Our secular humanist overlords keep dropping hints about what they’ve got in mind for us, and we ought to pay attention. Put them all together, and the message they add up to is quite clear.

For instance, did you know the German legislature—well, its Green Party members, at least—is considering a plan to subsidize trysts with prostitutes? Okay, it’s not free ho’s for everybody. Just for “the elderly and the disabled,” and others in need of “sexual relief.” They tried to sneak this into the National Health in Britain a few years ago, but the public didn’t like the idea of their tax dollars paying for other people’s dates with hookers. And in the Netherlands a night in the cat-house is a deductible medical expense.

So maybe this scheme—they could call it “Fornicaid”—is an idea whose time has come. You know Obamacare would be a lot more popular if the government were fixing its dependents up with prostitutes. Oh, excuse me—we’re supposed to call them “sex workers.”

When we’re not visiting the sex workers, our rulers would kind of like us to be eating nice, healthy, tasty, sustainable… insects. Remember, to create their secular utopia, they will need absolute power over every aspect of our lives—including what we eat: right, Michelle? And they would like us to eat bugs. It has something to do with Saving The Planet.

No, not Barack Obama, John Kerry, any Clinton, or any of that Davos crowd eating bugs—good grief, no! It’s you who ought to eat bugs. They get the Kobe beef. They also get to keep their air conditioners, mansions, private jets, etc. Shut up and pay your taxes—and here, have a crunchy fried palmetto bug.

All the while they’re degrading us, destroying our self-respect with bugs and hookers, our lords and masters would also like to drive us crazy. Evidence of this has emerged in northern Spain. There, with the backing of the local governments, posters are being hung in many towns and cities—posters that proclaim that “Some girls have penises and some boys have vaginas.” Illustrated with frontal nude pictures of little kids with mixed-up body parts, the posters are being paid for by “an anonymous American donor” whose initials are, I suspect, G.S. Not that he’s the only reprobate who could be guilty.

The whole project of the worldwide Left originates with Satan, the author of confusion. Its whole aim is to overthrow God’s created order and replace it with an order created by moral imbeciles and lunatics. That’s what this whole transgender thing is all about.

How badly do they wish to confuse us? Try “totally.”

Toward that end, the European Parliament is pondering legislation to declare robots “electronic persons,” complete with certain “rights” and “obligations.” No blame to you if you think this ridiculous story is a hoax; but alas, it’s not. The EU big shots are that far gone.

A few thinkers are a tiny bit concerned that we might lose track of the difference between robots and human beings. Robots, for instance, can be programmed to simulate human emotions. That doesn’t mean they have those emotions. But try telling that to the poor schnook who’s madly in love with a vending machine. But what the heck: our sages don’t study nature anymore, but study computer models that they’ve created, and the simulation tells them whatever they want to hear about Climate Change. So who needs the real thing when you’ve got a simulation?

Study the message. First they’ll debauch us, then make fools of us, then plunge us into utter confusion—and finally replace us. Oh, I think they’d rather keep us around: there’s no fun in being a tyrant if you don’t have people to tyrannize, and bullying a lot of machines, well, that just doesn’t cut it. The secular humanist dream has always been a handful of elite rulers and scientists lording it over an enormous mass of ignorant, defenseless serfs. For their own good, of course.

Don’t say they haven’t warned us.

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