I had just finished reading chapter 15 of Bill O’Reilly’s © 2011 book KILLING LINCOLN where the Civil War ended on Palm Sunday, April 9, 1865 when I heard that Ted Cruz, after the terrible beating he took in Indiana by Donald Trump was, like Lee, laying down his guns per Grant’s request and the Confederates were giving up. It was at a place called the “Appomattox Court House” in Northern Virginia when General Grant proposes amicable words to end the war which even included allowing Lee to keep his own sword. He simply says to General Lee, “Put down your guns and go home. Let’s rebuild the nation together.”

And then members of Grant’s staff tentatively ask Robert E. Lee for permission to go behind Confederate lines. They have old friends they have seen only through the lens of a spyglass, across some great width of battlefield, these last four years. Of course, Lee is humiliated but also grateful that his enemies have granted such favorable terms. Grant and Lee rise simultaneously and shake hands. After years of battle, hardship, strategizing and sleeping in one impromptu lodging after another, the two great warriors and the thousands of men in their armies can now go home but, unfortunately, the chapter ends by O’Reilly writing, “But the war is not so easily forgotten by others. Unbeknownst to all those men who risked their lives to fight those great battles – men who deservedly savor the peace – plans are being hatched throughout the south to seek revenge for the Union victory. Lincoln gets assassinated.”

The United States was just three months shy of being eighty-nine years old, writes O’Reilly. There are thirty-six states in the Union, thanks to Nevada’s recent admission. Lincoln is the sixteenth president. Two have passed away from illness while in office. None of them, as Booth well knows as he contemplates the assassination of Lincoln, had died by someone else’s hand. If successful in his assassination attempt, the actor will achieve the lasting recognition he has always craved. For a nation founded by rebellion and torn open by a civil war, the citizens of the United States have been remarkably nonviolent when confronted with politicians they despise. Only one American president was the target of an assassin. And that was Andrew Jackson, the man whose politics sowed the seeds of Confederate rebellion thirty years earlier.


While General Lee simply said, “Put down your guns and go home. Let’s rebuild the nation together,” the New World Order neocons in the GOP seem destined to destroy someone outside of government who wins the presumptive Republican nominee for president by the name of Donald Trump. People have been turning out by the thousands to see him at his rallies and bringing in perhaps millions of desperately needed new Republicans, and we’re fussing and fuming over transgender toilets ?


A middle-aged brunette Connecticut woman with short hair and glasses was mistaken for a transgender in a Walmart and according to the New York Daily News says a woman walked up to her and told her “You are not supposed to be here! You need to leave!” Didn’t gay used to mean merry, jovial? It’s been so long since we’ve used it that way, I had to check the Webster’s 1828 dictionary. First it was used for the sodomites who hijacked Civil Rights movement but now it’s morphed into transgender which just goes to show once again how these words are first used to produce fear in people and have been invented to gradually change our culture to meet the Calvinist’s definition of depraved and in need of a Savior.


And then a mother of 12 which what appeared to be some of her children in tow marched through the Target Store with her Bible in hand yelling,“”Get out of this Store! It’s a dangerous place!” The story indicated the video posted on 5/17 had received close to 170,000 views. “Target does not protect mothers and children. Mothers, get your children out of this store!” Before the clip ends, a man following behind the women yells at the Target workers standing by the store’s entrance: “Repent! The judgment of God is coming on this nation,” and a few days later our unqualified President Barack Obama in defiance of North Carolina’s “Bathroom Privacy” law sent a letter directing public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice or face losing the old “carrot” – money! In so doing, state’s rights were once again usurped by the bumptious kleptocrat in the White House.


Readers will recall the upheaval we had at the turn of 2016 in the Malheur National Wildlife Refugee in eastern Oregon. Oregon’s milquetoast transgender Governor Kate Brown, who got into office due to Kitzhaber’s resignation, was told by the federal officials to limit her comments to avoid escalating the situation. “I would not want to do anything or say anything to compromise THEIR efforts to resolve this situation,” she said. Of course not, giving the land back to the State of Oregon to whom it Constitutionally has the right TO CONTROL would have taken care of the situation in a hurry but neither she, Republican Congressman Walden with a 50% Constitutional voting record nor the Harney county sheriff would take a stand. However, to his credit, Walden did come out in support of Trump on May 12. Hopefully Trump’s boldness will help put some starch in the spines of our other weak-kneed elected officials.

