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I don’t about you, but I am sick of Nancy Pelosi and every democrat who voted for impeachment.  I’m sick of the charade going on in Washington DC by a bunch of shallow, egomaniacs and career, corrupt, criminal politicians.

Adam Schiff lacks a meaning life, and a purposeful life—so he decided to take it out on the American people. Rep. Sadler, ditto. Two goofballs that don’t realize how insanely out of out of touch they are with the American people.  One should see a shrink and the other should sign up with Jenny Craig.

Over a simple phone call to the president of the Ukraine?  Give me a break!  Talk about reaching for a straw dog.

Again, I repeat Mark Twain, “ Suppose you were and idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress…ah, but I repeat myself.”

Nothing has changed in over 100 years. We’re being led by idiots that we pay $174,000.00 annually, and to think we allow the leader of the idiots, Pelosi, Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez and Maxine Waters to continue their shallow-as-plastic-wrap-on-unused-vegetables—-lives in the halls of Congress.

Every problem in our country stems from: they’ve not accomplished anything according to our Constitution during their ‘forever careers’ in Congress.  Schumer has been in the Senate since he wore diapers.  Pelosi has been there since she wore a training bra as a teen. Maxine Waters, and God help me, couldn’t pass a 6th grade math test and couldn’t read the Constitution because my bet is: she’s functionally illiterate.   They and the rest of them that have served over 10 years prove themselves fossils. Rusted out, rotted out and completely useless for the American people.

Hearing Nancy Pelosi talk about the Constitution and the Founding Fathers is like hearing the devil quote the Bible.  She makes me sick to my stomach. Worse, the inane people of her California district keep voting her into office.  She’s about as useless and meaningless as a mosquito trying to fly to the moon.

They’ve hounded the president for three years. First with a two-year scam Mueller Report that turned up empty.  They knew that within six months.  It wasted millions of taxpayer dollars.  Dumbest thing I’ve seen since Nixon’s trial.  Then, failing at that scam, they brought up a new scam for impeachment over a friggin’ phone call.  Imagine that all democrats voted for impeachment and not one, single republican voted for impeachment.

We’re talking a trial by partisanship, not justice, not due process, not reality based.  I’ve never seen so many pre-Madonna’s since the last time I taught at a Mensa convention.

To give some appreciation, I think Trump represents childish behavior, bombastic conduct and he’s egotistical beyond comprehension.  I personally would not accept a dinner invitation from him.  I like to sit down with regular, normal and average Americans—that make this country work.

Trump hasn’t stopped illegal immigration. He hasn’t stopped anchor babies. He’s hasn’t stopped “Diversity Visas” and he hasn’t stopped chain migration. He doesn’t understand that our country faces horrible overpopulation issues as Congress dumps over 110 million more legal immigrants on us within 30 years.  He’s gutting EPA that keeps some kind of law protection for our environment.  He hasn’t brought down the national debt, but added to it: $23 trillion.  He hasn’t gotten out of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.  He’s being controlled by the Military Industrial Complex and the Federal Reserve bankers.  He’s wasting lives of our finest and money out of our pockets.

He hasn’t stopped Muslim chain migration that will prove the greatest catastrophe in the history of our country.  Ultimately, Muslims will conquer our country at the going rate of immigration and their vengeance against “The Great Satan”.  We’re facing one hell of a nasty future as Muslims will clash with Americans for dominance.  And, because Americans are so fat, so lazy, so apathetic—I’m betting, in time, Muslim will take over city after city in our country—and they will install Sharia Law. They already have in Detroit, Minneapolis, Miami, New York City, and many more cities where they created parallel Islamic societies.

We’ve already got multiple wives, honor killings at 25 per year and over 500,000 documented female genital mutilation cases in our country by Muslim immigrants. They’re dragging our country back into the 6th century.

At the same time, Hillary and Bill Clinton back in the White House would have proved the greatest boondoggle in American history.

May the U.S. Senate get this stupid impeachment mockery of the Constitution finished and acquit Trump, and then, all those “asses” in the House and in the criminals in the Senate—get back to serving we, the people.  Gees, I’m pissed!

Again, I repeat Mark Twain, “ Suppose you were and idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress…ah, but I repeat myself.”

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