by Lee Duigon

The Loudon County school district, in Virginia, is where the action is these days. Or to put it more simply, it’s a mess.

This week a juvenile court judge found a 14-year-old high school boy—who was wearing a skirt at the time, and claiming to be “transgender”–guilty of raping a female student in a high school rest room. And Loudon County parents and students are a bit ticked off that the school board’s first instinct was just to transfer the boy to another school…

Where he attacked another girl.

But that’s okay, because when the first girl’s father showed up at a school board meeting to demand an explanation—well, they had him arrested, didn’t they?

And meanwhile the National School Boards Assn. asked the federal government to declare protesting parents “domestic terrorists” and have the FBI—those are the guys who used to chase gangsters—“investigate them.”

Why? Because they didn’t like the schools’ curriculum—especially the Critical Race Theory (“All white people are born racists,” etc.) and the cheerleading for transgenderism. In fact, parents thought the board covered up the rape to protect its transgender bathroom policy.

So one of the board members has resigned. In addition to the aforementioned controversies, she was in hot water for violating the open public meetings law by organizing secret meetings via text messages. Don’t want the plebs finding out what the grandees are up to!

Also this week, students walked out of at least five Loudon County high schools to protest what they saw as school officials sheltering a rapist. “Loudon County protects rapists!” they chanted. Ya think?

Wait a minute! Couldn’t the school board ask the feds to brand these kids “domestic terrorists,” like their parents? Sure they could! Everybody knows that “educators” are wise and good and infallible and anyone who criticizes them should be hauled in by a squad of G-men.

Meanwhile, two more state school board associations, in Missouri and Ohio, have severed their connections with the National School Boards Assn. They don’t want to be judged by the company they keep.

All this fracas started because they closed the schools for The Pandemic and kids had to learn at home, via remote learning. Thus for the first time ever, parents saw and heard what their kids were being “taught.” And they didn’t like it! Then again, the Far Left teachers’ unions didn’t like parents being hip to the curriculum. They tried—but failed—to get parents to sign “pledges” not to listen in on their children’s lessons.

Never mind—all over America, parents thronged school board meetings to demand an end to Critical Race Theory and all the rest of the craziness in the curriculum. School boards tried to fob them off with feeble denials that they were teaching CRT; but at the same time, the teachers’ unions doubled down on it. “Shut up, you peasants! We’ll teach Critical Race Theory whether you like it or not—and you’d better like it, or else!”

The question is: Is there any limit to the abuse American parents will take from public school officials? What do they have to do to people to get their dander up? We, the undefended public, pay for those wretched schools. Every penny comes out of our pockets. But what do we have to show for it? Well, I’ll show you my FBI dossier if you show me yours!

Our public education system is now owned, operated, and weaponized against us by Far Left teachers’ unions—the Chicago union actually sent a delegation of teachers to Venezuela to “learn” how to teach socialism—lunatic “educators,” and the Democrat Party. They won’t listen to our objections, don’t give a hoot for our concerns, and pour our money into ideologies that hurt us.

The only meaningful response we can make, and the only effective one, is to pull our children from these schools.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

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