“The truth is so rare that it is delightful to tell it.” —Emily Dickinson

“The purest of evils is the one that parades itself as virtue.” —Chinese proverb

With the possibility that the forces of Libtardism may re-occupy our capitol city at some date in the future, this glossary of words and phrases has been created to better enable English- speaking residents to comprehend the Libtard language.  This glossary is roughly organized into different subject matters.


white person:  a pigmentationally disabled individual

white people:  the evil people subsidizing everyone else

wigger:  a pigmentationally challenged person whose heart and lips are still in the right places

racist:  any white person who has a racial identity

victim of racism:  any successfully convicted defendant

interracial black crimes:  street crimes

interracial white crimes:  hate crimes

ethnic cleansing:  shooting your black assailant

social justice warrior:  Antifa thug

gentle giants:  thugs with less than two homicides

black fathers:  MIAs

Black Lives Matter:  the sanctity of black lives, unless black people are doing the killing

prejudice:  making a judgement you don’t like something

police tyranny:  the thin blue line

racial harmony:  whites who die quietly

Jews:  God’s chosen people, because they said so

anti-Semite:  any person who notices someone is Jewish

Nazi:  any person who disagrees with a Jew

Israel:  a place where we send $3 billion a year and get oranges and angry Arabs in return

Jewish colonization of Palestine:  a divinely ordained colonization

European colonization of America:  racist imperialism

AIPAC:  U.S. Government Treasury

The Knesset:  U.S. Government Command Center

The U.S.S. Liberty:  a form of amnesia

Righteous Gentile:  any member of the U.S. Congress

Progressive/Liberal/Democrat:  Bolshevist

federal judges:  Bolshevists appointed to office

lobbyists:  any of a variety of prostitutes

Congressmen:  See preceding definition

The Democratic Party:  The Manson Family

The GOP:  A slur word for elephants

Capitol Hill:  The Mustang Ranch

District of Columbia:  Dodge City

the American public:  gerbils

tax obligation:  wealth redistribution

women’s reproductive rights:  a woman’s right to kill her baby

pest control:  abortion

women’s health clinic:  abortion mill

eldercare:  third trimester abortions

men’s reproductive rights:   a man’s right to pay 20 years of child support

Equal Rights for Women:  the 98% of the military’s body bags filled by men

free love:  free venereal diseases

miscegenation:  single white motherhood

gay rights:  a pain in the ass

animal rights:  KFC menu

CO2 emissions:  flatulence

nursing home:  storage for old people

senior services:  euthanasia

freedom of speech:  the right to express ideas I agree with

justice:  social engineering

equal justice under the law:  preferences codified into law

democracy:  mob rule

liberalism:  mass delusion

immigrants:  undocumented Democrats

illegal immigrants:  uninvited colonists

assimilation:  the process by which Westerners acclimate to their engulfment by the Third World

immigration enforcement:  open borders

undocumented worker:  illegal alien

uninvited houseguest:  burglar

pinatas:  loaded, discarded baby diapers, often used to decorate barrio sidewalks

refugee:  invader with a good cover story

H1-B visa holders:  imported scabs

Johnson’s 1965 immigration laws:  D-Day for the Western World

diversity:  cultural chaos

cultural enrichment:  colonization subsidized by your tax dollars

freedom fighter:  terrorist

Nelson Mandela:  See preceding definition

Winnie Mandela:  Nelson, plus a tire necklace and minus the penis

Hillary Clinton:  a red herring

Ruth Bader Ginsburg:  the less pretty sister of Margaret  Hamilton

Artificial Intelligence:  Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters:  proof Congress has an Affirmative Action Program

Nancy Pelosi:  a highly regarded D.C. proctologist

Madeleine Albright:  a woman entrusted with the foreign policy of the most powerful nation in the world, who was unable to discern that her family is Jewish

Barack Obama:  a black man who won a Nobel Prize because his melanin imbued him with magical powers

President Obama:  President Osama

Elizabeth Ann Warren:  Chieftess Crazy Squirrel

Satan:  Donald J. Trump

Martin Luther King Jr. :   Jesus

Maya Angelou:  Mrs. Jesus

Angela Davis:  Mrs. Jesus with PMS

James Watson:  proof that statements of truth are no  defense

Jerry Springer:  the best historical argument for restrictive immigration legislation

Katharine Graham:  a woman who won a Pulitzer for owning the Washington Post

The Washington Post:  The Compost

The New York Times:  The Jerusalem Post

Hollywood:  West Jerusalem

former Hollywood celebrities:  politically incorrect movie stars

adoption agencies for celebrities:  rent-a-pet programs

black themed films:  noble Negro movies

TV court shows:  forums for determining which of six men is a baby’s daddy

TV talk shows:  See preceding definition

U.S. court system:  See preceding definition

ebonics: the language used by litigants in these proceedings

Mainstream Media: Politburo                     `

welfare: tax-funded vagrancy

Twelve Step Programs: clubs for professional cripples

unisex bathrooms: businesses that can’t afford urinals

gender fluid: gender clueless

racial dignity: a rumored historical mental condition which cannot be substantiated as having existed

white guilt:  a mental condition caused by a melanin deficiency

miscegenation:  erasing centuries of bloodlines for two minutes of pleasure

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer:  an employer whose devotion to equality is demonstrated by his use of racial preferences

The play “Hamilton”:  American history in blackface

Diversity:  A euphemism for extinction

Multiculturalism:  See preceding definition

“Changing demographics”:  See preceding definition

“Nation of Immigrants”:  See preceding definition

“Rainbow Nation”:  See preceding definition

Affirmative Action:  legalized discrimination

special education:  tax-funded baby sitting

U.S. Public School System:  See preceding definition

history:  revisionist history

white history:  the story of how white people ruined America

slaveholding vampires:  the founding fathers

black history:  the story of how black people built America

Hispanic countries:  countries for mestizos

Asian countries:  countries for yellow people

Arab countries:  countries for Arabs

African countries:  countries for black people

white countries:  countries for everyone

California:  the northwest province of Mexico

Las Vegas:  Sodom and Gomorrah with room service

Puerto Rico:  America’s future

agism:  acknowledging that old people can be ugly

racism:  acknowledging that black people can be annoying

specism:  acknowledging that animals are tasty

xenophobia:  wanting to keep your own country

homophobia:  wanting children to have parents of two different genders

socialism:  making your money mine

capitalism:  your money that belongs to me

empathy:  virtue signaling

inclusiveness:  reverse discrimination

hate (as a noun):  any opposing opinion

reactionary (as an adjective):  commonsensical

truth:  propaganda

enlightened thinking:  political correctness

tolerance:  declining to complain about a lack of lubricant

“Do the right thing.”  /  “Do what we want.”

“With all due respect…”  /  “What I say next will disrespect you….”

“Resigned to spend more time with his family.”  /  “He was fired.”

“Be a team player.”  /  “Eventually, we’re going to get around to raping you.”

“You’re starting to sound like a  racist.”  /  “I’ve run out of rational arguments.”

“You’ll spend eternity knowing that you got on the right side of history.”  /   “You’ll spend eternity staring at the bottom of a coffin lid.”

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