What does it mean to speak of America’s “Ethos?”

Ethos refers to our character, code, spirit, beliefs and principles.  It speaks to our morality, scruples, mores, decency and probity.  Ethos revolves around our society’s integrity, honor and virtues.

Ethos gets down to the basic standards of our culture as a civilization.

Unfortunately, we’ve lost the Norman Rockwell America where I grew up.  He could have painted my brother on his bicycle paper route being chased by a dog.  He might have shown my brother Rex pitching and me catching in a Little League baseball game.  For certain, he could have caught my father showing my brother and me how to bait a fish hook down on Hogback Lake in rural Michigan.

Not anymore!  While rural America and small towns carry on much the same as they did 50 years ago, our cities morphed into skyscrapers piercing the skies.

Those cities feature gridlocked highways and air polluted skies.  We’ve got 60,000 to 100,000 Americans living in blue-tarp tent cities in Los Angeles.  Another 10,000 homeless sleep on hot air vent grates in Denver, Colorado. All totaled, America features over 1,000,000 (million) homeless citizens at any given time.  We’ve got food banks and soup kitchens maxed out.

While we were once 90 percent European-Americans, 7 percent African-Americans, and 3 percent Mexican-Americans—today, we’ve become everybody else’s country, but no longer our own.

Since 1965, we imported 100,000,000 (million) more people from 196 countries around the world.  Immigrants pour into America at over 100,000 every thirty days.  Hmong and Vietnamese from southeast Asia, millions of Moslems from Africa and the Middle East, Indians from India and endless lines from Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Morocco and Congo.   Millions arrive from Honduras, El Salvador, Cuba and Panama in Central America. Bangladesh, a country that houses 157 million people within a landmass less than the size of Iowa, exports as many of their excess citizens into America as possible.  Ironically, the United Nations reports that Bangladesh remains on course to reach 201 million by 2050. Therefore, their need to use us as an exhaust valve will grow not diminish.

Brazil and Argentina send us countless immigrants.  Korea sends us their citizens. Three hundred and fifty thousand pregnant women from dozens of countries birth their babies illegally within our country annually.   In fact, 196 countries send us their quota annually, and still over 14 million people around the world sign up to come to America each year.

Today, over 45 million foreign-born people call America home. Tens of millions of their offspring call America home.

Unfortunately, they brought their cultures, religions, world views and ways of life with them.  Worse, the majority refuse to let go of those old ways, and cling to those ancient cultures that failed them, and those religions that remain antagonistic to America’s ethos of a Judeo-Christian foundation.

In other words, by allowing and/or inviting millions of people from around the world, and we remain on course to add another 100 million by 2050 or 32 years from now, this acquiescence forces us to relinquish our culture, our language and our way of life.

You watch it on the news every night where Moslems force Sharia Law and studies of Islam into our own schools.  You watch it gather steam in Minneapolis, Minnesota where Somali immigrants scam the welfare system and have sent, to date, over $100,000,000.00 (million) American taxpayer dollars back to Africa via suitcases when they revisit their own country (on our dollar mind you).  You see it in California where Mexican immigrants turn entire cities into Mexican flag flying homes, restaurants and schools—where they speak only Spanish.

Today, the Islamic flag flies in Miami’s Moslem enclave as well as Detroit’s Moslem sections of town over 300,000 strong.  The same Islamic flags fly in Somaliland, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  You see House Rep Keith Ellison, a Moslem, in Minnesota, actively pushing for unlimited Moslem immigration and Sharia Law.  Moslems push for Sharia Law and courts in Texas, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan and New York.  Over 2,400 Mosques in America now preach Moslem dominance in America.

Voltaire on Islam: “The Quran teaches fear, hatred, contempt for others, murder as a legitimate means for the dissemination and preservation of this satanic doctrine. It talks ill of women, classifies people into classes, calls for blood and ever more blood. Yet, that a camel trader sparks uproar in his tribe, that he wants to make his fellow citizens believe that he talked to the archangel Gabriel; that he boasted about being taken up into heaven and receiving a part of that indigestible book there, which can shake common sense on every page, that to gain respect for this work, he covers his country with fire and iron, that he strangles fathers, drags away daughters, that he leaves the beaten a free choice between death and his faith; now this is certainly something that no one can excuse, unless he came as a Turk into the world, unless superstition has stifled any natural light of reason in him.”  Voltaire 1694 to 1788

If you think Moslems lack initiative, think again:  “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” Omar Ahmed, director of Council on American Islamic Relations.

You see violent Black Lives Matter advocating for a Black State. You see Mexican La Raza advocates work to retake the four western border states back into America. You see the Moslem Brotherhood initiating Islam all over the USA. And, you see Indian immigrants and Chinese immigrants pushing for their own cultures within our culture.  How long do you think our country’s ethos can withstand the onslaught?    My prediction:  we won’t make it to 2050.

What will happen?  You and your children will witness the eventual disintegration of America’s ethos, Western thought, Western education, Western world view and Western success as a civilization.  And, by 2042, European-Americans will become a minority in their own country as Latino-Americans become the new majority at 51 percent.

All the while, thanks to your Congressional representatives in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, we will import 100 million more people from around the world by 2050.  Talk about environmental breakdown and loss of quality of life and standard of living!  Have you ever visited a third world country?  You won’t have to!  America will devolve into one.

It’s not going to be pretty for anyone as we become a fragmented, fractured and totally dysfunctional civilization.

Share these videos all over America to show every American what this invasion of our country looks like:

In a five minute, astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation.  Take five minutes to see for yourself:

Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”  www.NumbersUSA.org

Take action by joining for free:

America: www.CapsWeb.org ; www.NumbersUSA.org ;  www.Fairus.org ; www.CarryingCapacityNetwork.org

 United Kingdom:,  
Australia: Sustainable Population Australia

This population graph shows you what it will look like:

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