By Lex Greene

Now that we all know that we have been and are being lied to by “science” and “media” regarding the virus and the so-called vaccines, it’s time to stop following the fraudulent science and start following common sense and natural survival instincts.

No one in the USA has been “following the science.” Everyone has been following their politics. People who have taken these injections were not following any science. Instead, they were following their politicians, like Fauci, Gates, Biden, Pelosi, Harris, Obama, and even Trump. Most who have refused the injections, are also not following any science. They rightfully distrust all politicians, news media and social media and don’t believe any advice given by any of them. It’s on this basis alone that most are refusing the injections.

We were ordered by politicians and their Marxist media to “follow the science” and almost every American citizen did, or at least, they followed their politician’s advice. Most followed a “politically approved science” issued by mad scientists well on public record discussing “mass population reduction” and formally on record holding Patents for both the COVID19 virus and their COVID19 “vaccines” – filed years before the COVID19 emergence in late 2019 and early 2020.

For the record, no one can own a Patent on a natural virus. But you can own a Patent on a bioweapon you created!

The other scientists all over the globe that have been issuing warning after warning about the virus and their “vaccines” have been deleted from social media platforms, attacked both professionally and personally, fired from their medical careers, no matter how right they have been or even how events unfolding right before our eyes have proven their warnings entirely appropriate. This science, we are NOT supposed to follow…

What CDC and WHO Science?

The CDC and WHO have publicly reported both of these scientific facts…

Number of USA COVID cases reported –35,019,526 – and, that an estimated 80% have been “false positives” and often “false negatives,” bringing the REAL number of USA COVID cases to 7,003,905 over an 18-month period(2.1% of the US Population)

NOTE: The average number of symptomatic FLU cases in the USA each year is also 35,000,000

Number of USA COVID deaths reported – 624,998 – but also that only 6% of these deaths were actually “deaths from COVID19” – bringing the REAL number of COVID19 deaths in the USA to 37,500also over an 18-month period (0.11% of the US Population)

NOTE: The average number of FLU deaths in the USA each year is also 34,200

However, despite these public CDC admissions of intentionally grossly inflating these numbers, the mad scientists and their Marxist media are still using the inflated numbers intended to frighten and control the population and scare them into “vaccines” that are already killing at a greater rate than the virus itself.

The CDC and WHO told us that wearing a mask would protect us from exposure to the virus they created in the Wuhan lab. If that had even been true, you putting on a mask would have made you safe even if no one else was wearing one. But it wasn’t true. In fact, more than 20-years of clinical studies regarding the effectiveness of these masks all resulted in confirmation that none of them are designed or capable of preventing the spread of any particles as small as virus particles.

The CDC and WHO told us that if we just voluntarily locked ourselves out of our lives, our freedom and liberty for a few weeks, the virus would be eradicated. That was almost 19-months ago now, and that scientific advice has also since been proven false.

The CDC and WHO is telling us now that the “vaccinated are safe” and the “unvaccinated are killing people.” However, 7-months into inoculations, over 60% of new COVID related deaths and hospitalizations are in patients who took their vaccines. Every week, more people are dying of the vaccines than of the virus now.

In fact, the Texas Democrats that ran from their oaths in Texas to hang out with their Marxist heroes in D.C. are now coming down with COVID19 from D.C. and ALL of them have taken their vaccines.

Further, the CDC and WHO are also telling everyone that even if you’ve had the vaccines, you still need your worthless mask. All the way down the line from day one in January 2020, these mad scientists have been wrong again and again. Yet, these are the scientists you are still supposed to be following?

The Media Says

In short, the media says whatever they are told to say, with a government gun to their heads. Most modern journalists are Marxists and globalists today. They agree with the ongoing plan to “depopulate” the world through these means. But even conservative leaning networks, publications and TV stars are squawking the Fauci line, protecting their jobs and high salaries over the health and well-being of the people. They continue to not only advance all of these lies hourly, but also support the governments intentions to FORCE vaccinate everyone, one way or another, beginning with all U.S. Military personnel starting September 1, 2021.

The Medical Community Says

They ALL know everything stated here and they ALL know that none of these “vaccines” are actually vaccines. They also know the masks don’t work and that we now have more deaths and adverse effects from the “vaccines” than the virus. They know everything I know and then some.

But they still stick to the company line coming from the very people who created this plandemic. That’s because if they don’t, they may lose that big house, the BMW and Mercedes in the driveway and that Rolex watch on their arm. Their family livelihood and financial security, along with their career, is on the line. Most have chosen to protect their lifestyles, rather than their patients and in many cases, even their own families.

They see what happens to medical professionals telling the people the truth. They are quite literally destroyed. Some of them even threatened with their lives and that of their families. So, they “follow the science” they are told to follow, all real science aside. They might even lose their Country Club membership if they dare tell the truth.

