When I think about American history it is difficult to discount the influence of Christian oriented principles.  From the very founding of this great republic, the word of God was always a part of the normal daily conversation.  It was at least expected that individuals would at the very least, try to seek Providential guidance and live according to Biblical principles.  My own Dad lovingly but under a strong underpinning of stern persuasion insisted that I remember the many Godly principles he taught me.  Bad more importantly, Dad insisted that I read the word of God for myself and govern myself accordingly.

With all her foibles people like to bring up, America the beautiful was still a nation of and blessed by God. That is because most people were given Biblical instruction during their childhood and at the very least respected Godly principles. As a result, most sovereign citizens strove to treat others as they wished to be treated and be decent citizens overall.  What seemed to be so simple was one of the major factors that helped give Americans a sense of unity as a people of this great republic.

The Ten Commandments were almost universally accepted as the standard for good behavioral instruction. They were simple and straight to the point.  I am old enough to remember seeing the Ten Commandments posted in my elementary school rooms.  Preachers in earlier American history were for the most part very moral and sought to teach the truth straight from the word of God.  After all, it was the Colonial era Christian ministers who’s understanding of the word of God inspired them to lead the fight against British tyranny.  The beautiful understanding of the word of God helped the Colonists to realize that there was no king, but King Jesus.

Men such as John Adams had a great appreciation for our Eternal Creator and could have easily been a more than adequate minister of the gospel. Education was not neglected by America’s earliest settlers.  New England towns established schools for the training of the young. Upon graduation, they were prepared to pursue either the ministry or any profession of the time.  Biblical knowledge was not allowed to be relegated to a lower rung of importance in society.  Ministers were bold and highly respected pillars of early American society.

They loved Christ, family and our republic unashamedly.  The ministers believed God was blessing a moral American society, where sovereign citizens would be free to reach the fulness of their God given potential.  It was also understood that when “We the People” understood the principles of God there was no need for a dictatorial king or governmental tyrant.  Religious liberty was a natural By-product of the knowledge of the Biblical word of God.  It produced men of Godly renown such as Roger Williams and his exemplary experiment in Rhode Island, a William Penn and his freedom loving Pennsylvania.  There was John Clarke in Rhode Island who risked his personal safety to read the Bible to interested hearers in Massachusetts despite threats from the British King George.

For the most part, ministers of early America were the real McCoy, when it came to the Gospel and insuring its great influence on society, no matter the risk.  In recent decades, ministers have had a much smaller positive impact upon our republic. I am amazed at the ability of ministers in colonial America to insure a huge Providential influence upon the Colonies despite the wrath of King George.  Yet today with a few exceptions like Franklin Graham, the mega maestro ministers of today do not garner a great respect.  Sadly, they rarely convince many to truly seek God for themselves and live according to HIS standards.

Our republic will not be a nation of liberty much longer unless, the ministerial jesters reconnect with God or are replaced by those who will boldly proclaim the Biblical truths America once held sacred.  The great pretender preachers of today have themselves to blame for America’s moral decline.  For if a people are not instructed in what is right, they will most assuredly succumb to the influence of what is not good for themselves or our republic.  Thank goodness that many men and women of God are now  following God’s lead and escaping houses of false spiritual indoctrination.  Prayer warriors like the Zechariah 2:5 Family, nationwide are laying foundational renewal of America through prayer and supplication.  This is no different than what prayer warriors like the mother of George Washington did when the colonists declared independence from Great Britain.

I am convinced that history will repeat itself and America will soon again be One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for all.  God bless you God bless America and may America bless God.   Please don’t miss the Ron Edwards Experience talk show Fridays at 4:00 PM ET, 3:00 MP CT, 1:00 PM PT via AM 1180 KCKQ reno, Nevada and americamatters.us. and Saturdays on KYAH AM 540 Delta, Utah. The Edwards Notebook radio commentary is now enjoyed on over 200 radio outlets nationwide emanating from flagship station WGUL AM 860 Tampa, Fla overnights during the fast growing Captain’s America Third Watch talk show.

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