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Joe Biden promised amnesty for 25 million illegal aliens. He promised to tear down 400 miles of the Wall separating Mexico with America. He promised amnesty for 800,000 plus DACA illegal aliens. He promised thousands more work visas into the USA, which adds endless population surges. He promises to open the borders again to immigration from Muslim countries.

His promises will flood America with millions more desperate people from all over the world.

This interview with energy and resources specialist Dell Erickson of Minneapolis, Minnesota presents a harsh picture of America’s future that Biden expects to bequeath to Americans and our children.

The sheer numbers will shock you and the consequences will make you shrink as to the future for your children.

Mr. Erickson, please give us an idea of what our country faces as Joe Biden opens the borders to unlimited immigration:

“Immigration in the U.S. is more about the nature of this country and the Powers transforming it,” Erickson said. “It’s all about numbers.”

“I begin with immigration numbers, then immigration policies, and finally representation as the foundation of this Nation. We study the sources of immigration, effects of any Biden amnesty, and mathematically determine the implications for voting and representation, plus redistricting.

“The numbers are current or close approximations. Assumptions are as identified. Also, it is imperative to note that all lawful, amnestied immigrants, and illegal aliens, ‘refugees’, even tourists can have an instant citizen child and the child overtime, can lawfully bring its entire family to the U.S. On average they each bring 3.5 – 5 or more family members. Some 10 – 15. American citizens have no say in the matter.”

Representation in Congress

“Congress (the House) has 435 members,” said Erickson. “Congressional representation determines Federal policies, practices, rules, laws, power and control, and money flows to and from the states. The more representatives of a type, the greater the power. The House is balanced by the Senate. The catchphrase is the House “proposes”, the Senate “disposes”.

“In divided, balanced, situations, as now, the President assumes great power, power that is only restricted by the Constitution and only then if courts contest a matter. Like the President’s political party, the Attorney General is unlikely to contest the President since the AG is of the same political party. Analogously, for the States and municipalities. Others may entertain a lawsuit, but they require standing –and money!”

Changes in representation is called: redistricting.

Current U.S. population:

335,000,000 / 435 = 770,100 population for each representative. Note the dilution.

Immigrants and their children (2019.): 62,000,000 / 770,100 = 80.5 members of congress representing immigrants. House seats are taken from other locations. ~19% of total.

1900 U.S. population: 76,000,000
76,000,000 / 435 = 175,000 per seat.

1800 U.S. population: 5,300,000
5,300,000 / 435 = 12,200 per seat.

Determining additional representatives by immigration sources & numbers.

DACA: 800,000, assume 3.5 family members each = 2,800,000 + 800,000 = 3,600,000 total immigration, one time, not yearly.

DREAM Act-like legislation; assume 2,000,000 and family of 3.5x = 7,000,000 + 2,000,000 = 9,000,000 immigration, one time, not yearly.

Legal annual immigration. 1,000,000 3.5x family = 3,500,000 + 1,000,000 = 4,500,000 per year, every year.

Refugees. 80,000, assume family of 7x = 560,000 + 80,000 = 640,000 per year. If “refugees” at 250,000 (a ‘fair’ number?) then 1,750,000 + 250,000 = 2,000,000 every year.

Illegal aliens. Assume 50% have non-U.S. family and they each have family 4x = 11,000,000 x 4 = 44,000,000 +11,000,000 = 55,000,000 one time, over several years.

H visa family (many types). 500,000 stay per year, assume family 4x = 2,000,000 + 500,000 = 2,500,000 every year.

Student visas. 700,000 who become illegal aliens, assume % illegal overstayers of 45% (315,000), family 4x = 1,260,000 per year + 315,000 = 1,575,000 every year.

Lottery. 85,000, family 4x = 340,000 every year.

Birth Tourist visas. 33,000 per year. Assume family 5x, 165,000 + 33,000 = 198,000 yearly.

Illegal alien birth industry. 300,000 per year. 5x, 1,500,000 + 300,000 = 1,800,000 per year.

TOTAL Biden/Harris amnesty results:

One time, arrive over several years:

3,600,000 -800,000 (already here) = 2,600,000
9,000,000 -2,000,000 (already here) = 7,000,000
55,000,000 -11,000,000 (already here) = 44,000,000

Total: 67,600,000 – 13,800,000 = 53,800,000 new immigrants in-country.

Yearly Additional:
1,000,000 => 4,500,000
250,000 => 2,000,000
500,000 => 2,500,000
315,000 => 1,575,000
85,000 => 340,000
33,000 => 198,000
300,000 => 1,800,000

Total: 12,913,000 per year

You can see from Erickson’s research that our country will become a massive refugee camp. Where the 1,000,000 legal immigrants enjoy entry, it actually turns out to be 4.5 million people as to their offspring.

The 250,000 turns out to be 2.0 million. The 500,000 illegals turns out to be 2.5 million with their birthrates. The 300,000 anchor babies grow to 1.8 million annually with their mothers and further children, year after year.

Biden will accelerate those numbers with his amnesties to the point where we will not be able to water, feed, work, educate, medicate or provide for THAT many people—along with our own citizens.

Do you understand that 335 million people today need over 1 billion meals per day? That’s three square meals a day! What happens when we have to feed 440 million as shown in the video below?

What’s going to happen? As Black, White and Hispanic Americans dwindle, we will see this country become dominated by Kenya, Ethiopia, Damascus, India, China, Pakistan and most other third world countries that flood their citizens into America.

Is that what you want for your children? Because if you do, it’s coming. If you don’t, what are you doing as a citizen to stop it?

“America’s immigration policies have launched us into a risky experiment never tried by a modern-day country,” said Dan Stein, director of the Federation of American Immigration Reform, based in Washington, DC. “What remains to be seen is if this country has the capacity to accommodate and assimilate an unending wave of mass immigration. Failure to do so will result in a balkanized, fragmented, strife-torn, overpopulated, and dysfunctional country.”


Distribute these two videos to all your networks to visually show them what’s coming for their children, too:

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In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation. Take five minutes to see for yourself:

“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

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