Of course, now that we know that the CDC, WHO and Fauci lied all along about everything, including the point of origin of the virus (aka bioweapon), the development of the vaccines (aka bioweapons) and his NIH funding of it all in support of “gain of function” sciences, not to mention grossly overstating related cases and deaths, we should (must) expect them to also lie about the number of deaths and adverse effects from their vaccines…and they are!

The most recent CDC VAERS report numbers the dead from vaccines at over 11,000 and those with other adverse effects at nearly 500,000. However, a suit was just filed based on whistleblower testimony from inside the CDC VAERS system claiming at least 45,000 vaccine deaths (now over 50,000), based upon reporting from “only one of eleven VAERS reporting channels.”The true numbers may be much higher.

The “Experimental” Vaccine Violates All 10 Nuremberg Codes – Which Carry the Death Penalty for Those Who Try to Break These International Laws: (quoted below)

1) Provides immunity to the virus?

This is a “leaky” gene therapy that does not provide immunity to Covid and double-vaccinated are now 60% of patients who need ER or ICU with covid infections.

2) Protects the recipients from getting the virus?

This gene therapy does not provide.

3) Reduces deaths due to viral infection?

This gene therapy does not reduce deaths from the infection. Double-vaccinated people infected with Covid have also died in alarming numbers.

4) Reduces the circulation of the virus?

This gene therapy still allows the virus to spread because it gives zero immunity to the virus.

5) Reduces the transmission of the virus?

This gene therapy still allows transmission of the virus because it does not confer immunity to the virus.

The hard cold facts are in, and they will become increasingly public despite the most massive effort in history to keep these facts a secret, known only by the perpetrators of this mass genocide until now.

COVID19 and all of their alleged “new variants” are NOT “viruses” – they are either other strains of the original bioweapon created by mad scientists in “gain of function” labs, paid for by U.S. taxpayers through Fauci’s organizations and other globalists involved, and/or just a political cover story intended to hide the fact that thousands are dying from their “vaccines.”

ALL COVID19 “vaccines” are NOT vaccines. They too, are manmade bioweapons. COVID19 was created for the sole purpose of introducing these so-called vaccines into the world. These “vaccines” are more than ten-times more deadly than the original COVID19 or any of their so-called variants.


  • You cannot patent anything that exists in nature. You can only get a patent for something unique, which you created.
  • None of the masks work. You know this already, by the mere fact that YOURS does not protect you even if others are wearing one too, and that this bioweapon continues to be active despite 19-months of wearing masks.
  • At the very best, these “vaccines” DO NOT prevent getting COVID19, proven by the number of post-vaccination infections, adverse effects and deaths, all of them allegedly testing positive for COVID after receiving the “vaccines.” At worst, these “vaccines” are killing more people than the original “virus” ever did or ever would have.
  • We have been lied to and controlled by those lies for 19-months now and we are still being told that the worst is yet to come. We are being told that the “unvaccinated” are a health threat to the vaccinated. That’s not even possible if the vaccines actually worked.
  • It was NEVER true any time in world history, that asymptomatic people are spreaders. It never has been true and never will be true. Only sick people can pass the illness to others, no matter the infectious disease.
  • COVID19 is a lab created bioweapon, not a virus. The “vaccines” are even more deadly bioweapons, not vaccines. That’s why they ARE NOT FDA approved!
  • VAERS has received well over 53,000 reports of DEATHS in the USA in patients who had received 1 or more doses of the fake “vaccines.” I know that thousands more have already been deleted from the VAERS database and I have been told by other researchers that as many as 150,000 cases have been deleted by the CDC, as the CDC issues a 7/21/21 announcement that the VAERS reports have been overstated by VAERS in error. This too is a lie — I have the files.
  • Even “conservatives” like Donald Trump and Governor DeSantis are promoting these deadly “vaccines” and the only thing I don’t know is if they are simply buying the science lies too, or do they know what I know?
  • ALL known proven medical treatments for any coronavirus were dismissed and blocked from medical use. The treatments used to kill SARS1 between 2003-2005 were denied the American people regarding SARS2 (COVID19). This is what made people get so sick that they would accept an even more deadly “vaccine.”
  • Patients presenting early signs of coronavirus symptoms were tested and sent back home without treatment. They were made to get even more sick at home until they were so sick that they had to be hospitalized. But then, there was little that could be done to save their lives.They were ventilated and soon after died in most cases.

Everything stated here can be easily proven. But to what effect?

The ONLY purpose of sharing information is to have that information result in critical actions. In this case, the critical actions must begin with STOPPING THE USE OF THESE VACCINES and opening a full investigation into why more people are dying from the vaccines, than from the original illness.


It is not possible to accomplish this action anywhere at the federal level. So, armed with the facts, We the People MUST work with our State Officials to BAN THESE VACCINES IN OUR STATES until a complete investigation into the adverse effects from these vaccines can be properly completed and honestly reported.

God Help this Country and its People if Americans lack the good sense and courage to do this immediately!

STOP following the maniacal “science” and start following common sense and basic survival instincts, if you still have any. We can and must save ourselves now!


© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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