An often-overlooked feature of liberalism is its profound silliness. No one gets as silly as the self-anointed Smartest People in the World.

Last week, in an article so toweringly dippy, even The Atlantic had to preface it with a disclaimer, somebody wondered “How Aliens Solve Climate Change”. It seems there are (LOL) scientists who are studying the matter.

I guess that old-timey science thing of observing and studying things which actually exist—nature, as they used to call it—has gone out with slide rules and sackbuts. Hey, reality is boring. And it just won’t tell us what we want to hear. In this example, there are no alien civilizations for scientists to observe and study—so they have to create some, make them up, turn them into computer models: and then study the models they made up. That the whole business is imaginary doesn’t bother them. After all, Man-Made Climate Change is itself imaginary.

Imaginary solutions to imaginary problems! If that ain’t the quintessence of liberalism, what is?

Silly, silly, silly… A few days ago, in a new book by one of his top advisers, we had President *Batteries Not Included contemplating his own indisputable wonderfulness, and falling in love with himself all over again. That happens several times a day.

Pondering the mystery of the 2016 election, Mr. Wonderful actually asked, “Were we wrong to be so right? Were we too good for those people?” Meaning the electorate: he has apparently forgotten that the country was so deluded as to elect him twice. So much for gratitude. “Those people.”

So here we have, from the High Priest of Silly, a kind of transcendent narcissism, ascending to a lofty plane of silliness visited by hardly anybody else even in an age abounding with silly people.

We’d be laughing, but for this man’s legacy of silliness that includes some potentially dangerous follies.

Somehow finding time for this among such larks as celebrating “gay marriage” and transgenderism, fomenting racial strife, beating the drum for Global Warming and open borders—not to mention interminable rounds of golf and countless expensive vacations on the public dime—this, er, president took an ax to air traffic control.

For many years the qualifications for becoming an air traffic controller were exceedingly rigorous, as befitting a job where the smallest error might send hundreds of people to their deaths. But the unions and the race hustlers didn’t like it, so the Transportation Department and the FAA obligingly watered down the standards to “prioritize diversity” at the expense of skill and competence. The liberal idol of Diversity requires human sacrifice.

The new test awards an applicant bonus points for getting bad grades in science (honest!), being unemployed (oh, boy!), and being good at… sports. Let us pray the Trump administration restores the old high standards before it starts raining airplanes over our airports.

It’s dangerous to be governed by really silly people—that would be Democrats, all and sundry. I don’t think we yet appreciate how big a national disaster we escaped by not electing Hillary Clinton to finish what Obama started. As it is, the sillies are working overtime to turn the state of California into a Third World basket case. What they might do to the whole nation, if they ever get another chance, doesn’t bear thinking of.

Friends don’t let friends vote for Democrats: drunken drivers at the nation’s steering wheel.

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