Leveling-Headed Policies

Leveling-Headed Policies

Egalitarianism and Marxism mandate the leveling of all outcomes regardless of heredity and environmental influences. The idea is that nobody is allowed to have any advantage over anybody else. Hierarchies of merit or privilege are not allowed to develop. Merit is not officially acknowledged or rewarded. Therefore, inherited wealth is confiscated through estate taxes.

All schools must have equal funding and curricula for each grade level, and courses must be standardized and adapted to the “lowest common denominator” of student performance. Extreme and inconvenient methodology must be employed if need be to suit the purpose, such as busing of students to maintain a preset percentage mix of black and white students.

Now that the school population is more varied than ever in racial/ethnic composition, the classes or student bodies must have a preset white vs. non-white composition. This is constantly tweaked because the population mix is in flux now that other minorities are growing in numbers, so that some continuity of results can be maintained. This is very upsetting to all parties concerned.

Studies indicate that one-half to two-thirds of intelligence is inherited, while environmental influences account for the remaining factors impinging upon intelligence.

As one ages, hereditary influences become proportionately more important than environmental ones. Hereditary factors remain constant throughout our lifetimes, but as we mature we develop more independent thinking skills and discipline which, all other things being equal, reduce the influence of peer pressure or other environmental strictures that shaped our intellect when we were young.. We are be better able to separate the wheat from the chaff in the multitude of media and advertising messages we receive as we learn from experience. This maturing is reflected in improved Intelligent Quotient(I.Q.) over time.

Some far-thinking leftists are beginning to realize this reality–that is the reason for the sudden emphasis on the fabricated and supposed evils of “white privilege”. This concept is that society gives more preferences and advantages to Whites, many times in subtle ways, which thus becomes an environmental consideration vice a hereditary one. Inwardly, however, the leftists know but won’t admit that the advantages Whites may have are based on heredity, and the only way to to ultimately eliminate this privilege would be to do away with Whites.

Therefore, dysgenic miscegenation  is encouraged so that the White hereditary influence is diluted and eventually eliminated. All humanity is to be socially engineered and leveled to the same common denominator to create a “tan man” hybrid. Counter eugenically, the controlled media and the entertainment and advertising industries promote this outcome.

The government and large commercial entities employ affirmative action and diversity goals in their hiring and promotion activities to give financial advantages to non-whites over whites which indirectly fosters higher reproduction rates among the non-whites.

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