The past year of 2018 has been one filled with realizations and recognition of some very painful things.

The need for faith in God became even more apparent in 2018 than at just about any time in the history of our nation.  We have had a hard time adjusting to how much corruption there is in the Deep State’s American government.  We knew there was corruption.  We didn’t know it involved so many at every level.

As President Trump began his swamp cleaning effort, the corruption of the Deep State has become more and more apparent.  We are killing ourselves from the inside and have become our own “domestic” enemy.  The FBI and CIA headquarters need to be moved to Alaska… get them out of the Washington, D.C. swamp where they have the power to control the Department of Justice.

Progressive liberals do not like truth and light.  They have faced huge conflicts between reality (which they manage to avoid) and their mostly uninformed opinions of the way things ought to be (which is where they live their lives).

All one needs to do to prove that statement is look at the Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and listen to them talk about the wonders of socialism – free education, free medical care, free whatever you want, without bothering to look at what has happened to the people of Venezuela, the most recent example trying to function under socialism.

There are many other examples where it’s been tried and failed – none have succeeded.  The productive are leaving Venezuela by the millions, only  a short time ago an economically strong nation.  That is BS – Before Socialism.  Today the government is unable to provide even the most basic comforts – like, heat, electricity, water, food, etc.

The truth doesn’t stop Bernie and Alexandria, though.  Neither knows what they’re talking about, but that doesn’t matter.  It never matters to liberals.  They do not live in the real world.

Conservatives figured out long ago that political correctness is nothing more than a way to avoid truth.  Liberals love it because a) they don’t care about truth; and b) they have determined that between liberals and conservatives, they, liberals, are most qualified to determine what is correct and incorrect and that, in turn, gives them the power to rule on what may and may not be thought or said.  I forgot to mention that liberals lack any sense of humility.

Conservatives of course disagree with liberals, but Republicans elected by the public to be leaders have decided their job is to follow the liberal Democrat line rather than stand for anything requiring leadership within their own political party.  They think they are going to sit out “this Trump mess” and get on with business once he is removed or the Democrats win the 2020 election or… what?  They do not understand that they are destroying their own party because without conservative votes Republicans can’t be elected dog catcher.

The way Utah Senator Mitt Romney (nicknamed “McFlake”) spoke on his first day in office exemplifies why, if the people of Utah have a grain of common sense, will not be re-elected.  If he is living in a dream world that he will progress from where he is to higher office, he will awaken to realize he is having a nightmare.  Utah and Arizona may vote religion before the welfare of the nation, but conservatives in the other 48 states do not.

Liberal progressives have always had problems with the conservative rejection of political correctness because liberals avoid truth if it suits their purpose. They believe the means justifies the end and lying is okay if it helps them achieve their objectives.  It’s the same guideline used by Muslims who think it’s not only okay but right to lie to Infidels.  It seems to get worse with time.  Maybe it’s because the second lie is always easier than the first and the 50th is easier than the 49th.

We can almost say with assuredness that if liberals’ lips are moving, they are lying.  Often, they are unaware that they are lying.  They do not realize that they are uninformed about the reality of what is going on around them and their daily talking points are their perspective of the truth.  I have yet to see a liberal progressive talking point be truthful or deal with reality.  It is impossible to have an adult conversation with them about almost anything because of their ignorance of the truth and the real world.  When you cannot talk reasonably with another person and they keep forcing issues down your throat to make you do things their way, it eventually ends in a fight.

Liberals in power often know the truth and hypocritically set out to distort it, no matter how destructive.  The Kavanaugh hearings are a good example of that.  It doesn’t matter to them that had they succeeded they would have destroyed a human life as surely as if they had stoned him to death.  Achieving their objectives at any cost is what matters to liberal Democrats.

I am not and have never been a Kavanaugh fan.  But giving credence to Christine Blasey Ford, a Professor at Palo Alto University who teaches clinical psychology to graduate students – a professor who is in charge of the CIA’s Stanford University recruiting program – and scuttling the concept of innocent until PROVEN guilty (which Senator Diane Feinstein immediately did) is tyrannical.  It is unconstitutional.  Thus, we can safely say that evidence exists that liberal Democrats favor tyranny and hold the Constitution in low regard.

For example, liberals raised the roof when ICE used tear gas against the invasion force of Central Americans at our southern border.  However, they were totally content when Barrack Obama used tear gas at our border with Mexico 80 times.

For those who do not know, that is called hypocrisy.

