It was quite a juxtaposition, a few nights ago, on the front page of the Drudge Report.

At the top of the page, the lead story: the lights have all gone out in Caracas, capital of the socialist Mordor called Venezuela. No electricity. It goes rather nicely with no food, no toilet paper, and no freedom. Yep, another need that this socialist regime can’t meet.

A few inches down, the new face of the Democrat Party, first-year Congresswoman and self-proclaimed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was busy blasting capitalism. Capitalism, she says, is “irredeemable.” Oooh… because it makes for “income inequality.” And Global Warming, too. It’s, like, totally mean!

Meanwhile, we’ve got electricity and her socialist buddies don’t. You’d think that would give her something to ponder; but it’s hard to do that with your mouth wide open.

It ought to be funny, all these politicians saying and doing crazy things that not so long ago would have ended their careers. Socialism, infanticide, open borders, Green New Deal, down with Israel, down with America—it ought to be a million laughs, but somehow it isn’t. I guess because if you lived through the 20th century and watched socialist dictatorships murder some 100 million people, it sort of takes the fun out of the gag. I don’t think a lot of people stuck in Venezuela are laughing, either.

Why say “stuck”?

Well, the Dems running a $2.3 billion budget deficit in the state of New York are dumbfounded that “the rich,” rather than allow themselves to be devoured by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s astronomical taxes, are leaving. Bugging out: 48,000 of them, so far. Because the state can’t afford to build a new Berlin Wall to keep them in, New York has had to settle for pursuing them with very harsh audits.

The governor laments, “This is the flip side [of federal tax cut legislation]. Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. We did. Now, God forbid, the rich leave.”


If only they could hold them there against their will! That’s the real socialism! Never mind a wall to keep illegals out—they’d love to build a wall to keep “the rich” in. With border guards, attack dogs, the works! But all they can do, for now, is chase them down for audits. Can’t exactly chain them to the radiator, can they?

I have too much respect for the reader to explain why “income equality” is a fantasy. If you really don’t know, shame on you.

But wait! Do I hear hoof beats? Is that the cavalry coming—in the nick of time?

According to a recent study by Harvard and Indiana University Bloomington, Christianity in America is not shrinking, not getting weaker, but growing and getting stronger.

In 1989, says the study, American Christians who had “strong beliefs and practices” were 39 percent of the total. By 2018, that number had grown to 47 percent. This in spite of public schooling, practically universal college, Hollywood, and the nooze media, all of them implacably hostile to the Christian faith, all of them constantly trumpeting its imminent demise. It seems the American people are not as fond of the Far Left fun pack as all our self-anointed sages think. As icing on the cake, a Pew poll reported that strong Christians have more babies than do liberals. So naturally our numbers grow. And add to that the strides that Christianity is making throughout the rest of the world, especially in Africa and Asia.

That’s bad, bad news for the Climate Cult.

So maybe they’re saying and doing all these crazy things because they know, somehow, that if they don’t get it done soon, they’re never gonna get it done—their fundamental transformation of America into another place where no one but the glorious leaders enjoys the blessings of electricity.

They hear the hoof beats, too.

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