David Ruben

Because of the Covid-19 Chinese pandemic distancing has been proven to work just by staying away from people in our communities. Now, based on proof of concept its time for TOTAL Socialist Distancing! Just imagine how our great country will rebound from decades of social engineering and ideological demoralization.

Imagine our how many industries would return from China back to our country employing millions of people not to mention the much-needed resurgence of American manufacturing and our pharmaceutical Industries coming back to our own shores that would ensure we would no longer be held hostage by foreign socialist change agents being in charge of our much needed medications and creation of goods and products.

We would also be out from under the New World Order in the sense that the green mentality that flourishes in Europe and Asia would be set back 100 years if we were to do complete and total socialist distancing and return to the values of our founding fathers that once made America the ultimate shining example of a Democratic Republic unlike any in the history of the world. All of the leftists in media would also be forced to re-examine how they conduct their evil-left agenda driven reporting and commentary or be relegated to the realm of those in the tent cities among the homeless.

No one needs out of touch and ideological broken people telling us exactly the opposite of what is true and giving us corrupt misinformation on such a massive scale that it is has no relevance to reality. Our Common Sense would be reinvigorated as would our school systems as teaching right from wrong and no more fuzzy math or outcome-based education would allow children’s minds to learn naturally so that the stress of our youth would diminish by such a degree that our children will become happy and look forward to life, jobs and family again.

There’s only one solution to the problems that plague our country today and it is the socialists burden that has now shown and proven its ugly, evil intentions to destroy our economy to destroy our president to destroy our social order and to replace it with some draconian upside down evil belief system that only works when there’s totalitarian control and fear that governs the people.

Socialism in fact has never really worked. It has only caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of people and proven that it drains and contaminates every system of human experience that it touches. Let us commence socialist distancing on a scale that is unprecedented in the history of social systems and rid ourselves of the burden and the evil in the agenda driven madness that has plagued the world for the last century… and for God sake we must do it with all haste.

[BIO: David Ruben is the Vice President of FHU, Foundation of Human Understanding, P.O. Box 1000, Grants Pass, OR 97528, United States ]

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