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If they gave an award for climate change hypocrisy, Prince Charles—good grief, he could be king of England someday!—would be strongly in the running for it.

Last week this guy used three private jets, and a helicopter, to fly 16,000 miles before finally coming to earth at Davos for the World Economic Forum and some photo ops with teenage climate scold Greta Thunberg. He then gave an “impassioned” speech about how we gotta “do something” about the climate or else we’re all gonna die, blah-blah; and when that was finished, hopped onto yet another private jet and flew off somewhere else.

The Prince of Wales’ gallivantings cost British taxpayers an estimated 280,000 Pounds—to say nothing of a gigantic carbon footprint that whole towns of private citizens would be hard put to match if it took them all year. Yeahbut, yeahbut! He’s only jetting all over the place because he’s on Important Government Business… and probably has to get back in time to catch the Westminster Dog Show.

Wasn’t there something about jet travel killing the earth and so you can’t do it anymore? Shouldn’t he have crossed the English Channel in a canoe, and then walked, biked, or ridden an oxcart to Davos? How come he gets to do all these things that he and his friends tell us we shouldn’t be allowed to do?

Because it’s all just hogwash, that’s why.

Not one of this fallen world’s Climate Change prophets of doom—no, not one—acts like he or she believes a single word of this apocalypse that he’s selling to us peasants. Rising sea levels? But they build mansions on the shore. They’re not afraid of rising sea levels.The science is settled, so shut up already.

It’s so drearily obvious. Saving The Planet is the best excuse ever dreamed up for a ruling class to do anything it wants. Beggar us with taxes. Rub out our civil liberties. And then, when absolutely no catastrophe occurs, look us in the eye, smirk from ear to ear, and say “See? Nothing happened! All those new rules we imposed on you—they worked! We’ve saved the planet! And no, you can’t have your air conditioning back; and in order to keep on Saving The Planet, we’re going to have to cut your meat ration by another 88 percent…”

What they’re after, of course, is a global government with themselves in charge of it. No more pesky populism! And after all, it takes a global government to do all the things a government should do—and could do, if only people would stop getting in the way—abolish war and poverty and disease and income inequality and no more thinking bad thoughts… The only reason those things haven’t been done already is because you, with your archaic notions of religion and freedom and all the rest of it—you wouldn’t let us! Using technology wisely—and we, your government, do everything wisely—why, we can direct the course of human evolution! It says so, right there in the Humanist Manifesto. And that’s **Science, so there!

So while Greta “demands” instantaneous divorce from fossil fuels, the Davos crowd elevates her to an ersatz sainthood even as they themselves revel in private jets, stretch limos, mansions fit for maharajahs, and any other kind of conspicuous consumption that their hot little hands can reach out and grab. The austerities, the hardships—those are for us, not them. Never them.

One thing they can almost certainly achieve is to make everyone—except themselves—poor. That would be a kind of equality, wouldn’t it?

A mad teenager fronting for a criminal enterprise on a scale never before attempted…

We live in an interesting time.

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