By Lex Greene

August 29, 2022

For many years, I made fun of the “chem-trail” conspiracy theorists because as a fixed wing pilot for years myself, I’m quite familiar with vapor trails. But the recent display of utter mass-insanity in our country made me wonder if we were not being poisoned by our own government, be it via chem-trails or our food and water supply.

What else could explain the mass-psychosis gripping our society, now visible in daily life?

“Psychosis is when people lose some contact with reality. Mass formation psychosis is when a large part of a society focuses its attention to a leader(s) or a series of events and their attention focuses on one small point or issue. Followers can be hypnotized and be led anywhere, regardless of data proving otherwise. A key aspect of the phenomena is that the people they identify as the leaders – the one’s that can solve the problem or issue alone – they will follow that leader(s) regardless of any new information or data. Furthermore, anybody who questions the leader’s narrative are attacked and disregarded.” (Source)

Sound familiar? A lot like the current “cancel culture” maybe, demonizing, arresting, raiding the property of everyone willing to speak out against the utter insanity?

Did you wonder why millions of Americans were so willing to give up their freedom, liberty, income, family, and friends at the drop of a hat, under an alleged corona virus (common cold) threat that in the end, only affected the same number of people who get the flu every year?

Did you wonder why so many wore a mask despite manufacture labels explaining that those masks were not designed for, or capable of, preventing the spread of any virus? Did you wonder why millions of Americans rushed to take untested and non-FDA Approved “vaccines” and continue to take them despite proof that they don’t prevent infection, illness, transmission or even death – and may in fact be killing people?

Expert in the field of mass-mental manipulation, Carla Mardell, explains in this brief interview.

Fundamentally, mind control is based upon the ability to manipulate the mind by simply controlling the information allowed to enter the mind — or prevented from entering the mind. The human mind is much like a computer, in that it can only manage the information it is allowed to absorb. Garbage information in, and you can only get garbage information out.

Meanwhile, this critical information has been intentionally withheld from public access in the USA. Had any American known the truth about COVID19 or the so-called “vaccines,” no one would have ever ventured into this Nuremberg level human experiment.

Mind control involves preventing the truth from being known, as just confessed by Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, who now claims the platforms 2020 mass-manipulation of information was directed by the FBI. Guess what else federal agencies told social media platforms to manipulate in 2020?

It also involves the intentional spread of blatantly false information, such as the numerous attacks of President Donald J. Trump, all of which proven baseless eventually. This has nothing to do with what I personally think of Trump, but rather the simple fact that nothing they have accused him of, has proven to be true.

How were millions of Americans driven to a deep hatred of Donald Trump, most of whom incapable of stating one legitimate reason for their hatred of a man they never met and know almost nothing about? Nothing more than mindless regurgitated false talking point…

It’s quite easily done actually… All it takes is a steady diet of non-stop hate filled attacks from every possible source, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, PBR, NPR, Hollywood, Twitter, Facebook, the college lecture halls, political parties, all the way down to K thru 12 public education and the modern church pulpit. Everywhere you look, every sound you hear, an open character assassination of any popular political opponent.

No, of course it doesn’t need to be true, any of it. It just needs to be a continuous drumbeat. Not a single accusation hurled at Trump over the past seven years has proven true in the end. In fact, evidence of democrat party corruption was discovered at the root of every false accusation.  But that has no bearing at all with his haters. The facts are entirely irrelevant to them.

Rape of the mind is focused on the young, the most vulnerable minds in any society.

The same group of young Americans know that communism has brutally murdered millions all over the world. They know that socialism has miserably failed everywhere it’s been tried on earth. But they still believe that these forms of fascism and totalitarianism can work, and that it holds more promise than a capitalist free-market economy that created the most prosperous nation ever known to mankind, raising every race, creed, and color from generational poverty.

They watch as millions flee their homelands daily, countries ravaged by socialist and communist policies, in search of freedom in the United States at grave risk. But they still don’t think America is worth celebrating and protecting. None of them leave the USA to join a socialist country, but they instead insist America should become a 3rd world Marxist country.

This is the direct result of decades of blatant lies, poured into their brains like poison 24/7, until they can no longer detect basic right from wrong, good from evil, truth from lie. Their minds are no longer free, able to take in truth, digest it properly, and arrive at any logical conclusion.

Sadly, those most affected by this are the young, those who have not lived long enough to understand much of anything, beyond what they are told. Never in history has there ever been such a generation totally ignorant of reality, but so sure of themselves.

In truth, American minds have been manipulated for more than a hundred years now. Despite knowing our Founders refused to form a “democracy” in favor of a guaranteed Republican form of self-governance, most Americans still think the USA is a “democracy,” not knowing the critical difference between the two.

Even worse, the constant rape of young minds in this country has resulted in a vicious militant anger towards every peaceful freedom and liberty loving American. They are the Marxist Cancel Culture Army in the USA now. They are the “citizen army” that Barack Obama promised to build, in his ongoing effort to “fundamentally transform America” into a 3rd world member of Klaus Schwab’s global commune, where we will “own nothing.”

In closing, if a person is only able to tolerate one view and demonstrates an involuntary violent reaction to any information that challenges their belief system, they are under mind control. When people hate, without an ability to explain their hatred, or define the reasons for their hatred in real factual terms, they are under mind control.

Those under mind control do not know that their thoughts and views are being controlled by others, via systematic flooding of information designed to condition thoughts that they believe are their own. Past a certain point, the mind is held hostage to self-defeating concepts. Claiming a right to never be offended, those under mind control are easily offended by any opposing view or set of facts, and they react violently towards anyone who dare to present facts that may undermine their belief structure.

A majority of Americans are already conditioned for the next big attack on Trump, when only the scientists and doctors responsible for the entire COVID19 disaster should be blamed and held accountable. Trump was merely “following the scientists.”

Many pet lovers are familiar with Pavlov’s Dog Training experiments. What most don’t know more importantly, is Pavlov also studied the human mind and found that the same stimuli used to train dogs works to train the human mind. In modern America, free gifts from the public treasury are the equivalent of dog treats used to condition the behavior of the dog. Those who “go-long to get-along” qualify for treats from the government. Those who don’t are denied any treats from their government, and are instead, targeted by the government as “dangerous extremists.”

I write this for two groups… first so that parents and grandparents understand why when they sent their kids to “higher learning” centers, they had a violent far left total stranger return home, and that it was no accident or coincidence.

Also, for the younger generations who have been mentally conditioned to commit national socialist suicide in elections, totally discarding the love and wisdom of all who have lived and experienced much more, in favor of their high-browed experts and professors, in my hopes that some can be reached before it’s too late.

May God Place his Healing Hand upon this very sick nation… for it is the only hope we have now. Sadly, many of the mind-controlled will even take offense to this.

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