As a result of their shameful hobgoblin and bowing to the oligarchy, eventually a militia member was shot. Lavoy Financum was shot as he and others were driving to an adjoining county for protection from the federal government where the sheriff was willing to take a stand. A recent newspaper article said the earlier militia occupying Malheur Wildlife Refuge is causing bird watchers to travel there and it has become a tourist attraction. Whereas, if the governor, Congressman Walden and the local Harney County sheriff would have told the feds to take a hike, maybe the forestry industry could be revived and big bucks going to the county with taxes instead of a pittance from bird watchers.


But it’s not over with yet. A new standoff may be on the horizon as environmental groups are urging the federal government to seize Cliven Bundy’s cattle, which the controversial Nevada rancher has let graze freely for years in defiance of federal land-use restrictions, the Guardian reported. A coalition of wildlife organizations wrote the U.S. Bureau of Land Management complaining the cattle grazing has been “adversely impacting the federally threatened Mojave desert tortoise and its habitat on BLM managed lands of southern Nevada and northern Arizona.” The demand comes three months after a federal grand jury in Nevada indicted Bundy and four others on 16 charges related to an armed standoff near his ranch in 2014 over unpaid grazing fees, which attracted armed Bundy supporters and led to stand down by federal authorities. Such as not the case after Bundy’s sons, Ammon and Ryan, led a standoff on federal lands in Oregon in January, which culminated in the shooting death of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum.


It was in 1992 when the Spotted Owl Habitat, Amendment to H.R. 5503 slashed more than 90% of the harvest of timber from productive lands in the Pacific Northwest and the Democrats said that number had to go to zero- just one of the many HOAXES that ruined U.S. livelihoods and now it seems the owl is making a comeback. In 2000 a spotted owl hatched babies in the ‘K” of a “K” Mart store in Eureka, Cal. In 2011 it was reported more breeding pairs have been found at a nice safe chemical site in the Umatilla Chemical Depot, Pendleton, Oregon. And the environmentalists told us owls needed “old growth” timber in order to survive.

However, instead of correcting the misuse of the Endangered Species Act (which had the spotted owl listed) Congress approved the Secure Rural Schools Act, which temporarily supplanted the lost income that once funded rural schools, government and other essential services so the Oligarchy sent millions of dollars in federal “welfare” payments into Oregon and the counties were ordered to develop alternative economic plans, i.e. solar!! To illustrate how delusional these conflicted environmental drecks are, they saved the spotted owl only to find a variety of other birds flying into inefficient and costly, but politically correct, windmills. No folks, it’s all about destroying capitalism.

The owl has always been the symbol of moon worship as people in ancient times would gather under the groves of oak trees and owls would join them. Witches still do this in our time and the highest Illuminists in the New World Order crowd gather at a place called the Bohemian Grove, California the last two weeks in July and stand in front of a large image of an owl while dressed in long robes. The owl is known in the occult as “Lucifer’s messenger.”


Because the mainline media is silent on the subject, most readers do not know that the next attack by liberals in order to enhance the pocket books of the scallywag state attorney lawyers who are lining up to terrorize, muzzle and extort climate skeptics with legal assaults.[1] They see it working for the sodomites suing bakers who won’t bake cakes or florists who won’t provide flowers for same-sex weddings so why not go after the skeptics of climate change.


Rep. Mike Neaman, a software engineer from a portion of my Marion County was at a League of Women Voter’s meeting (why he would waste his time I don’t know) when the question was asked, “What environmental programs would you implement to help Oregon do its part to stem the local impacts and the increasing pace of climate change?” He responded by saying first of all he did not accept the premise of the question and secondly, that he wasn’t sure the planet was warming and even if it is, he wasn’t sure that humans can do anything about it, and even if we could, Oregon is kind of a small player.


He said if we wanted to cut greenhouse emissions, the best thing to do would be to return federal lands to the state and let us manage them so that we have fewer acres burned. He said he was booed.

Every year we all hold our breath as we watch the unconstitutional United Nations Bureau of Land Management regulatory agency cause forests to go up in flames due to poor management. He challenged the audience to provide him with annual average global temperatures as measured by satellites from outer space for the last 20 or so years and said he was skeptical of local temperature measuring because of human and instrumentation errors, as well as local climate effects. Now this Republican legislator has done his homework.


Now readers must learn to understand that since the turn of the 20th century, the neoliberal Utopians basically believe that man is good. Unitarian/progressive Robert Dale Owen realized one of the greatest obstacles to his father’s (Robert) Utopia plan for future modern democratic socialism was the general Calvinist belief in the innate depravity of human nature and its need of a Savior so the Christian schools had to go.[2] It was this belief that compelled the founding Fathers to devise a form of government of checks and balances to limit the power of politicians and to make political tyranny as difficult as possible to achieve. “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands,” said Founding Father James Madison in the FEDERALIST, No. 47, “may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”

© 2016 Betty Freauf – All Rights Reserved

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