The title of this article is shocking, but Biblically supportable.  Official statistics show there are 2.2 billion people in the world who call themselves Christian.   However, in 4 places in THE HOLY BIBLE, it says only “a few” are chosen or saved (e.g., “Broad is the path to destruction; narrow is the path to salvation; and few there are who find it.”).   Most people who call themselves Christians believe they are “saved” because they say they have accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord.   Since Jesus is “The Word of God made flesh,” then to accept Him as Lord, one must accept “The Word of God” (the do’s and don’ts of Biblical teaching), and it must be completely.
Bill Clinton’s Southern Baptist preacher in Arkansas told Bill that he is saved, because at a young age, Bill claimed Christ as his Lord and Savior.   However, those are just words, and Jesus said He wants “doers” (those who actually do what THE HOLY BIBLE tells us to do).   Therefore, when Galatians 5:19-21 says we must refrain from fornication or go to hell, Bill Clinton on judgment day has to look Christ right in the eye and truthfully say Jesus has been Lord of his sex life.  Do you believe he can do that?
Of course, someone might say Clinton could still go to heaven because Jesus could forgive his sins.   But Christ repeatedly said forgiveness comes with repentance (“Lest thou repent”), and it is doubtful that anyone who fornicated as much as Bill Clinton has repented of that sin (How can one keep doing something over and over again and still say he’s sorry?).  Moreover, so-called Christians can go to hell because of an improper understanding of what repentance entails.   Many people believe repentance is simply saying one is really sorry for committing a sin.   However, repentance cannot be casual.   True repentance can be explained by the following example.
If one is driving down a road and accidentally strikes a child who suddenly steps out from behind an object, the driver will be emotionally distraught.   But if one is emotionally distraught over an accident, one should be far more distraught when one deliberately commits a sin.   That is because Jesus took our sins upon Himself on the cross, and when one fornicates, for example, it is as if the sinner is 2000 years ago slamming a spike into Christ’s flesh.  Very few so-called Christians are so distraught.
While THE HOLY BIBLE is full of things we should and should not do, there are a few things we MUST do, or go to hell.  For example, in Matthew 25, Jesus is speaking to people who claim Him to be their Lord.   And in the last 3 verses, He says if one sees somebody in need and does not help them, it is as if the person did not help Him, and that person will “go into everlasting punishment.”  My almost 94-year-old mother was given the wrong medicine at a hospital and became almost comatose (see YouTube of Peggy Cuddy in hospital).   While now no longer almost comatose, she has lost the use of her legs, and for about the last 4 years, I have been  paying a certified nursing assistant about $30,000 a year just to clean her, change her diaper, etc., which is bankrupting me.
During that time, even though we are becoming desperate for funds, more than one homeless person has asked me for food, which I gave them !    According to Matthew 25:44-46, I HAD NO CHOICE.   Somehow so-called Christians think they have a choice.   For example, I know at least 3 multi-millionaire so-called Christians whom I have asked for help, and they have given not one penny !   Do they think Jesus is lying in Matthew 25?   Do they think they will be forgiven without repentance, when repentance must include correcting their failure to follow Christ’s directive?
The problem is these so-called Christians are obsessed with “self”—-what they want to do, where they want to go, etc.   However, Jesus said that if one wants to go to heaven, one must “die to self.”   Jesus is the model for our lives, and he said “the Son of man came to serve others, not to be served.”   The problem started with Eve in the Garden of Eden when she chose “self” (eating the forbidden fruit) rather than obeying God.  And the same type of choice is what gets each of us in trouble today !
These are the types of reasons why only “a few” of the 2.2 billion so-called Christians will be saved, and unfortunately that means hundreds of millions of them, even those singing hymns in their churches, could be going to hell forever, without a clue as to why.   This is because many preachers today just preach “happy talk” to increase their membership.   Therefore, most so-called Christians have been given the false impression that because they are “basically good,” they are going to heaven.  However, there is no passage in THE HOLY BIBLE which states that simply being “basically good” is sufficient for salvation.  Indeed, many atheists are “basically good,” but Christ emphasized that no one comes to the Father (God) but by Him (Jesus).
Dennis Cuddy for 14 years has been  taking care of his mother at 1027 St. Mary’s St. in Raleigh, NC   27605.
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