.

We, the American people deserve it!

© 2022 Servando Gonzales – All Rights Reserved

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1. See “Cult Director Lambasts Cancel Culture,” Russia Today, August 5, 2022,

2. People must be reminded that lying about your personal information on an official form is a felony punishable by law. So, either we change this retrograde way of represent ourselves of many of us will be selected for a free trip to enjoy the beautiful beaches in Guantanamo Bay.

3. Contrary to what gay activists want us to think, gay and homosexual are not synonyms but denote two quite different things. This is perhaps the best-kept secret of the gay movement. See Servando Gonzalez, Psychological Warfare and the New World Order (Oakland, California: Spooks Books, 2010), pp. 236-241.

4. Obama’s sexual preferences are well known. For George W. Bush’s sexual preferences see Alang Stang, Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer is Bush?

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