It was hypocrisy and fake reporting to publish pictures of children separated from their parents and put in “cages” under the Obama administration and presenting them as evidence that President Trump was separating children from their families and was holding them in a cage.  Obama, of course, was never mentioned.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi point to how inhumane President Trump’s policies are towards illegals.  They ignore (typical of liberals) the fact that the children are often kidnapped and put into human trafficking prisons or that they are killed and their organs are harvested.  They ignore the heaps of trash, feces and bottles of urine left behind on the path to Tijuana.   They ignore the fact that according to reports from Tijuana officials, these people are bringing HIV, a virulent form of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases into America.  They ignore the fact that it would have saved a thousand miles of travel for these illegal aliens had they hiked to El Paso rather than Tijuana.

I call Schumer’s and Pelosi’s attitudes toward the Trump Wall not only inhumane, but inhuman and treasonous.

I would point out that Central Americans who seek asylum have no reason to seek it in America once their feet touch Mexican soil.  Mexico has offered asylum and the wandering masses have rejected it.  They want the money Chuck and Nancy have promised them if they get to America so they can unlawfully vote for Democrats.

We are under no obligation to give asylum to anyone once their feet touch ground in another nation that is in no way threatening to them.  Once they are in Mexico, they are safe.  Mexico is not threatening them and so there is no need to give them asylum.  Thus, I cannot see any legal channel whereby asylum demands can be made in our courts.  I do not believe they can justify a court hearing demanding amnesty!

The Congress voted to spend up to $50 billion when it passed the Secure Fence Act of 2006, authorizing a fence to be built along 700 mile border between the United States and Mexico.  H.R. 6061 passed the House 283 to 138 on September 13, 2006.  It passed the Senate on September 29, 2006 and was signed into law by George Bush on October 26, 2006.   Now, Democrats cannot provide 10 percent of what they already approved.

Schumer and Pelosi say the reason they cannot approve the $5 billion for Trump’s wall is the cost.  However, they had no problem approving $10 billion of foreign aid to Mexico.

For those who do not know, that is called abuse of power and arrogance.  It is also called evidence of hypocrisy.  Did either of these two people take an Oath of Office?  If so, their behavior offers evidence they have violated it.

Because illegal immigration costs America from $110 to $155 billion annually, the $5 billion for the fence will be quickly recouped.  Thus, cost is not the issue and does not influence Schumer or Pelosi.  They are too wrapped up in their power blankets to pay attention to the American citizens who elected a man to the Presidency because he promised them a wall.  It is clear that Schumer and Pelosi are thinking of the 2020 presidential elections and an opportunity to embarrass President Trump so he will lose – at the cost of their country, for heaven’s sake!  And Never Trumpers like Senator Cory Gardner sit on their hands.

Senator Bob Dole once said one of the most dangerous places you can be is between Chuck Schumer and a television camera.  Chuck Schumer loves media attention.  He’s always been egotistical.  He would rather shut down the government than build a wall to prevent an invasion by people wanting to enter America illegally.  There can be no other name for closing our government than the “Schumer Shutdown.”

Who did you vote for last November?  Did you vote for an incumbent… did you re-elect a member of the establishment Republican Party to office?  If so, you are part of the problem, not the solution.  Mitch McConnell, Cory Gardner, Paul Ryan (thank God he’s gone), and the others must be tossed out on their rears.  We know who the Trump supporters are – the Jim Jordans in the House and Lindsay Grahams in the Senate – and who they are not.

Here’s a good New Year resolution:  Sit down and write a letter to your Congressman and your Senators.  Tell them that if you do not see outward and apparent support of President Donald Trump you will have no choice other than to support another candidate when they next run for office.  It’s easy.  Let me help.  Here’s a copy of my letter to my Congressman.

Go here to find out who represents you in Congress and their address.  All you need to know is your zip code.

Congressman Scott Tipton
U.S. House of Representatives
218 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-0603

Dear Congressman Tipton:

It has been two years since Donald J. Trump, a Republican, was elected President of the United States.  During that time, I have seen from you little or no outward support of President Trump.

If I am mistaken, please provide me with public statements you have made in support of the President or the programs he has recommended and enacted.  Please send any press releases you have submitted to the media which have been ignored (and please tell me to which publications they were sent) so I can evaluate for myself whether you support the Republican Party and the lawful American voters who elected President Trump.

Please be advised that I am monitoring the support or lack of it for our president and will only vote for those elected officials who have strongly supported the will of the American people who elected President Trump.  If that is not you, I need to know and will appreciate any help you can give me in determining who I will vote for to represent me in future elections.


Illegal aliens who are trying to rob Americans of their nation need to be taught:  If freedom is of value to you, do what our ancestors did and go fight for it.  Stop depending on Americans to solve your damned problems.  You don’t want amnesty.  Mexico offered you amnesty.

Buckle your seat belts.  2019 is going to be a rough ride… but stand by your man because he’s the best hope we have of regaining our Constitutional Republic!

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