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Joe Biden promised amnesty for 25 million illegal aliens. He promised the tear down all of the Wall separating Mexico with America. He promised amnesty for 800,000 plus DACA illegal aliens.  He promised thousands more work visas into the USA, which adds endless population surges.  He promises to open the borders again to immigration from Muslim countries.

This Part 2 of the interview with energy and resources specialist Dell Erickson of Minneapolis, Minnesota presents a harsh picture of America’s future that Biden expects to render on America.

The sheer numbers will shock you and the consequences make you shrink as to the future for your children.

Mr. Erickson, please give us an idea of what our country faces as Joe Biden opens the borders to unlimited immigration:

“If you often feel you’ve become a stranger in your own country, it’s no longer your country, you’re right,” said Erickson. “American workers, American disadvantaged, the American Nation have lost the support of those Democrats who stood for them. They all come for American jobs –perhaps yours, your daughter’s or son’s, not to be an American.

“Unlike old line Democrats who knew immigration was bad for labor and the disadvantaged, current Democrats use immigration to promote their notion of governments; labor support means foreign immigration. The party coalitions have done a flip-flop, the democrats subsidize and serve industry, hotel, restaurant, agriculture, technology, even the healthcare and education fields.

“Not only is it with governments, but obviously the media, especially TV and TV programming, and advertising. Pandering to specific segments of society, programs portray a narrow Democrat political point of view, literally propaganda mills. TV programs for example, frequently have illegal aliens receiving the care of a citizen while making the viewer feel mean-spirited guilt if you felt differently. The Motion Picture Academy Awards are no longer about excellence or talent or awards unless it first meets the Democrat political point of view.

“Red” people do the only thing they can, vote with the remote or turn it off.  Defunding police or eliminating ICE are other examples. It’s no wonder the top 10 programs viewed each week are football; yet even football has become politicized and as a result support has fallen significantly. A last domestic citizen resort is to move, unable or frightened and unwilling to speak out, they are fleeing from ‘blue’ areas; it’s becoming an outpouring. (Think Detroit, Michigan when it lost 1.2 million white Americans.) As the data illustrates, they will be continually marginalized until they won’t matter; merely enclaves of what were once a people.

“Under the circumstances it cannot be stopped. A nation fundamentally from London, Berlin, and Stockholm is becoming Mexico City, Mogadishu, and Damascus. Indeed, under Biden / Harris Democrats, the immigration numbers document it will worsen, be unstoppable, only until the nation is ripped apart.

“The Biden / Democrat immigration policy is almost all from 2nd and mostly 3rd world nations, with non-Western societies, non-English speaking, non-Judeo-Christian religion, and average IQ’s in the low – mid 90s, some say in the 80s. Because of immigration, the U.S. average IQ has fallen to 97 and is in steady decline. Magnifying the already crumbling living standard, lower IQ implies productivity creating wealth will continue to decline. The lack of intellectual ability is being realized now, notably in schools; the future is bleak; simply picture in your mind the source nations, i.e. Somalia, Ethiopia, Congo, Pakistan, Sudan, etc. The 2000 Census year 2100 projection for White Americans was they would constitute approximately 7% of the population and Black Americans become a footnote in American history at 2100.

“A very dark crystal ball foresees the time the ‘Blue’ masses can –if current protest and riots are any indication, if they don’t get their way perhaps take to the streets. Many states’ government heavy-handed tyrannical response to Covid-19 can be seen as a preparation template for the change.

“The Biden-democrat program is not only remaking the identity of what were Americans, they have the power to change everything, even the form of government. For example, change to what they are familiar with and governments they chose to leave. They often left overpopulated miserable 3rd world socialists’ dictatorships, now only to remake freedom loving Americans one of them.

“Finally, the most important question to be asked has not been:  “what is a sustainable population level for the U.S. and what is immigration’s role in achieving it?” The answer of course is far fewer people if a sustainable population level is the objective. The American natural and ecological environment is suffering; unchecked irreversible catastrophes lie just ahead.

“That immigration driven population growth will end one way or another.”

Yes, Erickson is correct: immigration will end one way or the other. What are you doing to help it end in a positive manner?  Anyone voting to stop all immigration?  Are you raising your voice?  If not, why not? Then, when?  It’s your kids’ future!

“In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation.  Take five minutes to see for yourself:

Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

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