By Andrew C. Wallace

Our courts are so corrupt that after the Election Insurrection by Biden “THE USURPER”, they ignored the simple definitive words of the Constitution, or claimed lack of “Standing”, which was false. The courts invented “Standing”, as they have many things, so they could ignore the Constitution and do as they please. The concept of “Standing’ can be legitimate, but in too many cases it is used to ignore an issue.

One of the primary objectives of the Constitution was to protect the People from a mostly corrupt government (all governments are inherently corrupt). The Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) own the government and Biden, ”THE USURPER”, lock, stock and barrel. The founders gave us our “Great Constitution” to guarantee our rights, which included “Firearms”, “The Militia of the Several States”, “Grand Juries”, and the right to “Petition” government to protest actions by government. All government officials everywhere are inherently corrupt, requiring citizen vigilance to keep them honest (this is true throughout history).  What could you expect when many are lawyers taught to be mendacious and obfuscate; many are graduates of Ivy League Indoctrination Centers like Harvard and Yale ( 8 of 9 Supreme Court Justices?). Most citizens (victims of propaganda) are ignorant and apathetic; they just don’t give a damn. But unfortunately for the traitors there are millions who do care, more than enough  to fight. If the PSRRC and their Communist minions including Biden”THE USURPER”persist, there will be bodies in the streets from coast to coast resulting from guerrilla warfare .

The right to keep and bear arms is the MOST important Constitutional right that we were given in the Constitution. The Communists and the PSRRC are doing everything to take away our firearms. We will not allow them to do so. We know what happened to Canadians and Australians after they took away their firearms. The British lost their right to own firearms and have been subservient to their PSRRC ever since. People living under dictatorships have no weapons; we may be the last free country in the world because of our firearms.

The Constitution gives citizens the right to Petition government for redress of wrongs. But the Constitution didn’t include a provision for enforcement, so no one gets any satisfaction from government minions of the PSRRC.

Then we have the Grand Jury which is supposed to protect citizens from false legal actions. But the Grand Jury has been taken over completely by judges and prosecutors for their own purposes. There can be no justice when prosecutors have been bought by the PSRRC and many judges think they make the law.

“Firearms” and “The militia of the Several States” (Militia) are the most important weapons that the founders gave us in the Constitution to protect us, and the Republic from criminals in government. Using the Militia to protect our rights is preferable to using firearms because then we have a bloody destructive Pyrrhic Victory. But, the choice is clear when the options are either freedom in our Constitutional Republic or degradation, brutality, fear and slavery in a Communist state run by the PSRRC.

It is common knowledge by anyone who is not as ignorant as a box of rocks that many in the DOJ, FBI, SCOTUS, Military Flag Officers, Courts, et al, are guilty of treason, and the rest are cowards. Most of them ignored the Constitution and supported the insurrection of our Constitutional Republic by Biden, “THE USURPER”. If these Communist minions of the PSRRC had honored their oaths to the Constitution, the government overthrow would not have been possible. These fellow travelers are below contempt.

You can never control corruption because the FBI is the most corrupt, incompetent, and expensive so-called police force in the world. Even if we had effective law enforcement, we would still be at the mercy of the PSRRC because our courts are compromised. To get our country and freedoms back we must abolish the FBI and establish alternate courts until honest Constitutional courts can be reestablished.

Our Constitution stipulates that the “Militia of the Several States” (Militia) will enforce laws of the union. I think the FBI was brought into power by hook or crook (read how it was started and grew) because it could be controlled; whereas the Militia would be more difficult to control. Powers of the Militia seem to be very broad and would encompass oversight of officials and I think the ability to form alternate courts. Officers of the Militia are appointed by the states. I firmly believe that the FBI, Courts, Military Flag officers, et al, committed treason when they refused to support the Constitution and prevent the election insurrection. They must be replaced or we will be at war.

I am an Economist, not a legal scholar, so the details of the actions required must be researched by scholars of Constitutional Law.  Much of what I have learned about the Militia of the Several States was obtained by reading  the Constitution and comprehensive articles in by Edwin Vieira Jr., AB, MA, PhD, JD.

I hope that experts will take on the task of telling us how to use the Militia to oversee officials, replace the FBI and give us alternate courts.

© 2021 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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