God defines reality by creating it. Today’s liberals define it by denying it.

This beats lying by a country mile. The problem with lying is that it presupposes truth. Getting caught in one lie after another is supposed to hurt your credibility.

But leftist projects—be it Global Warming, socialism, transgenderism, or whatever—seem to survive repeated exposure as lies and fantasies. How do they do that?

If you establish that there is no truth in the first place, then you can get away with anything.

Take Global Warming, better known as Climate Change when it happens to be cold outside. We’re all gonna die, the sales pitch goes, unless we give the government vast new powers, and lots and lots of money, so they can do whatever they have to do to Save The Planet. You know the words to the jingle: “The science is settled,” blah-blah. And you know that the ones who yap the loudest about your carbon footprint live in mansions, zoom around in private jets and limousines, and leave their own Godzilla-sized carbon footprints everywhere they go. They certainly don’t act like they believe in Global Warming.

They’ve been caught innumerable times lying, cooking and suppressing data, and threatening their critics. Government agencies, like NOAA and NASA, have colluded with them. Democrats want the attorney general to investigate the hot new crime of Climate Change Denial.

Meanwhile in real life, Global Warming seems to be over. According to the scientists of the Danish Meteorological Institute, there has been no warming in the Arctic now for 19 years, the ice is growing thicker, and temperatures are “plummeting.” Gee, you’d think those findings would at least kick off a long-delayed debate. Instead, the climate mob just doubles down on its assertions.

Leftids never let truth stand in the way of ideology. And that’s because their postmodern “philosophy” (LOL) teaches that there is no truth: there’s only whatever helps you get your way, or doesn’t help.

Ironic, isn’t it? “Philosophy” means “love of knowledge.” But if there is no truth, then there can be no knowledge.

And so we have libs all over the place, from the highest to the lowest, saying whatever they think they need to say at any moment—and expecting to be believed.

Last week, for instance, a news story reported a woman pulled over for drunk driving: who was so plastered, in fact, that she dropped the breathalyzer and broke it. Her excuse? Trump made her do it! Yes—his election just naturally upset her so much, it drove her to drink. The cops didn’t buy it, but just about any college professor would have.

And we had dirt diva Miley Cyrus, who, as liberal celebrities so often do, had promised to leave the U.S. if Trump was elected. She’s still here. All she had to do was change her tune: she’s staying, she said, because “now I have to glue this place back together.” Oh, please.

If there’s no truth, how can there be any such thing as hypocrisy?

The basis of all this lying and confabulating is religious. We who know our God know Him as the God of truth. “I am of the truth,” said Our Lord Jesus Christ. And Pontius Pilate, that great pioneer of postmodernism, answered, “What is truth?” If there is no truth, then you have license to crucify a man in whom, you admit, “I find no fault.” You have the license because you have the power, and that’s all that counts.

Our modern leftids crucify truth with every word they speak.

But truth will endure, and they will not.

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