Another leftist book tour on the way

As is typical of leftists, including former first lady Michelle Obama, they find some controversial tid bits and create a book to go on a national book tour.  Michelle is no exception.  Her statements reflect the paranoid delusions of the DEMOCRATS and field of lies they stand in.

Michelle declares boldly that she will never forgive Trump for his ‘crazy and mean spirited’ Birther Conspiracy’ regarding where her husband was born. The Obamas have stated from the beginning, when the birther controversy started to storm that Barack was born in Hawaii. That was the lying position statement of Barack even while evidence was swarming around him to the opposite.  I will never forget how the media weighed into this lying criminal enterprise.

No one in the mainstream media nor any Democrat would look at the heavy amount of growing evidence against Obama and where he was actually born.  They would only attack journalists, investigators and alternative media who dared day after day to point out the truth, that Barack Obama was not eligible to run for President and frankly violating our Constitution and law to do so.  There, bigot Roth as spoken yet again about this.  I screamed on my national radio show then and in untold articles but the national betrayal grew.  We were all racists daring to point out the criminal enterprise of a guy who was part black and also half white.  Which part was I supposed to hate?

Many known and respected investigators, journalists and professionals  have proven that the first birth certificate Obama threw out to the public was 100% fraudulent and not real.  Others flew to Hawaii and found zero evidence of any Obama birth there. They looked at records of all hospitals and tracked every step of Obama and hid Mom.

Evidence boldly pointed to Obamas birth outside the country.  This was reinforced by Obamas own Grandma saying he was born in Kenya.  Verified records showing flight info as to where Obama and his Mother were pointed also to Kenya, not Hawaii for the birth.

Bringing this make believe, racist mean spirited and bigoted conspiracy current, Is Michelle right to bring this up yet again and blame Trump for this mean fantasy of sorts?  How dare Trump say Obama wasn’t born in the US.

Only one small teensy-weensy problem with Michelle’s assault on Trump the birther bigot now.  Recently in a trip to Africa Obama declared  proudly that he wasn’t born in the US.   He admits to being born on Kenya where all the proof and investigations have pointed to for years.

I hope Michelle will have a lovely book tour pushing her lies about where Obama was born and continuing her witch hunt against Trump.  I will stand with ‘lying mean spirited and bigoted’ Trump who stands on the law, truth and right priorities for America.  Oh yea, Trump legally and Constitutionally got voted in as President, Obama did not.

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