By Laurie Roth

How cowardly and lacking in faith can you get?  Before election day, numerous Pastors and Christian leaders were getting prophetic words that Donald Trump would-be re-elected President.  Today when searching for updates on their views during the election battle and lawsuit phase, many are apologizing and back paddling for their alleged ‘missed’ prophesy.

I won’t mention names, hoping that they find some real faith and repent.How disheartening as a Christian to see many well-known men of God, apologizing as if this whole election is done and Joe Biden is President elect.  Shame on all of them for their cowardly lack of faith.

This is the time to stand boldly with Donald Trump and do what the Bible actually says to do, ‘Call things that aren’t as though they are’ in 1st Cor: 1 26-28 and Romans 4:17.  Act as people of faith before, during and after the faith battles and attacks come, not just when it is easy.

I’m no preacher but I do speak to God and listen up.  I will stand in the gap with those of you who believe you can do what God says to do, ‘Call things that aren’t as though they are.’

We already know voter fraud was everywhere this election and it is in the process of being exposed in the courts.  Don’t look at the wind and the waves.  Don’t look at the sell out and lying DEMS and media.  Don’t look at the compromised FOX news, hosts, Rhinos and Preachers who are now backpedaling and apologizing for saying Trump would win.

Know that God is in the midst of all this and God will not be mocked.  Know that God will respond and always has to believing prayers of faith.  Join me for a Donald Trump win and ‘call things that aren’t as though they are.’  Everyone else can get out of the way.

The propaganda, media ‘faith crusher’ machines say nonstop…will Trump graciously concede?  The Trump affect will live on after he steps down; Trump is being a sore lose; Will he leave graciously or be evicted from the White house?

Here is my word that I believe is of God and true.  All you doubters, compromisers and posers can shut up! Trump has already won and is in the process of being proven the clear winner.  Election fraud will be exposed on a grand scale.  Trump is a real man of God and will serve another 4 years, continue building back and protecting America.  Think of that as a prophetic word from our Lord and I will not back pedal.  I will stand and watch God work his miracles and power for America and Donald Trump.

Fear, election crimes and unbelief will not prevail, but truth, real faith and Donald Trump backed by prayer will.  It is already done.  Watch what God will unfold while the political and Preacher cowards back pedal.  Joy…I feel the joy of a Donald Trump victory.

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