By Dennis Cuddy

After reading Paul Krugman’s vitriolic screed, “When Did Republicans Start Hating Facts?” (12/15), I now know why one of your former editorial page editors referred to you as “intellectual prostitutes.” Krugman says the Republican Party’s “descent into maligned madness…irrationality and hatred of facts” started with Reagan, who “brought the crazies inside the tent.”

As a problem-solver for President Reagan, I had to fight hard to overcome the “hatred of facts” at the New York Times (NYT). For decades, the NYT supported court-ordered racial-balance busing even though it massively discriminated against African-Americans by requiring they be bused in inverse proportion to whites. My solution (Washington Post, November 5, 1982), ended this, causing Black students’ academic achievement to rise.

Krugman also “hates facts” when he said “Reagan and his officials spent years…promoting the teaching of creationism in schools.” Actually, the official position of the Reagan administration was to promote the teaching of the scientific evidence for and against evolution. Krugman would censor the scientific evidence of renowned Harvard Prof. Stephen Jay Gould in his book THE PANDA’S THUMB and the journal PALEOBIOLOGY and several editions of NATURAL HISTORY, in which Gould shows that Darwinian evolution is untenable because transitional life forms are missing from the fossil records.

As to Krugman’s statement that “there’s always been a conspiracy-theorizing faction in America,” what do you expect given the NYT cover-ups? You covered up FDR’s anti-Semitism when he said in early February 1945 that he wanted to give the King of Saudi Arabia “the 6 million Jews in the United States” (see the papers of Secretary of State Edward Stettinius). And in David Brooks’ review of David Rockefeller’s MEMOIRS in the NYT, you cover-up Rockefeller’s admission that he is “part of a secret cabal…conspiring with others…against the best interests of the United States…to build a more integrated political and economic structure.” This was generally called the “new world order,” and in Sen. Joe Biden’s remarks to Warren Christopher at his confirmation hearings on January 13, 1993, the current President-Elect stated that “an overarching imperative of the new (Clinton) administration” was “to foster the creation of a new world order.”

The last person with any intellectual integrity at the NYT, A.M. Rosenthal, warned in “The New World Order” (May 5, 1998): “The U.S., its democratic allies and major dictatorships are rapidly building a new world order….The U.S. gets to sell strategic material to China, offering as a extra a visit by the U.S. President to honor the Communist leaders and expand their power and political life span. Religious and political mavericks in the totalitarian partners of the new world order get prison, or death, or both. The press of the democracies get to say costs of imported goods are down, how nice. Americans and Europeans may come to object for political or moral reasons, or because the new world order may after all cost them their jobs….”

But the focal point of Krugman’s ire is “the religious right,” which he said “first became a major political force under Reagan” in the 1980s. According to Krugman and the NYT, Christians and Jews were supposed to just put up with even voluntary prayer in schools being declared unconstitutional as a religious activity on public property in Stein v. Oshinsky in the mid-1960s. Students could not even sing the National Hymn (“God of Our Fathers”) even though “One Nation, Under God” had been declared by Congress in the 1950s to be our national motto. At the same time in the early 1980s, Krugman and the NYT were silent as Christian and Jewish public elementary school students had the theme song from M.A.S.H. (titled “Suicide Is Painless”) music and lyrics pounded for hours into their brains, saying “the game of life is lost; cheating is the only way to win; and suicide is painless.” This was followed by a dramatic national rise in teen suicides.

Also in the early 1980s,, in THE HUMANIST’s North American Essay Contest, John Dunphy was awarded a prize for his article proclaiming “the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom…between the rotting corpse of Christianity…and the new faith of humanism…(and) humanism will emerge triumphant.” Sounding like Krugman, Sheila Schwartz in THE HUMANIST expressed her thankfulness “the crazies (fundamentalists) don’t do all that much reading. If they did, they’d find out that they had already been defeated.”

Let’s see who’s defeated for President in 2024, a Republican woman like former Governor Nikki Haley or the Krugman-NYT-supported radical Kamala Harris, whom Joe Biden chose as VP by quoting the brutal Chinese Communist dictator Mao Zedong (who murdered 45 million of his own people). Who knows? The American people could even re-elect Trump after the disastrous next 4 years following the feeble physically (and mentally) Joe Biden with the Kamala Harris, Krugman-NYT-supported agenda!

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