by Lee Duigon

June 30, 2022

Going back some decades, Democrats have frequently used the courts to ramrod new policies that had no chance of winning popular support. They smirked at our protests and kept right on doing it. Four examples spring to mind:

*Abolishing school prayer.

*The Kelo Decision (allowing government to seize private property and turn it over to developers ‘cause it’ll be good for everybody—a monstrous expansion of “eminent domain”).

*Same-sex “marriage,” by a 5-4 decision, Anthony Kennedy all by himself casting the deciding vote for a measure that never won majority approval in a referendum—not even in California.

*And of course the original Roe v. Wade, allowing the court to impose one-size-fits-all abortion policy on all 50 states.

Well, now the Dems are hopping mad because the Supreme Court has handed down four decisions that they don’t like:

*Allowing the people to use vouchers to send their children to religious schools.

*Allowing a high school football coach to perform silent prayer on the field without having his livelihood taken away.

*Affirming the right of law-abiding citizens to carry firearms for self-defense.

*And the big one, the one that has liberals screaming in the streets, undoing Roe v. Wade and allowing the states to draft their own abortion laws.

Those four decisions have driven Democrats absolutely crazy—even crazier than they were already. This one wants to impeach Supreme Court justices for voting against them. That one wants to pack the court with far-out lefty justices. And the other wants to abolish the Supreme Court altogether, although he doesn’t tell us how. And yet another had a plan to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh.

What’s there to say but “Now you know how we feel! All those years of being told the Court has ruled, we have to suck it up—but now it’s your turn! How do you like it?”

Oh, but this is too much! How dare the court whittle down the immense power of the government? How dare they interfere with the fundamental transformation of America? If you believe Whoopi Goldberg, the court’s next stop is to bring back slavery. Why you should believe such twaddle is between you and your psychiatrist.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress had 50 years (!) to codify Roe v. Wade and make it into a real law—and they didn’t. How many opportunities did they have to do that, and didn’t do it? They never even tried. And now they’re screaming bloody murder over it? Not a dry eye in the house.

Conservatives have always had misgivings about leaving it up to the courts, instead of the legislature, to “make law.” Toldja, toldja, toldja! Somewhere along the line we seemed to have lost our grip on self-government and every controversial issue wound up being decided by a judge somewhere, which was most emphatically not the way to do it. Issue after issue, Congress ducked. Again and again they went running to the courts. And now, to their intense consternation, it’s their ox that’s being gored. I wonder if their heads would explode if the Supreme Court ever ruled that school prayer is all right, after all.

Damn! There they were, getting everything they wanted from the courts—and suddenly SCOTUS has bitten them where it hurts. Live by the courts, die by the courts, sunshine. You asked for it.

Now what we need is a midterm election that’ll chase these loonies out of Congress and put the Democrat Party out of business.

Once and for all.

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